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    Playing basketball, soccer, and football. Other than that I'm all about the UT Vols and the Pittsburgh Steelers.
  1. Congratulations MC on a great season. It's gonna be hard for ya'll losing Beau and Blake, but ya'll a good run! Liberty is not a 20 point better team, they were just playin out of their minds and you guys didn't play all that well. Anyway, CONGRATS!
  2. Hahaha thanks man, I realize that now. I knew it was spelled with a T.
  3. Almost every PG I have played against and even my PG carries the ball everytime down floor. You can not allow the ball to stop rotation in your hand or its a walk. And every game the PG's hand is completely under the ball, but is it ever called. NO! I don't know of one carrying call this whole year.
  4. I'm thinking the only person that can put Brandon Warren in check, defensively, is Ray Lewis. He is a big man and Central will have problems with him, but I still think Beau and Blake will run the show.
  5. Always bashin people, but that was a pretty stupid answer.
  6. Congradulations first of all on the great season. But the real reason I made this post was to tell you that you spell appearance like that. I ain't hatin, I'm just lettin you know. Great season, though!
  7. The only problem I see Central having is with the size. Blake is a great post player, but just lacks the size. He uses his body better than anyone I've seen in high school. If Beau's on then thats another advantage for MC. Also, Beau needs to calm down and take smart shots and TAKE OVER THE GAME. When Brown was a Jr., he took over games, he dominates now, but by no means does he take over games. I think Central still takes this one, though, after the bitter taste in their mouth from two years ago, they are out for revenge. And I see them getting it and moving on to the Semi's. There I think they will face Liberty, just because Haywood has obviously proved they can't hang onto a lead against them. I think MC will be in a dog fight with Liberty. The winner, well....... None the less, though, I don't think MC has the fire power to beat a team of Bolivar's caliber or Mitchell's caliber. But everyone has a chance at glory and that'll be Centrals if they can get there.
  8. I don't understand why people get mad at fans? I mean its all part of the game, would you rather have a group of students sit around and socialize or yell? I'd rather have them yelling and going crazy. Plus, it gets the players really pumped up. No offense to anyone, but I really think people need to stop being babies about chants (this wasn't directed to you MC maniac). I think its amusing when students cheer "Where's your varsity?" and "double digits" when the opposing team finally hits 10 points midway through the second quarter. And I know people are gonna trash me for saying this, but I don't care. I laughed hard when they chanted "garbage, garbage...". If a team can't keep the fans out of their head, then they don't belong on the court, thats my point of view.
  9. Tony White's grades aren't that bad at all. He is simply going to a prep school because he wants to get his weight/muscle mass up and simply work on his game. I think this also would be the right choice for Beau because if he keeps working on that J, he will be really good. I mean he can already jump out of the gym and is very quick, plus him being left handed adds alot of interest. I don't know though, it will be interesting to see what Beau Beezy does.
  10. But you didn't beat MC, who is so weak, did you? If they have a terrible schedule and aren't as good as people say AND you all have beat 2 state tourney teams twice, then how come Central pounded ya'll by a margin of 29? Oh yea, I hope your feeling alright today, because you were getting abused by Beezy last night.
  11. If a team is terrible, I'm gonna say your terrible. If a team is great, I'm gonna say your great. If you don't like it, then don't read my posts, I don't care. And about the second part of your little post, I never said anything about those teams you listed. Central will get their moneys worth with all of those teams, but I don't see the relevance in what I said and them. I didn't know I was trying to get respect from other basketball teams. Hate me or love me. Like I said, I'm gonna tell it how it is.
  12. White House was trash, I knew they were gonna beat when they were warming up. I don't know how they even made it to substate.
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