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  1. Harpeth Hall beat Ensworth about 15 days ago, and they played a terrible game at BA, otherwise they may have won at Brentwood Academy. Ensworth, Brentwood Academy, and Harpeth Hall are without a doubt the best three teams in DII-AA but who would have thought HH would be up there. They have a legit shot at the state title. They are loaded with young talent. They have one freshman, Kennedy Potts, and several good sophmores like Emily Apple who play a ton and are great young players. They are gonna be good for a while. Ill be interested to see how these three teams shake out. I guess BA is the front runner right now. Anyone else have any predictions?
  2. 1. MBA 2. McCallie 3. Ensworth Top three in DII this year. BA could hop up there too but I doubt it unless Weldon Garlington goes off
  3. I think Baylor will win this one
  4. RA Dickey is pitching great now
  5. Harpeth Hall is a team that everyone should watch out for over the next two years. They have a wide array of good freshmen and sophomores. OVer the next few years they will fight for several state championships. They will be good this year as well. They are missing one sophomore named Emily Apple right now who has had shoulder problems but especially when she comes back they will be a nice team to compete with Ensworth in Division II
  6. You guys are off on this one. MBA has the best student section. They give the Big Red a nice homecourt advantage and often even a roadcourt advantage.
  7. Here are my preseason predictions for Division II AA this year. Im leaving out the teams from the West. Im talking midstate and Chattanooga, since I have not seen the west teams play any from the summer. 1. MBA-they lost a lot of seniors but have David Howard, Austin Blackwell, and Chase Owen who will all merit all-region consideration. They will no doubt be very good again this year. Aaron Simonis is steady at the point. 2. McCallie-They lost Jordan Price but they still have some great athletes and some new players that people havent necessarily heard about yet. Got better and better with every game this summer. 3. Ensworth-They will be tough again this year with Corn Elder running the point but I wonder if they have the depth and firepower from other positions to be great. 4. Baylor-This is a tough team to predict. They were young last year and will no doubt be better this year but they still have some improving to do. They have a multitude of steady players but they may lack a star. 5. Brentwood Academy-They will have Weldon Garlington but from what I have heard they will lack any semblance of an inside threat. Asa Duval is also a steady player, but I dont see the team being able to jump into one of the top 3 slots. 6. Father Ryan-The bottom three teams in this league are much weaker than the top 5. Father Ryan has a good coach in Bontregger so that is the reason for my pick of them over BGA and JPII. Bontregger will have his players playing hard which will get them some wins against the other lesser teams. 7. BGA- They will have a very young team. They and JPII are probably the worst two in the region. 8. JPII-Lost some seniors off an already weak team from last season, but they will actually probably be better this year.
  8. Two semi final losses to MBA in football and basketball, last year, was maximizing their potential?
  9. Ya I agree there are so many teams that have a chance to win this year. The disparity is really good in Division II and there is not a favorite like their has been the last few years.
  10. I think they recruit which is illegal. Anyone else have any thoughts? Maybe they do maybe they dont but it usually seems like they probably do.
  11. It could not matter less that Ensworth is coming on because they cant recruit enough to beat MBA. If they dont win again this year, Im sure Ricky Bowers will have some fresh new recruits from California and Arizona come in.
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