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  1. I tend to agree with SJ. More competition is better. It should over time help the mid state talent and development. There will be a handful of kids that will get a new opportunity to play at a higher level. If the parents think it’s best for that kids, then go. If it’s a bad experience they will come back the next year and the other kid will switch to the other club. Make no mistake, this will help mid state volleyball which needs it. Overall the volleyball for the mid state isn’t good. There are 5-6 really good programs who could not compete in other vball states. It’s all good. This all plays out.
  2. It has no affect on eligibility. AAU basetball for most high level kids is free. Let’s see how it all plays out. I’m sure a handful will go. It will give others an opportunity. The thing that I hate is that it’s going to break up a top 20 team that has mostly been together for several years.
  3. I'm confused on why they are even allowed to stay in AA. Makes no sense.
  4. I agree, but I hope so much that it's a good match. Would love to see another program win a championship. Brentwood is better in every position.
  5. If you haven’t watched sale creeks middle play...you need to. Crazy athletic, but short with a lightening quick arm. Can’t believe she’s not an outside.
  6. Holy cow, did anyone see the Siegel vs DB game? Did DB just feel the pressure? What a heart breaking loss for them. 15-3 last set. Hoping Siegel can catch fire and beat Brentwood tomorrow. But they are better in every position.
  7. I can't tell you how proud I am of the Watertown program. Not too long ago Watertown was not in the least bit competitive. The coach and players have been building the program step by step for a while now. Incredible facility and just a good group of kids and coaches. I would have never believed that Watertown could get to the point of competing for a championship. Really cool.
  8. Siegel wins in 5. Btw, Heritage setter is the real deal. Two great setters going at it.
  9. I think Siegel can take a set but will be hard to take 3 sets. I never had high hopes for SC as I knew their Pin hitters struggle to serve receive. Everyone serves at their big hitter and she cannot receive. I cannot beleive they beat Ravenwood. I want them to win, don’t get me wrong, just didn’t think they’d be able to stay in system.
  10. After watching all 3 matches so far, I have to say that I am a bit underwhelmed. DB looked ok and Cookeville beat Collierville 3-0. Hard to know much about Cookeville, however I feel they and DB looked similar. At this point, Brentwood will beat all these teams in 3--easily. Waiting to see what Siegel match looks like. It is impressive to see a team like Cookeville, who doesn't have access to a high level club, play solid volleyball. They are well coached. Hoping for a really competitive final 4, and championship--but my hopes are waning.
  11. Houston hangs on to win. Ugly match on both sides. Poor passing and a ton of errors. The Libero for Houston made 2 massive digs at the end of the match to keep them in it. Both teams will have to play a lot better to win their next mtch. Sc fought like crazy but couldn’t overcome their lack of ball control.
  12. Houston is completely melting down. 2-1 Houston. Losing 12-6 in 4th.
  13. I thought DB looked good against BW. Obviously well coached. They just lacked the ability to put a ball away. Wouldn’t be surprised to see them work themselves thru the loser bracket. Houston looks like they do about every year. But they won’t be 0-2 this year.
  14. Sc versus Houston is hard to watch. Poor ball control. SC can’t serve receive or pass at all.
  15. they rotate all locations every year for each class. However I completely agree with you. AAA should never play at Siegel.
  16. I know a family that played C2 last year and absolutely loved it. I am excited about that club. I don't know any of the coaches or directors, but am anxious to see how it goes.
  17. Correct Teeter it isn't unique. I have always seen it based on financial need, but I am sure it has happened many times that it was not known to anyone else. I have no problem with helping families out that can't afford club dues. Unfortunately volleyball has pretty much become an affluent sport, in our area anyway.
  18. The lawsuit rumor is true. Not only that, they are offering free club to key Alliance players to lure them to their club.
  19. The middle for Sale Creek is a freaking beast. IF only she was a little bit taller. Not sure I've seen a quicker arm than hers. So athletic. I would love to see her on the outside.
  20. I could be wrong but it seems like this AA bracket might have a handful that can make a run. Not sure what KC looks like, but I know they are typically so good. Pulling for Camden!
  21. really excited that 2 teams made the AAA tournament for the first time. Other than that, it's the same teams year in and year out. Has anyone seen DB play? I haven't seen a few of these teams play but will be shocked if Siegel and Brentwood don't play for the championship. Wish the Mississippi State kid was healthy for Siegel, would make a big difference.
  22. Tori is def the key part of that team. So very good-certainly best setter in the state. I haven't heard much about AAA out East this year. Dobbins Bennett has a great record, but that doesn't mean too much. Anyone seen them play? I think it will be Ravenwood, Brentwood, Siegel, in the final 4. Who will be the 3rd team? Houston? DB? It will be interesting to see how Station Camp/Lebanon look against WIlco. I think they both lose, but the will be interesting to see if Station Camp can keep it close at all.
  23. Congrats to Dickson county. IF they were in any other Region in the state, they probably get through to the state tournament. Big step for that program. Congrats to the coaches and players.
  24. Listen, Summit can play. They are weak in the setter position, but I feel like they have as much talent as any of the other teams (not BHS). They have a really good Lib, a dominate hitter, a dominate blocker. I honestly cannot understand what the coach is doing 90% of the time, but they have enough talent. Would have been fun to see that match. Who won the Indy match?
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