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  1. Call Coach/Athletic Director, David Meske, Webb School of Knoxville
  2. OOPS!.................looks like I gave St. georges too much credit.
  3. new information makes my previous prediction invalid.......... WEBB 35 sg 7
  4. all in good fun my friend! But seriously, it is a NICE double wide made by Norris Homes with a deck and everything. See you in the playoffs!
  5. The grass will be mowed close this week in preparation for the DA beatdown. Give me a shout if you want to stay at the trailer after the game. Go Spartans!
  6. OK, maybe I don't have a very nice house, but "69" or "82big reese",bring a bag of cash when you come to Knoxville and I will borrow enough to cover . DA has no chance, who is Cane Ridge by the way?
  7. 222 yds to be exact, and Webb lost 4 fumbles. DA has no chance in Knoxville. Do you have a house?
  8. Dear 69, Would you like to make a wager? My house is about 3500SF, i will wager that against your "guarantee" and your house.
  9. uga1984

    Davidson Academy

    Glad to hear Davidson has notched a couple of "W"'s. They are going to need more than 19 or 20 points when they come to Knoxville, though.
  10. So bad that I do not beleive it is worth driving from west Knoxville to halls to watch. It will be over by middle of second quarter. Why can Halls not field a competitive football team?
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