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  1. Complete disappointment. I’ve seen a lot of volleyball. No way around it.
  2. Anyone heard of TPV made the gold? They easily should with that amount of talent. I think they should be a top 4 finish.
  3. I think most 1's teams should play open. But now with the spreading of talent in middle Tennessee, i'm just not sure. I think many times the director or the coach would like to consider not playing open, but I think a good bit of parents would be angry about it. Especially 14 and up. I agree with Osage on the 15 threshold--good barometer. if you can't score 15--way over head. As long as the teams compete... I am good with it. only about 4-5 teams are actually competing to win those open tournaments anyway--maybe less.
  4. I tend to agree with TT. Nothing worse then getting destroyed at big tournaments. but if you are competitive, then ok, play open. The problem is recruiting. If you have an average to below average team, but let's say with a couple of high level recruits--they need to be in open for that. Even though most talent finds it's way out I think. as usual I could be wrong on that too. I am not really comfortable knowing the differences. I agree being able to count on Orlando is a good draw. And they get recruited very well too.
  5. I haven't. I don't even know how to do that. It seems impossible to fund results. I will make a guess....poorly.
  6. you talking about the 18's TPV team Osage?
  7. I have always tried to be pretty level headed on here and don't think I have been over critical or mean spirited at all. Now granted, I haven't went back and searched everyone of my comments over the last decade--I am sure there are some opinions I would like to have back. My opinions have changed many times based on really good conversations on the board. Maybe I am naïve to the politics of all this. I am good with that. Never once had I ever came on here promoting my kid or even mentioning her. Not my style at all. I definitely have biases. I am quite certain that most of us know each other on here. Never once have I tried to out anyone and I don't appreciate you trying to do that to me, weather you were right or wrong. it's just not cool at all. Certainly I am loyal to alliance, I never insinuated that I wasn't. We had a lot of fun with the club.
  8. Good post Osage. I agree this thread has run its course but I have really enjoyed the discussions. It will be interesting to see it all play out.
  9. Great research Apostle--yeah I am clearly the one with too much time on my hands. Not sure who you think I am, but you seem to think you know me and that I am Alliance parent? (I used to be) I am not trying to distance myself at all. Just communicating opinion. It's all good. I am sure that I am 100% wrong about everything, but I based my opinion on what people told me. As stated before, I am glad TPV is here. They are doing a very good job. I hope that they continue to do well, along with Alliance, Ethos and MidTn. I love volleyball, want it to succeed in our state. Don't think anything that I have said is crossing the line.
  10. i will take your word for that. I wish TPV nothing but success. You all were def in the gym--and I def noticed that.
  11. So what does "politics" even mean? Seriously, give me an example. I might just be confused as to what someone calls politics. I can honestly say in 25 years around sports, I am not sure I have ever actually seen it involved in a decision. Seems to me it is always about playing time or position. It's just called politics by the parent. C'mon Teeter. Unless some parents lied to my face about it--they were contacted and incentivized. Call it what you want--but they did what they had to do. I have asked players involved on both sides of it.....they are enjoying their experience for sure. Alliance needs to step their game up on a couple of things, but it's not that different from what I have been told. But they were probably just being kind. (I am not an alliance person btw--just close to a lot of the people) TPV is doing a very good job. Make no mistake about it.
  12. I couldn't agree with Osage more. I honestly don't get the politics part of complaints. As I have stated so many times before, parents call it "politics" when they have a play time or position issue. I could be completely naïve to this, but I have been around club/high school volleyball for a long time. Not saying that a club doesn't make a decision around a relationship occasionally. if I kid has been playing with a club for 6-7 years and they are pretty even with a brand new kid-- I would 100% give the nod to the family that has invested in that club. Call that politics or whatever, it's good business. I think TPV is doing a great job. Not sure their training is much different than Alliance or any other club, but regardless it's 100% a good thing they are here. I don't like how it all went down, but that's life. I agree also with coaching at the youngest ages. IT HAS TO HAPPEN. 12-14 are critical years. Alliances best coach in now the director, which hurts. Alliances 16's are performing actually better than I anticipated and TPV's team is starting to get better. Alliance 17's are also about where I would expect them to be. TPV is pushing alliance to be better--and I think they will be. Obviously Alliance has pushed TPV, other wise they wouldn't have raided a team that ALLIANCE PARTIALLY DEVELOPED. Morgan, Shay, Claire, etc are all Alliance kids. Ethos has helped middle TN volleyball. MTN has helped. They aren't nearly as strong as the others, but they have done good work.
  13. interested in knowing what the issues they have been disappointed with? Not suggesting that there aren't issues. Just curious. btw, I have heard some rumblings as well, but no different than most years
  14. I do not think TPV 16's should be losing to a 15-2 team with all the talent they have on that team. That is surprising to me. I can understand the Munciana loss I guess. Not saying it's a bad loss, but def surprising. Am I wrong?
