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  1. StewieGriffin

    CBHS vs BGA

  2. StewieGriffin

    CBHS vs BGA

    If you were there for the MUS BGA game then you would've seen that the score did not show the level of play by both teams. I'm going to give CBHS the go ahead since i'v played against both BGA and CBHS. BGA might have the scores to think they are better, but the play of CBHS, in my opinion, is still higher than BGA's,
  3. StewieGriffin

    Division II State Tourney

    no they had all their players, one of the cbhs defenders had a cast on his hand however. All teams from the west should be ready...i look forward to an intense end to this season.
  4. StewieGriffin

    D2 West Region

    Very good game MUS-1 CBHS-2 From a fans prespective CBHS had the first half and MUS had the second. The goals were as follows: for cbhs, a very pretty diving header by matt padhe, and an own goal from the back of an mus defender. for mus, a tap in by logan welch. Great soccer, and hopefully these two teams will meet again
  5. StewieGriffin

    D2 West Region

    the goal that cbhs scored wasn't very pretty. It was banged around the box off of four different people then trickled through the goal keepers legs. Should be a great game MUS vs. CBHS. It's about time these two teams got to play in the stadium, and this game should end up a great one. Thrus at 8
  6. StewieGriffin

    Walk or stumbling into M'boro

    MUS plays ECS tom for a chance to play CBHS in the regional finals for the West
  7. StewieGriffin

    MUS v Houston

    Starting sweeper for MUS was out due to surgery, but great game to Houston, gotta give them credit. Too bad Houston can't play CBHS, that would be a good game
  8. StewieGriffin

    best direct kicks

    haha i watched that kid play, and he does that lineup thing that kickers do in football. The three step drop and the toe touch on the ground before the kick...it was quite funny to watch
  9. StewieGriffin

    MUS v Houston

    didn't mean to offend you, but that game ended prematurely by 20 min due to lightning. Don't get me wrong, Houston is a very good team seeing that they beat Bcrest 5-0 correct? MUS tied Bcrest. So the obvious favorite is houston, but MUS should be ready, for they haven't lost to Houston in 3 years
  10. StewieGriffin

    MUS v Houston

    Just wondering what everyone thinks will happen...Houston is undefeated, but a tie to a Germantwon team that MUS beat 4-1. Should be a great game
  11. StewieGriffin

    best direct kicks

    If any people from Bearden are reading this, then they know that Brian Evans from MUS is good also...Since he hit one upper 90 perfectly against them during the Bearden Invitational
  12. StewieGriffin

    Rankings for week of 5/1-5/5

    MUS 4- Germantown 1 MUS 4- JP2 1
  13. StewieGriffin

    Rankings week of 4/23-4/29

    MUS bounced back after 3-0 loss with 4-1 win against G town
  14. StewieGriffin

    Ronaldinho Vs. High School players

    I think this is a pretty ludicrous convo actually. I'd just kick him in the nuts and get a red card. He leaves the game, i leave the game, we win.
  15. StewieGriffin

    Bearden Tournament

    MUS plays CBHS tues 7:30... should be a good match, one of MUS captains is out because of a red card, can anyone verify?