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  1. Does anyone have the scores from the jamboree games
  2. I haven't been around, but keep up. The top 2 from Metro district are Overton and McGavock. The scores weren't posted but McGavock beat Antioch. Are they not doing top 3 teams from each district anymore? Why did that get voted out? Congrats to Pelkey, he has been doing a great job at Centennial. Not being any type of way, but neither of the Metro schools will have a shot. Giving up forfeits is #1 downfall, then Indy and Centennial are far better. Good luck to everyone
  3. Shout out to Devon Starling of Cane Ridge-Class 6A Mr. Football!!!!!
  4. I totally agree with your statement. I personally don’t know the coach, haven’t been at the school in 2 yrs now. I get info from players and staff. I didn’t want to say this before,and someone mentioned it. But Mike Woodward ran a tight ship, and this would have never happened under his watch. There are a number of assistant coaches in Metro, that I think would do well in the position, there is still hope, although it will take a few years to get a culture of winning. They have won 5 games in the last 6 years, it’s going to take some work, and allowing someone to establish themselves
  5. Cane Ridge has murder row to get anywhere this year. Franklin isn't bad, if they win that it's Ravenwood, then possibly Brentwood. They get through that then either a Germantown or Whitehaven. Brutal.
  6. This really sucks for the Overton kids. If I'm not mistaken, these two teams had a fight last year that ended the game in the 4th qtr. My question is how long will the head coach last. Because regardless of saying the kids did it. Behavior, and controlling behavior starts at the top
  7. Game is essentially over. Will we see a rematch in the playoffs? East has to deal with a very good Fairview squad if both make the 2nd rd.
  8. Actually lost to Franklin 2 years in a row, after a disappointing lost to Centennial as the 1 seed the year before. First Franklin game was Coker's Sr year. Lost a hard fought game 10-7 in the last minute. Next season, gave up 21 1st half points and lost 24-14. Franklin did make championship game that first year we met.
  9. Thanks for the clarification. Good luck to your guys
  10. Region duals should be at Overton. 1st rd.- #2 Antioch v. #3 Brentwood Winner facing #1 Independence 1st rd.- #2 Centennial v. #3 Cane Ridge Winner facing #1 Overton
  11. I was too. This officiating crew is still getting a check for this game . That is a shame
  12. Horrible call. QB was at least 3 yds from the goal line.
  13. Just to add to this, the kids essentially quit. From a good source, the seniors didn't show up for practice much of the last week. Then on Friday, they complained about the weather, and stopped playing. The coach basically said let's forfeit. Beautiful ending to your last high school football game
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