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  1. After a week off, I think the pounders will be up for this one. This is turning out to be a good rivalry due to the closeness of the schools. Tyner does not have a size advantage this year but does have alot of speed. I do not think that will be a factor because Central has just as much. Central needs to leave Jameel Hambrick at QB because he makes plays. This definatly should be a good one this friday. Can anyone tell me the real reason why Nick Tanner left Tyner this year and transfered to Lakeview Ft. Oglethorpe. I heard rumors why he left but if someone in the know has any info, i would appreciate it.
  2. If anybody thinks this rivalry is dead or doesnt exist, they are totally wrong. Their was emotions shown all over the field the stands and everywhere. This was a great game on both sides, but the game was alot closer than the score showed. This game was a TD difference the whole night. I think Central did what they had to do in shutting down Caldwell for the most part( didnt he only have about 10 yds through 3 qtrs?) But I give alot of credit to Ooltewah and especially Zach woods with doing what they knew they would have to do and throw the ball. Woods is gonna be a great QB, You all not only have a special player in Caldwell, but woods may be as special as Caldwell. I was also impressed with the little reciever Ryan Williams. I thought he did an excellant job of catching the ball over the middle. It takes some guts for a little man to go over the middle. I was proud of the way Central fought the whole game, not giving up when they would get behind. They need to leave Jameel Hambrick #4 at QB for the rest of the year and they should still compete for a region title. Coach Jones does not need to put John Cornett #12 back in, it just seems like bad things happen when he is in their. I think Hayes had probably his best game of the year and i was also really impressed with Ooltewahs LBS. Everybody at the game now can see why both of these running backs ( woods and caldwell) are the two best RBs in the city. Good luck to the owls the rest of the year and hopefully bring home a region title and make a good run to the state.
  3. im sure you wont back down from anybody. i think we play some real football down here also. we have better teams than the bills do this year, we are pretty much the class of chattanooga. I know the bills have a good reputation but the falcons are the team in chattanooga this year.
  4. I was wondering if you would like to bring your whole organization down here to chattanooga 5-6 through 11-12 to play the Henry Falcons. The falcons are really coming to be the class of Chattanooga this year and would like to schedule games with all of your teams. If not now then maybe come down and play in a bowl game later on in the year. I think this would be fun! Get back with me!!!
  5. Please pay no attention to some of the stupid central fans on the board. Some of us do know how to act. I caught some of the Ooltewah practice today, not spying but just driving by going home, and i saw them working on a spread package something like central runs. I am pretty sure this was thier starting O because Caldwell was running tail back beside the QB. this will be interesting and probably a good idea because it will give caldwell more room to work. I hope Central has a good game plan to try to limit Caldwell, that will be the only thing that will help central to a win. I still think that if central limits thier mistakes this one could get real interesting. Is Chavis really coming to the game. I take it he may be coming to see Hayes...Brent Hayes is a very good football player but as overran alot of tackles this year...If he would just slow down and play under control his tackle total would rise alot. Good luck to the owls but hope the pounders come out on top! PURPLE PRIDE!!!
  6. First of all, i want to say that i think Ooltewah is a very good team and has probably the best running game in the area, maybe the state. I think Ooltewah should and probably will win this game but they do not need to overlook the pounders just yet. If Central can limit the mistakes that have cost them over the last three games they could make this one a close one maybe even pull it out. This game will be a tremendous challenge for the pounders and the coaching staff. One thing i think the pounders should do is try and i say try to limit caldwell on his yards (which will be a very hard thing to do). We know he will get his yards be they need to limit them. I think Central should put 8-9 men in the box and force Ooltewah to pass. But i would not let Caldwell beat me. I think this will be a good game for the communities of Harrison and Ooltewah, and yes this is a rivalry because it is in each others back yard contrary to what some people believe. I can't wait till Friday gets here... Ooltewah 31 Central 17 picking with my head not my heart!! GO POUNDERS!!!!
  7. BenHasRisen is smoking crack. Central actually did blow out Warren Co. even if the score did not show it. They had two TD's called back on ludicrous penalties and also had 4 turnovers in which they lost every one of them wich halted scoring drives. Yes Central's offense is struggling right now, i have seen improvement from their game 1 to game 2. John Cornett is starting to hit his recievers more and start to run more ala Joe Despuax did last year. Robert Woods is starting to come into his own has one of the better runners in the city but needs to work on his ball security. Brent Hayes is starting to come out of his shell and start dominating again. I think ER has some talented players but Central has too much team speed. Central 20 East ridge 13
  8. What makes you so confident swanson71. Thier is one thing you cant coach and thats speed and Central has a lot of it. I just dont think that Warren Co. will have the athletes to run with Central.
  9. Hey Tribeman1, I hate to tell you but you will not shut down DeWayne Caldwell. This kid is the real deal. I havn't seen a back hit the corners and get down the field like this in a long time. I dont know who will win this game but McMinn better get ready for a war because Ooltewah is pretty dang good!
  10. You are smoking crack BenHasRisen...Central will improve week to week. the Notre Dame game was a fluke...If they played 10 more times Central would win all 10...the talent is thier, they just need to produce... Warren Co. is Terrible and Central will win by at least 3 TD's
  11. Dont wait till the night before or gameday to prevent cramps. You have to start eating and preparing for the game on Monday. You have to eat the right foods and drink plenty of water all week with bananas. Eating salty chips is good the night before but would not recomend before the game. No Poweraid or gatoraid, only water!!!!
  12. I think the Pounders will rebound in a very big way after last weeks embarrasing lost to Notre Dame. They need to get the QB more reps in which i think or hope he will improve his accuracy because he has the weapons at recievers to break a lot of big plays. Coach Jones and the guys have been working real hard this week to improve on taking care of the ball. Now that they have lost, maybe all the big heads some of the team had is gone and they will get back to playing like nobody respects them like they did last year. Warren Co. 7 Chattanooga Central 35
  13. Ooltewah will win this game behind the strong running game of Caldwell and Williams and thier stout D. East Ridge may have hammered Bradley Central, but so has everyone else this fall in scrimmages. East Ridge is a pretty good team but they should not come close to beating the Owls at the Nest! Ooltewah 31 East Ridge 7
  14. Boyd names the score bucs 56 howard 6
  15. Ooltewah 24 red bank 14 does anyone know who the freshman RB for Red Bank was that played in the Freshman jamboree and in the Varsity jamboree. #32. I really liked the way that kid ran the ball. I think he has a bright future at RB.
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