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  1. Could possibly be time to delete this thread...
  2. ETSU is a DI school. They also offer the major he's interested in, which is not a bad thing. The kid ran the 200 of his life yesterday at State, having beaten the state recordholder earlier in the day in the long jump but then having struggled in the 100. He's become a tough-minded competitor with a laser focus.
  3. If it comes down to that, my money's on Murph as well. 2 of the best runners in AAA may not be out there: Ferowich and Stover. As I understand it, both are playing soccer.
  4. During the summer--yes. Once made eligible--no. Quick fix: Don't make your kid eligible until you're sure he's finished road racing.
  5. It doesn't have to be that way if you don't want it to be that way, at least not at your school. I've brought teams to the Northwest (Nike Team Nationals), the Midwest (Roosevelt Relays in Dayton, OH), the Northeast (Nike Indoor Nationals), Virginia (Maymont), and all over the Southeast. The key is that each of these events was huge--the best competition, the teams and individuals who cared. That rubs off on kids and on a program--it's hard to accept less than that when you've been there. I'm not sure why anyone cares about respect, though. Do what you do and don't worry about what anyone else thinks.
  6. Jordan Chaney of Maryville ran 1:56 indoors twice and opened with 1:58 outdoors yesterday.
  7. Please tell me you're competing against my team, then... /wink.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=";)" border="0" alt="wink.gif" />
  8. Best advice I've ever seen for running Steeplechase!
  9. I'm almost always watching the team race, which is almost always decided by that point. On the other hand, I was there when Matt Sonnenfeldt suddenly ripped the field a new one by moving from 6th to 2nd right where you're talking about. Maybe that's a more strategic place for the individual, whereas the team race happens in the second mile.
  10. Yeah, but if you stood where I always stand (the place you speak of) you'd see that very few positions change after that point. Sure, there are some changes in that tough part of the course, but it seems as if it's largely already decided.
  11. I agree that Steeple is a far tougher course mentally than physically. The thing that appeals to me is this: it's the state meet, and every marginal team that wants to go for it is going to get out like morons. While the second mile is not physically challenging, it's a mental beast, yet that's where the meet is decided every single year--even last year, when we had one of the better boys teams around. If you've gone out with the morons but aren't named Keveren or O'Donnell or Sonnenfeldt, you're toast in the second mile.
  12. Sure. I think they have something like 7 out of the top 10 teams there. It's always a great field. It's hard to be nervous for State when you've stood on a starting line like that!
  13. USJC is on the entry list for Maymont. Science Hill, Markie Voyles, and Matt Sonnenfeldt will be running there this year along with OR. On the girls' side, you have this: SE#1 Collins Hill SE#3 Tatnall SE#4 Midlothian SE#6 Oak Ridge SE#7 Oakton SE#8 Lake Braddock SE#9 Blacksburg The boys' field is nearly as strong. Totally ridiculous.
  14. I thought she looked pretty good in the 2-mile at NON, running 10:24. I didn't get the sense, though, that she felt like she could control that race, which is probably going to have to happen if she's going to beat Brasovan and Hasay. IMHO, Hasay has put herself on another plane and will not be beaten. On the other hand, I would like nothing better than to be shown otherwise.
  15. That's kind of an unusual question, isn't it? She'll win by a lot, over a very good AAA field.
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