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  1. I'm calling Franklin by at least one TD, especially if they can get up early and force the pass. That would be huge as well as penalties. When this rebels team plays disciplined, they are hard to beat. Unfortunately penalties have been bad this year. It has gotten better as of recent though. One interesting tidbit about this game--Franklin won't have a band this Friday as they'll be traveling to Indianapolis. Apparently they're trying to get some type of alumni band together but I'm not sure what level of participation they'll have. Will certainly be a different atmosphere than normal at Howard Gamble Stadium come game time.
  2. Really Franklin people? I am sick of getting on here and in every thread about Franklin, all of the Franklin folks say the game they're in is a guaranteed win. Guess what?! THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES. This cocky attitude isn't helping anything. I am a firm believer in that confidence is key, but to act like every game is a guaranteed win is ridiculous. The rebels aren't as good as y'all make them out to be. They're a solid team and should make at least the second round of the playoffs, but they're certainly not invincible and there are better teams out there. I think the rebels will pull a W out of this one, but I don't think it will be a blowout (will be happy if I'm wrong, blowouts are fun). Eat some humble pie, grow up, and represent our school with some class. Go Rebels.
  3. Are you referring to the rebels offense of the first two weeks? Because since then they haven't done jack squat against a decent team. The main factor there is penalties, though. If the offense can cut down on the penalties, perhaps the offense of weeks one and two will make a comeback. However, until this offense becomes more disciplined, I certainly would not say that the offense is too much for Indy. Now, that's not to say that the rebels won't come out with a W in this one, which I think they will. All I'm saying is that the rebel O hasn't been as good as you're making them out to be, at least in recent weeks. The talent is there, great potential. We've seen it already. It just left whenever the D decided to show up. As of recent, they've been doing just enough to get by aside from the ravenwood game, which was also sloppy even if 34 points went on the board. You may be right in that no one they've played can throw as well as Franklin does on a good day, but they've certainly faced more productive offenses (Blackman anyone?). Lookin forward to this matchup. Should be a good one. Go Rebels.
  4. Franklin changed their defense after week two and has been extremely productive ever since. However, the offense has gone downhill since those games. Will be a close one.
  5. Oh man, you're right, that sign really was meant to say h*** yeah, they didn't really mean heck. I guess every time you say dang you mean d***, every time you say shoot you mean to say s***, and every time you say bottom, butt or any other form of the word, you really mean a**. What an awful person you must be for saying dang, shoot, and bottom. We know what you really mean . Man, those Franklin kids are real trouble makers, writing heck on a sign. WOOOOO, big deal. As for the behavior you saw displayed whenever your team came to play, I am embarrassed. Once again, however, I would be willing to bet that it is that same group of kids I was talking about before. That less than 10% group. I hate that they give Franklin a bad image and wish they would stop, but don't say that the whole school is like that please. It's not. It's that one group, give and take a few.
  6. There is no way that there were 400 kids storming the field. Let's do the math. FHS band has between 150-170 kids. They fill up the bleachers to the top at roughly the same amount of space in the bleachers alotted to the students, probably a bit more. The student section takes up between 1/2 and 3/4 of their section with other fans filling the rest. Granted, the band isn't as squished together, but I would still say that there are more in the band section than the student section. How can you get 400 out of that space? I would be willing to bet that there are no more students in the student section than in the band (As you know, Franklin has a large band). That means that the number you presented would be cut in half plus some more leaving us with about 10% of the student body if that. You also have to consider the kids in the endzones, but most of them are middle schoolers with freshmen and maybe sophomores sprinkled in. So you're using maybe 10% of the student body that did the stuff before the game, after the game, and at that silly FGC thing that isn't technically affiliated with the school. What about the other 90% of the student body? There is that bunch in every school. I am certainly embarrassed by these kids, but they don't represent the whole student body. UP until the whole uniform ordeal, Centennial was one of the worst behaved schools in the county. Gang violence at school? Pushing a kid down the stairs? Seriously? How about the kids from Indy that came and spray painted the FHS football field a couple years ago? The Ravenwood kids that allegedly raped that girl back in '08? THEY ARE AT EVERY SCHOOL. Stop making Franklin sound like the only ones.
  7. As for the sign, I saw it. It said Heck Yeah for homecoming.
  8. 400 out of 1800+ kids is about 20%, and 400 is actually pushing it for the amount of students that stormed the field. 20% is still too many kids doing that stuff, but it's not a lot. Wht about the 80% that weren't involved in that stuff? I don't think parents or the school should be blamed exclusively. There are lots of good kids at Franklin, more than there are bad. Don't lump in everyone with that group. I know that's how it goes sometimes, but outside of the kids that were being disrespectful at that game, most of them are good kids. The kids involved in that are the same ones involved in the incident with the slip n slide. I am embarassed by what they did, but don't label the whole school a zoo, when most of the kids are doing the right things.
  9. RB Fred Lane, Jr. (RIP)Franklin High School, Carolina Panthers
  10. What a pleasure that was to watch. Now if the D and O can both play at peak performance it's going to be even more fun to watch!
  11. The big question for the rebels this year is going to be defense. I think most will agree that things just haven't been the same since Donny Webb left. A lot of the intensity that was there when he was is gone. If they can learn to wrap up and the secondary doesn't let as many big plays happen, I think the rebels will be a dominant team this year. If we see more of the same, the offense is going to have to keep scoring in the 40s and 50s, which they are completely capable of, especially if dropped balls are eliminated a good deal. That defense has several good players that are capable of great things as a unit, it's just a matter of whether or not they push themselves to their full potential. Right now, this team doesn't really look like they want it until the mid to late second half. When they do show that desire, this team is extremely productive. If we can see them show up for the whole ball game, it's going to be quite the task for anyone to beat them.
  12. Wait, this is a Franklin Rebels football thread?! I had no idea!
  13. Should be a close game, if Kuivinen gets into a groove with his receivers, it may be tough for siegel in this one...also,I'm kind of embarassed to say this here, but I'm looking forward to halftime almost as much as the game. Two of the top bands in the state last year. Should be one of the more entertaining halftimes all season long. Definitely worth watching this week.
  14. I think the biggest thing in this game was the intensity Blackman brought play after play. The energy level on that team was all the way up, all the time. Always playing to the blow of the whistle and never let up, no matter how big the lead was. I just didn't see the same thing in Franklin, at least from the stands. The early touchdowns seemed to bring down the spirits of Franklin's defense, and blackman's play after play intensity on defense eventually just wore down Franklin's offensive line to the point where they were busting through every single time. You could tell the whole team had taken a physical beating by the third quarter. Congratulations to Blackman for advancing, and congratulations to Franklin on a great season!
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