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  1. Need to get the facts straight the football field at LCHS was built with private funding. You saying this does no good whatsoever. The county is trying to get the funding together to build a new high school at SHS. This will come with a much needed football field. The Summertown community is a great community and the fastest growing area in Law. Co. Saying the county doesn’t support Summertown is just ignorant and silly.
  2. I am confused as to what comment was made on the radio show about a weak region 3. I know Coach Marston would not make a comment like this and pretty sure the guys at XSports Radio wouldn't either. I can promise they are not taking Livingston Academy lightly. I have been reading other posts about the other matchups between regions 3 and 4 and have not seen anyone I recognize from Lawrence County talking trash.
  3. Thoughts on the game? A new thread was needed. Seems like the only ones keeping the Lawrence Co. got screwed thread going don't have a horse in the race. The players and coaches from both teams don't care who they playing. I am sure Millington isn't jumping for joy traveling over 150 miles for the first playoff game but I am sure they are preparing for Law. Co. and not worrying about anything else. I also know that the players and coaches for Lawrence Co. are concentrating on Millington and not worrying about Henry Co. I want to hear others opinions on the game and not the seeding or quad.
  4. Lawrence County is a well coached team and has had some injuries in last 2 games. It looks like they will be close to 100% for this game. They are young with most of the skill players being juniors with the exception the QB Long, WR Smith and WB Gang. I think this will be a good game and will pulling for the Wildcats. Shelbyville is the team to beat in 8AAA, they have been playing great football as of late. Hoping for a good clean game Friday Night and look foward to seeing everyone in Gallatin.
  5. I agree with Lawrence County not having the size they have had in the past. They have been trying to figure out the O-Line with the first 3 games of the year. With that being said the skills positions for LC will be the deciding factor. It might be a close game the 1st half but LC will pull away in 2nd for a big win.
  6. Any thoughts on this game. I know Columbia has 3 of it's biggest threats coming back on offense. Don't know about the defense. Lawrence County has a very young talented team. Tell me what you think.
  7. Yeah he's back this week. He's doing great! Hope you are looking forward to seeing him hit some people!
  8. http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=en&client=dell-usuk&channel=us&tab=wl&q= LCHS is on Springer Road in Lawrenceburg, above is a link to google. Hope to see you Friday. Looking foward to a great game.
  9. http://www.columbiadailyherald.com/articles/2010/10/15/top_stories/001close.txt Check out the link above. TSSAA alows for for 20 days after school closings for things to be settled. For now athletic events will go on as planned.
  10. His name is Charles Sweeton and he is #72. He is the leader of the offensive line and one of the best talents to come out of LCHS in a while. He is a D1 prospect and able to get into any school that wants him. He a great kid, great student and a great leader. He has a mean streak that you like in an offensive lineman. He just turned 17 and would be an asset for any team that has the good fortune to land him.
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