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  1. Hi. Here is how it's been in the past. If the school is TSSAA then during the player's school VB season they can practice with their club, but not compete with their club. Before their school season begins and then after their school season is over they can compete with club. That has been very clear and our club never violated that, not sure about other clubs. If the school is not TSSAA then my memory is not clear, seems like some yrs they played club, some they did not. I believe one non-TSSAA league had a league rule about not competing in club during their school season. You'd have to go to the league administrators for that one. But, the key factor is whether or not that league is under TSSAA jurisdiction. good luck
  2. Congrats to Whit and Rachel for fine careers and for representing well. Enjoy your night ...and ask for more sets on Sr night !
  3. I pick the red team with the good Junior setter, great defense and passing, big middle, good blocking, smart hitting, aggressive serving and a tiny bit of attitude from the coach. ..good luck to all.
  4. Sad to finally conclude that Nature Boy is not the super witty 17 yr old with an orange fro that he/she portrays. The RC Cocola comment was the first clue. Super witty none-the-less. Keep posting! Privates most certainly have 2 benefits as givens. The ability to draw from all over and the sad but true fact that the families are likely to have more money, and more money TENDS to make it more likely that the kid's athletic career will be better paved. Even if the privates don't have informally formal recruiting practices "the system" makes it so that kids/parents get to choose to recruit themselves to go to privates. Nothing wrong with that, it's the free market at work and if a school or program has proven themselves worthy then people will naturally choose them ...you just can't choose a public school program (as easily ). So, the publics who hang with the privates or beat the privates should be proud, they are bucking the odds. I wish there weren't so many have nots in VB in Tn. It would be better all the way around if the gap wasn't so huge, everyone would have to learn more and work smarter and everyone would rise continuously together. That's the widespread, abundance of modern programs, environment that the more progressive areas in the country have. There may be a few more haves or barely haves now, but the gap to the have nots seems to be growing wider. Money and time. Don't you wish everyone had alot of both?
  5. It's reported that Notre Dame won their two, both easily with full subbage.
  6. A moment of weakness ...well, ANOTHER moment of weakness. Just keep me away from the brat and catu so my new leaf can stay turned over.
  7. Nice match review Daddio, thanks. Who's playing rt. side for Oowa?
  8. Skip, I sent you an email, I think, to answer directly. I will try to be more clear, sorry. In your scenerio if a player came late because she was at a school athletic function then I would say, "Hey, glad you made it", and if she played or not could depend on alot of things. In most situations Club should yield to HS athletics. That way a kid makes all of her HS obligations and therefore is not punished for missing club for HS stuff. If all of the adults are mature and kid-focused then it is easier to help the player figure out her priorities and desires before the two seasons start. That way they know what to do when there is a conflict and have already decided to live with whatever compromises are agreed upon. The problems arise when someone else's dad wants to win more than a kid wants to give. Or, when either the HS coach or club coach have the "I need her to win" attitude which puts their precious win/loss record above what a kid wants in her life. I believe kids should participate in what THEY want to participate in. I believe that youth athletics exist to serve the kids, not that kids should be pressured into serving the interests of adults who want good win/loss records.
  9. I wish the best to all of you as you sort thru this. Hopefully all of the adults can totally get the maturity and clarity of Kinsley's outlook. Way to go Kinsley! Watching skating now and remembering that the Olympic motto is "Swifter, Higher, Stronger" ...not "Let's kick their butt so dad feels like a winner!" Some parents may want to rethink/remember why youth athletics exists; it seems that some of you think it exists so that YOU can feel like a winner in the sport that YOU think other kids should pick as their priority. There SEEMS??? to be no defending some of the player's or coach's decisions BUT the lessons here are probably not about pressuring kids to devote their time so that someone else's dad gets to "win". Although we both would probably arrive at the same conclusions about what is "right", the reasons we pass thru to get there determine if we really learn what is to be learned here. The why's are important. Please consider that youth athletics doesn't exist so that adults can win, and from that point workable paths and decisions will be more clear to point to for the kids to follow. Good luck to all of you involved. Tomorrow's a new day and another op to try again!
  10. Big Fat Greek Lie. The pertinent rule is that an ath. in season at a TSSAA school can't compete in THAT sport elsewhere till her tm is eliminated from the TSSAA season. (can practice, can't compete) The only other major rule is the one about not playing for your HS coach in non-TSSAA ball until after your eligibility is done in that sport (a Sr. VB player can play for their HS coach in Club 18's)
  11. Yes, very true, alot of good tms up yonder. 'Thought for 2 minutes about what-ifs with At-Large bids and the pro's and con's of having the best tms at State v. having state-wide representation which ends up helping the lesser areas in the long run. I guess it is how it is and it's the best that it is that way. But, all of you in that area are respected and known to be who you are. Alot of very good players and very good coaches.
  12. Congrats to Knox Catholic. Sorry I doubted you (and Webb) publicly earlier this yr. I was wrong, you are good. Good luck!
  13. East Ridge first, Notre Dame second. http://www.chattanoogan.com/articles/article_74200.asp ND beat Lookout Valley pretty easily in 3 prior to the finals. LV played gutsy though, #12 had some great defensive efforts. ER beat ND in 4. ER played an exceptionally well-scouted game plan and the girls executed well. It looked like Neely/Brock may have done this before . ER has improved noticably in the last 2 weeks. No doubt. Grace beats Boyd in 4. The writer of the Boyd coverage on the Chattanoogan is a dedicated parent, Mr. Mynatt, who writes great peices of VB coverage. http://www.chattanoogan.com/articles/article_74200.asp 6A/AA Notre Dame def. Lookout Valley 25-15, 25-15, 25-14 East Ridge def. Grundy Co. 25-6, 25-5, 25-12 East Ridge def. Notre Dame 25-11, 25-15, 20-25, 25-16 5A/AA Boyd-Buchanan def. Tellico Plains 25-13, 25-8, 25-7 Grace def. Sequoyah 25-7, 25-13, 25-13 Grace def. Boyd-Buchanan 25-21, 18-25, 27-25, 25-18 So, on Tue: ER v. Boyd Grace v. ND Then the Region finals, with both advancing to Sectionals.
  14. Red Bank beats Soddy in 3 ..heard pretty easily. Heard Bailee Chastain played great. So, Monday Red Bank plays Cleveland and Soddy plays Bradley. http://www.chattanoogan.com/articles/article_74120.asp GPS beats Baylor in 4. http://www.chattanoogan.com/articles/article_74131.asp It was their seeding match, not the tourney yet. First game was GREAT ..definately 2 hard swinging, hard serving, great diggin tms going at it. Gm two was odd, Baylor won with only 4 tm kills. GPS didn't play badly at all, it just worked out that way. Then GPS won the last 2, not easily, but for sure none the less. Emily Boydston, Whitney Bell, Melyn Thompson ..and everyone else for GPS played very well. Two well-coached, professional tms. GPS plays Webb tomor at Webb for that seeding match. Then on Wednesday and Thur is the 3-tm, double elim. sectional. Top 2 go to State. 3rd is out. Good luck to all.
  15. Sorry I got the name wrong. I saw Heidi ace a good Red Bank tm about 9 times in one game once with that same serve. Welcome to the board.
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