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  1. Great 3-0 start for the Braves and no one and I mean no one give the Braves a shot at going into Philly and sweeping them to open the season! They bullpen has been great with the exception of McBride and Paranto walking 5 batters in the 9th yesterday, but Soriano came in and got a one pitch save! A guy that doesnt get enough credit for his play is Brian McCann, he goes out everyday and puts up numbers and really doesnt get much attention for it and thats not to mention the way he has grown up far past his years to handle the pitching staff! McCann without injury will be the starting catcher in the 2007 All-Star game!Keep up the good work Braves and remember this is a marathon not a sprint!
  2. LOL.....I have been around alot of NFL fans in my life, but the Titans fans are the quickest to hit the panic button every year! I swear it seems like if they cut the water boy, the fans go into fits wanting to know what Fisher was thinking? Look like I consider the Titans my 2nd favorite team and really pull for them, but Fisher has been doing this for over 12 years years and has been pretty dog gone successful at it! I think the fans need to be patient with the team because I really believe that if Fisher didnt think they were trying to win now, he wouldnt have signed an extension!
  3. SURGERY SUCCESSFUL, AINGE EXPECTED BACK IN 3-6 WEEKS http://utsports.cstv.com/sports/m-footbl/s.../031907aab.html
  4. /laugh.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":lol:" border="0" alt="laugh.gif" /> Gets Rattled: 2003 Miami Tennessee Ole Miss Vandy 2004 Kentucky Florida St Miami 2005 Bama LSU 2006 Auburn is the only game he fell completely on his face, but TimTebow pulled his butt out of the fire about 3 or 4 other times! Had Tebow not been there, his record as a senoir would have been more like 9-4 with no SEC championship or National Title! As far as the Title game goes, Leak had a good game, but the defense won that game! So as a NFL prospect, well lets just see if he ever earns one of those shiny things on Peytons finger! /wink.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=";)" border="0" alt="wink.gif" />
  5. Leak will be a second day pick and a glorified backup and with a little luck, he make get to start a few games in the NFL when the starter goes down! Leak has proved throughout his career that he gets rattled when the rush is on and he cannot stay in the pocket and make the throw!
  6. Sound like a reporter trying to get under Peyton's skin and get him to do something that the media can talk about, but Peyton wont break! but that had to be tough to refrain himself with someone talking about his family! Not only did that reporter not get to Peyton, now that reporter will never get a one on one with him!
  7. Looks like Lendale will be the feature back and they will sign a veteran backup or draft a RB! For those of you who are worrying, read this maybe it will make you feel better! http://www.titansonline.com/news/newsmain_....php?PRKey=4652
  8. This article say he is out a maximum of 10-12 weeks! Fulmers says he will be ready by summer! http://utsports.cstv.com/sports/m-footbl/s.../030807aaa.html
  9. Not sure what kind of chances are behind this, but it wouldnt surprise me to see them move a draft pick to another team for a solid player!
  10. Thabnks for the info, thats what I was asking for, but really neither of the 3 are huge names, Morgan and Rucker would have been cut had they not agreed to a restructer and Delhomme would ahve been put under alot of pressure to restructer! Where as everyone knows that Peyton is not going to get cut and really he held the ball, not the organization! He could have collected his $10 mil this year and never looked back! Rucker nor Morgan was going to collect a roster bonus and Delhomme may not have!
  11. /laugh.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":lol:" border="0" alt="laugh.gif" /> Boy you really had the Jamal situation pegged! /tongue.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":P" border="0" alt="tongue.gif" /> I was talking to a guy the other day about this and he said the only big name players he can remember doing this in recent years was Troy Aikman and Peyton Manning, maybe there have been some more, but you have yet to provide some names and some proof with it!
  12. Dominic Rhodes is suppose to be meeting with the Titans this week! Some of the Titans fans just get too excited, calm down and let this thing play out! No big loses except for Henry and no way the Titans should or would give him the money the Broncs gave him!
  13. Now you may be a little upset, they dont have Brown right now either! they havent resigned him! Only 2 RB listed on depth chart 45 Ahmard Hall RB 27 5-11 235 R Texas 25 LenDale White RB 22 6-1 235 R USC As far as WR goes, I dont see them going with a WR in the first RD, I think they will give Jones, Roby , and Williams a chance to step up and perform like th 3rd and 4th round picks they were!
  14. Does this mean the Titans are going to draft a Top RB(Marshawn Lynch 1st RD, or Lorenzo Booker, Michael Bush, Kenny Irons, darius Walker 2nd-3rd RD)? Does this mean they think LenDale can be an every down back now? Does this mean they will try to spend some of that jack on a big FA (Jamal Lewis)?
  15. I dont think this is a huge lose at all for the Titans, he is on the back end of his career and he was going to be a 3rd WR anyway and if someone wanted to give him $30 Mil over 6 years, great for him! I expected him to get tops round $18 Mil over 6 years with some incentives!
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