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  1. well the coach went from 80,000 a year to 150,000 or so... several of the players are talking about transferring b/c of the coaching changes but we will see...
  2. if this is correct, i may have to make my way up there to see a game or two..
  3. is Union City really that good? b/c they are listed in the subheading for this topic... jw
  4. fresh, r u and corey brothers? b/c if so i believe i know who you are
  5. is that supposed to be relevant? thanks for repeating this... i didnt get it when 15 other people posted it before you... you cleared it up really nicely...?
  6. hows camden looking this year?
  7. uh oh, start of the season for the wildcats... maybe you all can start off on the right foot, go cats
  8. im with gerry on this one... cox deserved it... maybe next year will be the braves year
  9. and it is homecoming too.... GO SKYHAWKS!!
  10. i dont see them going 3-13 but i dont see them goin 13-3 either... i think this year will be a 6-10 or so campaign, but if they can keep those young guys that they have now, u had better watch out in a few years, b/c they will be tough. GO TITANS
  11. i think the deal is for 5 years and $13.5 million...
  12. ole b wright is pretty good...lol... hes got just about unlimited athletic ability and potential, if he would just gain some muscle(which im sure he will). i was lucky enough to get to go to the ba vs. giles county game last year.... it was awesome, thats about all i can say for it.
  13. i say ricky rushes for a little more than 500 yards this season, but i kinda doubt his dedication......
  14. only you would know, only you would know.... j/k with ya
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