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  1. Waverly opens up at home tomorrow night against Perry Co. Go TIGERS!
  2. I'm so ready. Since I'll be listening to this one via WQMV, I have to say thanks to my boy Ricky. Thanks for everything good sir!
  3. I can't wait for a drumming on Friday. Go Tigers!
  4. I just want to say Good Luck to the Lions tonight. And since I don't hate Camden or anything, I am going to say this. I got behind someone today in Dickson and they were going 30 MPH down Highway 70. It was ridiculous. Then I looked down only to see that the license plate said Benton on the back. Who would have thought? haha /smile.gif" style="vertical-align:middle" emoid=":)" border="0" alt="smile.gif" /> But seriously, Good Luck to the Lions tonight. I'm a lot like wreaking havoc. I want Camden and Waverly's Battle for the Bridge to be decent this year, and to mean something. So Camden, go hit 'em hard like you always do! GO LIONS!
  5. The Don King hair is cut is so infamous. Nice call Lions. I bought her a chicken sandwich once. Can't say that I have ever just given her money. Anyways, Friday is here. Eight hours until kick off and the Tigers seem to be ready as ever for the Mustangs. I cannot wait for tonight. Even if Huntington is having a down year, it is still Huntington. That always gives them an extra boost and it also throws in the intimidation factor. Still say the best High School game that I have ever seen was in Huntington. 2004, Huntington v. Milan, state playoffs. I think it was quarters. Could be wrong...
  6. Can't wait for tonight fellas. The atmosphere is gonna be great.
  7. The kid from Adamsville is real. No doubt about that. Since this topic was started about Thomas, just let me say something about him. He is a great kid (not saying that anyone else mentioned is not, i just know Thomas) But Werfel is the Student Body President, has a 4.0 GPA and is a genius. He lacks nothing in the head, nothing at all. This really shows on the football and baseball field. Werfel is my boy, I'll roll with him until the end. And no, I am not a student at WCHS. Proud Alum
  8. It's Wednesday. Why can it not be Friday night?!
  9. And I guess that means I might as well be out too. Enjoy the sleep.
  10. Would you like to tell me how you have probably met me?
  11. That was who i was talking about. That is not me. And Blue, just calm down. Go to bed, you are ill. Jp-Tiger, Don't try to hide behind your screen name! haha
  12. I am not an above average golfer by any means. But I bet I know who yo are thinking of.
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