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  1. VballDaddy78

    Chattanooga volleyball preview

    I haven't seen her play in-person in about a year but I've heard she has improved. The Lawson girl has a strong vball background and much like her older sister has a very good all-around game. I felt from earlly on that this could be a great year for RB. Finnally, RB has a great coaching tradition and it appears Helton has stepped in and may be able to keep it going.
  2. VballDaddy78

    Chattanooga volleyball preview

    Making a wild prediction but I bet Red Bank will top the Chatt area Vball poll next week................... http://www.chattanoogan.com/articles/article_133949.asp
  3. VballDaddy78

    Early Season Big Matchup

  4. VballDaddy78

    Calling All Volleyball Posters at the State Tournament

    I wish I could be there would love to see Big Daddy, Xcal, St Bull, Chosen one, Dead Poets any of the other posters (going at it right now) over on the D2 topic! /blush.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":blush:" border="0" alt="blush.gif" />
  5. VballDaddy78

    Ooltewah Advances to State Tournament

    Please don't take this wrong in any way because as I said before, Lebanon showed a lot of heart and in addition to what I mentioned above, they did a nice job of digging up some hard hit balls but IMHO if you want to win state next year, the team must have more options. Fire and Ice were great but too predictable. Again, they got in their licks but you need more hitters so Coggins can spread the ball around and maybe you have some ready to step in, I don't know. Again, I'm only trying to provide an unbiased opinion. Two years in a row Lebanon has come to Ooltwewah for the sectional and they played very hard both times.
  6. VballDaddy78

    Ooltewah Advances to State Tournament

    Here's the article: http://www.chattanoogan.com/articles/article_115460.asp
  7. VballDaddy78

    Chattanooga Area Match Results

    Here's the article: http://www.chattanoogan.com/articles/article_115460.asp
  8. VballDaddy78

    Ooltewah Advances to State Tournament

    Hey as I said before I wouldn't have missed it for the world considering how much those girls made a difference for how things wrapped up for Whitney last year! I truly wish I could be at state. Go get 'em girls!! Oowa-ah-ah Owa-ah-ah GOOD LUCK LADY OWLS!~!
  9. VballDaddy78

    Chattanooga Area Match Results

    Ooltewah wins their Sectional match over Lebanon 3 - 1.
  10. Won Game #1 26-24. Won Game #2 25-20. Lost Game #3 20-25 and Won Game 4 25-14! Game#1 was exciting and back in forth with Lebanon having a slight edge until late in the match. Unfortunately an attack error gave OHS the game. Game #2 Ooltewah contolled the tempo and maintained a steady lead throughout. Game #3 Lebanon got off to a great start with aggressive serving and had at least a 9 point maybe even 10 or 11 pt lead. Ooltewah made a run late to get close but Lebanon finally pulled it through. Game #4 saw Ooltewah get out to a big lead and Lebanon couldn't get back in the match. Lebanon deserves a lot of credit for some very hard play throughout the match. In the first game London Elie was not stopped once by Ooltewah. In game 2 Icelyn played strong as well as both in game #3. Also, in game 3 #12 Stroud started off with some very aggressive serves that gave Lebanon control early. Overall, with only a few exceptions (and I'm not exaggerating) it was either London or Ice getting the sets and kills. Lebanon played hard and never gave up. For Ooltewah, it was a team effort as it has been for most of the year. Overall, they did a nice job of serving aggressive, especially in the games they won. All the hitters had some big kills and the defense was solid with some great digs and a nice job of getting the ball to the setter. Good luck Lady Owls nest week at State!!
  11. VballDaddy78

    Chattanooga Area Match Results

    Here's article: http://www.chattanoogan.com/articles/article_115315.asp
  12. VballDaddy78

    Chattanooga Area Match Results

    Ooltewah vs. Red Bank tomorrow night (10/16/07) for Region 3-AAA Championship: http://www.chattanoogan.com/articles/article_115263.asp
  13. VballDaddy78

    Volleyball fans

    Actually, it should be about 418 (106 x 3 for those math challenged) because I know for a fact this same discussion has taken place each of the last 3 years, with pretty much the same comment, from the same folks, me included!
  14. VballDaddy78

    Antioch volleyball

    WHY? By the way that is a retorical question.
  15. VballDaddy78

    Volleyball state rankings?

    I don't think that is too much of a stretch but as you say it will matter most when they play next week. If I'm not mistaken, if BB finishes 2nd in the Region you would more than likely have to go play at Greenbrier and that would not be an easy task. I'd recommend trying to stay at home for the Sectional match. Good luck and I personally know several of the girls on the team and they definitely have the talent to advance.