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  1. It’s game day, and we’re coming. GBR
  2. Page is going to score some. They’ll throw it 40+ times. We’ll have to get pressure to help out the coverage on the back end.. which I think we will. I think we’ll be the more physical team, on both sides of the ball. I’m going to say 30-14 Big Red.
  3. I said you’ve never seen him rattled. And you haven’t. You have no idea why his address was changed. It was much more than just football. But like I said, again, you only have a small bit of information about anything you’ve commented on. And, if you were paying such close attention to both him and down/distance, then you’d see that 90% of his attempts were on 3rd or 4th down in games 1-7. That may be a little advanced for you, but that’s what we call a no win situation in football. You took the bait on the decent comment, so you were looking for an in and you found it. Now go find another thread to be a hater on. Fan boy out
  4. Not saying they don’t, but you watching some early season film on Hudl doesn’t mean you know what you’re talking about. Any idea how many of those rattled throws were on 3rd and long early in the season? Doesn’t show that on film. No win situations. But that’s fixed now. No one’s feelings are hurt, I just think grown adults talking crap about kids, behind an anonymous username, is cowardly. And, he wasn’t born in Martin. He also didn’t move there until he was 5. Like I said, you only have a small amount of information, and not all of it is accurate.
  5. He’s not a Westview kid. He’s originally from Martin, but he never went to HS at Westview. He’s lived in Paris since the summer before his freshman year.
  6. He doesn’t carry a football team statistically because he doesn’t have to. That’s not how HC plays offense. They carry each other night in/night out. I can promise you, you’ve never seen that kid rattled. I guess you could look at the stats early on and say that, but if you knew a little more about it, you’d know that sometimes the stats don’t tell the whole truth. I’d expound, but I don’t want to hurt any feelings here. I’d bet my paycheck, if he played in Page’s system, his stats would be as good or better than their starter’s.
  7. We’ve got a few guys like this too. Bitter about something, and you never hear from them until things are bad. Great atmosphere last night, see you guys next season.
  8. Man I hope this thread is still up by Friday night
  9. You’ll be jumping out of another moving vehicle this week. The train’s coming
  10. I’d dare say there’s few fans that know more about our offense than I do.. and I’m telling you, they caught us on the worst week possible. Worst game of the year, all the extra drama, stars being out or handcuffed, terrible offensive plan and execution. And we still lost by 3. These boys want revenge. This is not the same team you saw several weeks ago. If I’m wrong, then I’m wrong.. but I’m not going to wait til we win/lose to throw it out there.
  11. I see it all the time. Happened last night and it didn’t go our way. If you think the officials in this area ever favor HC, you need to attend more games. Officiating didn’t effect our game near as much as our ineptitude to run more than 5 plays on offense, and our obsession with the wildcat inside the 10. Those days are over my friend.
  12. I’ve never seen a good officiating crew when they didn’t call it like I wanted them to.
  13. Sometimes you’re the bug, sometimes the windshield.
  14. I don’t think we’ll score 56 again this week or anything, and I do believe Springfield is better than Munford, at least on defense. With that being said, I’ll go 55-18 Big Red.
  15. Dude, it was 1 in the morning and I had just gotten home from Munford. I bet you’re a hoot to hangout with. Finna=Fixing (about) to do something** Example: Henry County is finna (about to) run the yellowjackets out of their own stadium.
  16. Springfield finna get run. I stand by what I said weeks ago. I’ll come eat crow if I’m wrong, but they’re getting ran.. period.
  17. I agree they can’t be overlooked, but you can throw weeks 1-7’s stats out the window now. It’s a different scheme and team.
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