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  1. There are probably 15 kids who went to Father Ryan in the last 8 years who either went to St. Pius or St. Vincent. You dont/ probably wont for the next 10 years see Father Ryan going into other high schools or middle schools offering THE BEST athletes "financial aid" and all that crap about "the chance of a better education". OBVIOUSLY they will get a better education at a private school than they will at ANY school in Nashville or its surrounding areas with the exception being Williamson County. If you honestly think Ensworth or BA is bussing these kids in from Lavergne, Smyrna, Clarksville, Antioch etc. out of the kindness of their hearts so that they can provide them with a better education and not for their athletic abilities you are a moron. Until Father Ryan begins giving free or dirt cheap education in exchange for athletes they will not be consistently at the top of the division for years to come.
  2. I would also like to note that we will be going all across town, up to an hour away to steal players from other schools. We also will be going into impoverished areas in order to get the best athletes and offer them "a chance for a better academic challenge". Hopefully we dont step on Ensworth and BA's toes.
  3. Reports surfacing that Derek Dooley may take over the job at Father Ryan. I know because I am going to be the quarterback coach.
  4. Who is next to fall? My guess is Ensworth
  5. Why does he duct tape the students hands? Did he drop a ball? Or is this just rumor? Could you elaborate?
  6. KPowers55

    MBA vs. BGA

    I guess thats what happens when you get caught cheating, you lose.... BGA wins it by at least 4 tds
  7. BA doesn't go more than an hour away to bring uneducated students to play sports for them just because of their size...
  8. Just a thought. I have heard of a few kids with lazer rocket arms, just wanted wanted to know about who everyone thinks the top pitcher in the state is
  9. theres to many posers in baseball nowdays. no one knows how to throw a damnfastball anymore no one can burn #### like me!
  10. How will DII pan out at the end of the season? Predictions?
  11. Probably a kid who did not make the team... HA HA!!!
  12. Who will be the best pitchers for the 2011 class?
  13. Doesnt really matter. This kids a poser... No way he can burn a*# like I did back in highschool
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