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  1. Herb Horton is the new Moore County girls coach. He coached 4 years at Coffee County and 24 years as head coach at Gilmer High School in Ellijay, GA.
  2. Tim Johnson, LCHS alumnus, hired to head Falcon football program.
  3. You are talking about open enrollment. Marion County is one, South Pittsburg & Marion County. Lincoln County is another. Fayetteville City & Lincoln County. I think that schools that have open enrollment and use it should be forced to move up one class or play in the same segment as private schools.
  4. The Raiders were over powered with too much muscle and speed. The Raiders offense was hurt with there starting Center & QB out for the game and fullback hobbled with a injury. This Eagleville bunch should go far in the playoffs.
  5. Video of Coach Mac introduction and his plans for Franklin County football. 37 minute video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTRJLGbhvoQ&feature=youtu.be
  6. Boonshill never had a football team. They only played basketball. Petersburg bulldogs played football in that conference until the early 1970's and ended when the school closed.
  7. Notable Coach’s that got there head Coaching start at Moore County and were they went to when they left. Shirley Majors ( Huntland 108–24–2), Joe Nunley (Warren County), Billy Joe Evans (Lincoln County), Harold “Red†Roberts ( Franklin County), Mac McCurry (Marshall County), Thomas McDaniels (Oakland), Steve Matthews (Siegel) In a 1986 MTSU television interview with Joe Nunley, former director of Alumni Relations at MTSU, former member of the education department, successful high school coach, member of the Warren County and MTSU Blue Raider sports hall of fames and author. Nunley begins to speak of his experience as a football coach. He explains how he was offered the coaching position at Lynchburg, and eventually took it. Nunley states “if I can coach at Lynchburg, I can coach anywhere.†Lynchburg was known for having a difficult team, and Nunley speaks of this also, along with the outstanding seasons they had while Nunley coached. Nunley’s 1952 Raider team was 10-0-1 The tie came in a bowl game against Coffee County. Nunley’s 1952 Raiders snapped Huntland’s 24 straight game win streak, which was the longest of any team in the State. They also shut down the States leading scorer. Which was Huntland’s senior Johnny Majors. The game drew so much interest it was played at Shelbyville’s field before a crowd that was estimated at 3500.
  8. http://www.dnj.com/story/sports/high-school/2016/02/01/riverdales-dobbs-hired-moore-co-football-coach/79627164/MURFREESBORO — Riverdale football assistant coach Jason Dobbs has been named the head coach at Moore County, replacing Jeremy Austin who was fired after going 6-5 this season. "It was a couple of things," said Dobbs, 44. "I decided I wasn't getting any younger, so if I wanted to be a head coach, I needed to be one. And to got to a place like Moore County — I like small-town football that has community support. "Traditionally, they've been pretty good. I just think it's the best opportunity for me at this time." This marks Dobbs' first high school head coaching position. He has been Riverdale's offensive line coach since 2010. He was an assistant at Trousdale County for 13 seasons before his move to Riverdale. Moore County competes in Region 4-1A. Dobbs said it was a difficult decision to leave Riverdale. "I hate leaving the kids here at Riverdale," he said. "It's been a tough decision. "It's always a tough decision when you've been around these kids as long as I have, but I feel like it was time to go."
  9. With over 50 applicants from coast to coast, Moore County Schools is no longer accepting applications for the position of Head Football Coach. Interviews are set to begin at the start of next week. This forum has seemed to turn in one about Mac McCurry. Where did that guy get off too? He was at Madison County, Alabama Buckhorn High School as a science teacher and asst. coach but does not seem to be there anymore. I did a internet search an found a Mac McCurry at North Little Rock High School in Arkansas as head freshman coach. Is this the same one? http://chargingwildcats.org/football/coaches
  10. When Mac McCurry was first hired at Moore County, they were having a meet the Coach night. One of the School board members came to Mac and told him that he will need to be playing so and so. Mac looked at him and said I thought I was hired to be the football coach!!! That School board member never spoke to Mac again. Being in control made Mac the success he was.
