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    District 12A

    4 team race lol. PC did a good job of keeping WC out of their element until it was too late. Just goes to show you how tough teams are in this district.

    District 12A

    Wayne Co gave Summertown all they could handle in the Barn before falling by 2 in OT. It may be a 3 team race for the top spot!

    District 12A

    Summertown will/should be favorite to win with Loretto and Wayne County fighting for next two spots. Perry County has young talent that needs experience and Collinwood lost all starters from last year. 1. Summertown 2. Loretto 3.Wayne Co. 4. Perry County 5. Collinwood 6. Frank Hughes

    T$$AA time to bring back the sectional


    Eagleville vs LEAD - what will the TSSAA do??

    In what realm of reality would you award someone who obviously cheated to win and penalize the team that did nothing wrong?!?!?!?! When a mistake happens it has to be admitted and corrected! I realize TSSAA cannot investigate ever accusation but when it is as obvious as this appears to be then there is only one correct outcome and that is not "oh well we'll let it stand". TSSAA has been headed in the wrong direction for years now and its only concern is "don't rock the boat" and "keep sending the money in". Until the issue is forced it will not change.

    Summertown v Huntingtondon

    Summertown by double digits

    District 12A

    Rankings are fun but in the end only one team comes out #1. Tonight should be some great games with two of them having huge effects on the district. Collinwood/Summertown game can decide if either team finishes as well as 2 or as low as 4. Wayne County/Loretto could decide as high as 1or low as 4. Lorreto has to play Collinwood Thursday so final outcome wont be settled tonight but picture could be a little clearer. Really think there are several teams in 12A that have a chance to make a run. Don't know much about district 11 or region 5 other than CA seams to be legit, so like the sports writers just going off scores and common opponents, so if anyone could share what they know about them it would be greatly appreciated. Good luck to all and go District 12!

    District 12A

    District is very close this year. A big win for Wayne Co Friday at Loretto in a very good ballgame has them in first with Loretto at 2. With loses to Wayne Co and Loretto already, I think it's an uphill battle for the Eagles, but NEVER count them out. Tomorrow night's game between Collinwood and Loretto will have a lot to say about Collinwood's chances. Perry Co with a big win vs Collinwood and although I think they can compete, just think they are a little undermanned night in and out. Right now the favorites have to be Wayne Co and Loretto but a lot can change in a week of district play.

    District 12A

    Wayne County: Blaine Bevis, Avery Davis, Braden Johnston & Sawyer Turnbow Lorreto: Luke Childress, Will McBee & Ryan Weathers Collinwood: Ashton Daniel, Ty Robertson & Charles Wood Summertown: Michael Burdette & Trey Trotter (MVP) Perry County: Parker Brown I'm sure I didn't get all the spelling correct!

    District 12A

    Who you got tonight? Loretto vs Perry County Wayne County vs Collinwood

    District 12A

    Never know about teenage kids!

    District 12A

    They were one of my 6. There length poses problems for most teams. IMO if PC had a shooter, like some they've had in the past, they would be very dangerous!

    District 12A

    Honestly, I can see any combination of 6 teams advancing to sub-state. It will come down to who plays best that night. Matchups will be key as each team has strengths and weaknesses that will make each game its on challenge. Looking forward to some good basketball over the next three weeks.

    District 12A

    Coach T shows CA beat Richland by 10 and Richland beat CA by 1. Know that this may not be accurate so I'm reluctant to say much because not sure if that is correct, but if that's the case then how is CA so much better than Richland?

    District 12A

    Makes for some interesting games next Tuesday night. If Loretto beats Wayne Co they will be 2 seed headed into tourney. If Wayne Co beats Loretto and Collinwood beats Summertown then Collinwood will be 2. If Wayne Co and Summertown win then Loretto, Collinwood and Summertown will be in a 3 way tie and coin flip to determine 2-4 seeds. Agree that tourney should produce some good games.