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  1. You talk about the kid a lot on here. At least sign your name to it. His daddy isn’t hard to get in touch with if you’ve got something you need to get out. Say it with your chest my guy. LOL
  2. Big talk coming from an anonymous screen name
  3. Henry County wins their next two games by 20+, and you @BigRed88 know for a fact I’m not a very positive person
  4. I didn’t see a great defensive game.. I saw a team leave at least 18 points on the field from implosion. I’ve rewatched the film 3x, and each time it was the same thing. Henry County beat themselves in the red zone. I mean kudos for stopping the same straight ahead play 4x and getting the turnover on downs, that took guts, but if we keep doing what got us down there, it’s a 21-6 game. If’s/but’s I know.. but that’s been the story of our season to this point. Not having 7 in all 3 facets hurt, as well as missing 17, but we shot ourselves in the foot on numerous occasions. Outside of the Summit game and here and there with Beech, we’ve beaten ourselves all season long.
  5. Calling out a specific kid over and over while hiding behind a screen name is cowardly. If you’re going to call him out in multiple posts/threads, at least sign your name to it. Some of the things you say are not wrong, but you act like he’s the reason we’ve lost 3 games, and he’s far from that. If you have a bone to pick with the kid, and you know him, maybe go talk to him one off instead of bashing him on a public forum.
  6. Whatever the opposite of that is.. that’s what happened
  7. It’ll be quick strike vs grind it out/ball control… and whomever is successful at their craft will win. Pretty simple.
  8. The common opponent is not so common. Wade pulled a hammy in the 1st half against Brentwood, so I was told. He continued to play, but stayed in the pocket most the night. Brentwood has a senior/but first year starter at QB. He can spin it, but will also turn it over. Defense has to be opportunistic Friday night. Also hope we find our play action game on offense. GBR
  9. I did not type the word “heck”, CoachT.
  10. There’s no covid situation for us minus the head coach and 1-2 players. Why the heck the pi would print that in the paper is beyond me. All it does is make the natives restless. But you know, everyone’s gotta get a scoop..
  11. Should we even play the game, or just give Summit the W and move onto Beech? These boys are confident and ready to play. I have no idea how this one ends up, but I’m riding with my kid and his teammates til the end. GBR
  12. Kid will be a huge part in our success on both sides of the ball. Just needs to get healthy.
  13. 3-1 would be awesome. And you know we appreciate your support. He needs someone to brag on him because you know that’s not my style ha! The only time I do is when certain sports writers go out of their way to exclude some of them. GBR
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