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Everything posted by piratetom

  1. Monterey should win this by at least 3 touchdowns. I’m guessing 35-13.
  2. Roy, Sale Creek ain’t no durn college team. Are you trying to scare our players?
  3. The PITT is ready to roll. Tigers are about to receive a beat down of epic proportions. Leave no doubt boys.... Go Pirates
  4. Best of luck Tigers from Pirate Country... Meigs 35 Oneida 7
  5. Good to see you back on here buddy. I agree, another SP vs Monterey game in the playoffs.
  6. Got too good too fast. Makes sense now!!
  7. Thanks largely in part to the swarming Pirate defense.
  8. Meadows is a special RB. He will be the go to playmaker next year with Swafford gone. I remember watching Gary Meadows, what a talent.
  9. It was good to see you guys again tonight. Great show as always!
  10. Great game Pirates! I spoke with several Meigs County players on the field after the game. Good bunch of kids playing the game they love. The common quote from each of them was “ we ain’t been hit like that all year”. Those of you who know me know I only speak the truth. Swafford and Meadows were very polite young men to name a few.
  11. After much consideration, my prediction is.. Pirates 40 MC 28 Late Pirate TD puts the game away...
  12. Game Day! Expect a hard fought game tonight. Regardless the outcome, both teams will be better prepared for the playoffs. Prediction later today.... GO PIRATES!
  13. Looking forward to seeing you guys again.
  14. Appreciate that! He’s not feeling well at all right now, hoping he can muster enough strength to be at the game.
  15. Can’t wait to see this one Friday night. Great measuring stick for both teams going forward. As previously stated, Swafford will be the best player on the field and the best we will face all year. The focus can’t be on stopping him, it must be on not stopping ourselves. Limit the penalties and turnovers, I like our chances. Get this one into the 4th quarter and let’s see what happens. The atmosphere will be rocking.
  16. Two weeks to heal and prepare for a very good Meigs County Team. The biggest let down for me Friday night wasn’t the game getting canceled, it was the fact that my brother (piratemike) was finally feeling decent enough to come watch a game and had to sit through all that mess and go home empty handed. Praying he is able to attend the Meigs game with me. With that said, without a doubt, Swafford will be the best player we will see this year. One heck of a football player with knowledge of the game. One of those players who is around the ball on both sides of the line . The key to winning won’t be stopping Swafford, because we can’t, but to simply outscore them. Limit the big plays for them and gang tackle. Play fast, hard nosed football in every aspect of the game.
  17. We knew she would come around...tell your son to keep up the good work!
  18. Heading over to hostile territory as soon as I get off work today. A tall task lies ahead for our Pirates but they will be ready. Win or lose, Red Bank will know who we are and what we represent. This is just another step to prepare us for our ultimate goal. Go Pirates. Upset alert....??
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