  11. http://www.examiner.com/article/jeremy-austin-not-granted-tenure-out-as-coach-at-moore-county
  12. Who will replace Coach Austin? Moore County High School is seeking a Head Football coach to oversee a football program with a proud tradition. Positions are available to begin as early as February 15th. Physical Education and social studies endorsements are preferred, but all endorsement areas will be considered. As the middle school football program is located on the same campus, the head coach can have direct impact on the only feeder program in the district. Moore County High School is seeking an enthusiastic coach ready to develop players into young men who will be successful on and off the field. Visit mcdoe.net for more information. Contact Wendy Hart, Athletic Director: [email protected] or Chuck Tracy, Principal:
  13. Last year Moore Co. went into this game ranked #1. The rockets completely shut the raiders down. I don't think the raiders have forgotten that game. Scott Smith is no longer coach at Moore Co. and Coach Austin will need a good game plan just to keep it close with the rockets. The rockets win against cascade showed just how good they are this year.
  14. Hornet's offense looks to be explosive. http://www.heraldchronicle.com/p=13216
  15. Binns Jordan, co-host of Sports Plus and high school football color analyst for the Tullahoma Wildcats on The Ticket sports radio, passed away Sunday, Feb. 9 at the age of 67. Binns battled cancer for almost a year before losing the fight around 9 p.m. surrounded by his family and close friends. Binns loved High School football and was devoted University of Tennessee football fan.
  16. Jeremy Austin Promoted to Head Football Coach at Moore County! Great choice. Congrats to Coach Austin.
  17. Are they any relationship to Fayetteville's assistant coach Bobby Emmons. I remember when Bobby Emmons played at the old Fayetteville Central. He was a good running back and then later played for the University of Tennessee.
  18. I though Mac was on his way back up as a coach, after going through some tough times in 2010. But....I guess you make your own bed and then you have to sleep in it. He was 19-5 at Marion and 239-71 overall as head coach.
  19. I agree with your comment about winning State Championships. I use to live in Fayetteville and was there when the Schools consolidated. The talk was then about winning Championships. And I have also heard the same about the new City High School. With open enrollment it will be easier to win a Championship in class 1A than probably any other division.
  20. The McCurry resume Goal as head Coach to win a State Championship Moore County- shambles Marshall County- wrecked Ripley Miss- Destroyed Lakeview HS- Left after one game.Bailed on the kids Relieved of his duties as Crockett County Coach 2 months after being hired. Signal Mnt- Recruiting scandal...1 year Marion County-resigned after Scandal
  21. You just don't want to admit that open enrollment is a advantage, but it is. Fayetteville City High School, will have the same advantage. This is from the Fayetteville City School website. REMEMBER: YOUR CHILD IS ELIGIBLE FOR ANY SPORT AT FAYETTEVILE HIGH, EVEN IF THEY PARTICIPATED AT NGA OR ANY K-8 COUNTY SCHOOL LAST YEAR. THIS IS ACCORDING TO TSSAA RULES. I say this this is similar to the advantage that Private Schools have over Public schools.
  22. Humm! Now lets see. Two teams that have never played each other in the playoffs. South Pittsburg's enrollment 249. Fayetteville City enrollment 262. Both School's have open enrollment for there County and there Counties student athlete's can attend there School's. And because any kid and there parents want to be associated with a winning team that is a drawing point for both School's. Lincoln County has about 33,000 and Marion County has about 28,000. Both have Coach's that are very well liked and Coach Moore played for South Pitt and Coach Palmer played for the old Fayetteville Central High. Both teams have good speed and both School's have similar colors of black and orange. Looks like a new rivalry could be born between these two School's. This should be a good game. South Pitt will probably win by 2 touchdowns, but with 2 playoff wins under there belt, this bunch from Fayetteville City cannot be overlooked. The new Fayetteville City High School may not win this game but give them a couple of years and watch out!!!
  23. Does South Pittsburg have open enrollment for any student in Marion County to attend? I find it hard to believe that year after year a School with a enrollment of 249 can be that good with only local South Pittsburg kids. Every one wants to play for a winner. If this is true, as Marion County continues to improve, the shift of good talent could change.
  24. Two of the strangest High School Football PAT plays I have ever seen.
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