  15. Interesting to see that TPV went 2-2 this weekend. Saw they lost to Kiva 15. I Couldn’t find who else they lost to. Alliance 16-1 went 5-0. Beat Kiva red. Seems like they have figured out a lineup since that rough start. Great weekend for those kids.
  16. I am def not being negative. I am just going to support coaches as much as I can. Both coaches last year cared a lot about their team. I will almost never listen to a parents evaluation of a coaches ability to coach the game. Especially with volleyball. 90% of parents have no idea what's going outside of your are allowed to have 3 touches. I thought Peter did a really good job with the team.
  17. yeah I completely agree with you. I have seen Kiva teams and a couple of Munciana teams that weren't tall but passed circles around teams. They def aren't to that level and prob never will be. I like their Libero a lot, but the OHs have to get better in serve receive--and they will I think. The big Right Side girl could be a difference maker, she just have to be more confident I think--seems tentative. Their Brentwood middle is about the only consistent hitter. Will be interesting to see how it plays out.
  18. TPV has def closed the gap. It will be interesting to see how it flows over time. I spoke to several parents and most are being very level headed about it. Agree that Agame looked better, felt better. I do think part of that was because Alliance knew that they were going to be losing the lease over the last couple of years, so they weren't going to drop a lot of money on it. You know how it is, there will be some TPV kids come back, and others leave. I think a lot of parents are completely fine with the field house. It is a fine facility. The big question is will Alliance improve their product. There has already been some good changes this year already. I spoke to a college coach who said that he has received more communication and seen more social media presence then ever before. I think the coaching from each club is a push over all. Some ages are better at alliance and vice versa. Osage, did you get to see the Alliance 16 team? if so, what are your thoughts. I thought they looked better than anticipated, but will be average at best.
  19. Apostle, so you are saying it was the coaches fault that the 15's last year underperformed? And that the coaches last year and before didn't care about results, didn't put kids in a position of success, and didn't enjoy seeing them succeed? I also didn't indicate anything negative about the players. While I agree the coaching change last year was disruptive I don't agree that the coaches didn't care about those things. Athletes have to perform. It's a ridiculous statement that a coach didn't want success for the team. I am always amazed when I hear parents break down a season, they literally have no idea what they are talking about 90% of the time. Have no idea why sub is being made and no idea why a rotation is set for any particular match. I heard a parent complaining about their child not playing OH the other day...they were talking about how great of a hitter their kid was. Problem was that kid could not serve receive at all. and also could not cover a opposite tip/cut if they had to. That's why she is a middle and not an OH. She looked at me like she had no idea what I was talking about. So spare me on what parents thought about a coaches intentions. ALL those 2 coaches wanted last year was success for the kids. Also--Thenoise, your statement was inaccurate. TPV didn't go 5-0 against Alliance. I have no idea what the record was, but I know that TPV did lose at least one match to an Alliance team. It was a "2" team if I remember correctly. On a positive note, I thought that the TPV teams looked really good. Can't tell you how happy it makes me that we have another really good club in the area. it is going to help our level of play so much. I thought the 16's TPV team looked really good, especially on the PIN. The middles are just ok. It's going to exciting to see how they perform. I also thought the 16's alliance team looked decent. Honestly, better than I anticipated. Don't get me wrong, they aren't great. Their setting, one of the middles and the Libero looked good. The PINS were really inconsistent and the OHs better figure Serve Rec out...that is what killed them against TPV.
  20. really cool. that sounds like an incredible opportunity. Thanks for the update.
  21. Alliance 16's (15's from last year) didn't lose their best defensive player. she is back and should be their libero again this year--she will be a power conference libero. Morgan was playing up and is about the same level as her--they are both very skilled. Alliance did lose one of their DS however (I forget her name, she goes to Ravenwood I think), and I have heard she is playing 18-2. I could be wrong about that. 16's will be as good as they were last year defensively IMO. The interesting thing about that team last year is that they didn't perform all that good really. I don't think they beat very many, if any, high quality teams. Their two setters (from last year) were a liability defensively. I think the new Setter for alliance this year is better defensively then both of last years, and def better then the #2 setter. There is no replacing Claire's block/setting for sure. Losing Shay and Claire is the only really hard loss. THe big question this year for the 16s alliance team is can their OHs serve receive. The K2 team is good for sure. I look forward to seeing them play. They have a very good setter.
  22. after thiking more about this...luring the best hitter and setter of the age group was the key obviously. They don't get them, most of the others stay. Brilliant strategy. Free is always good.
  23. There is no doubt that this will require Alliance to step up their game. As usual there will be players that come back and others that will leave. I hope both clubs are successful, it only helps the sport out. I think Alliance has done a really good job overall. It will be interesting to see how TPV handles the expense of A-game. Maybe the finances are way different now because of the sale, but the overhead of the building is just brutal. I would be interested in knowing why the 16's kids left? Did they not like their coach? Unhappy with alliance? Facility? I know a few of them are playing free...is that the main reason?
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