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  1. East TN hsfb is wild man
  2. Dude Summit beat everyone they played outside of Oakland.. and that was week one. Comparing common opponents is a terrible way of making a point. We changed play callers week 8, and averaged 50+ a game the rest of the way, including the playoffs. We dominated Brentwood through the air and had a two touchdown lead at the half. We didn’t attempt another pass until they had a 28-14 lead with 5:00 to go in the 4th. I’m just giving facts, you’re the one on the hypothetical train. But hypothetically, we’d have been a one loss team going into the playoffs if that change had been made after week one. Barring injury, this year’s team will be very special, and our play caller is a budding superstar of a coach. GBR
  3. You could also argue we were “down” when losing to them, if we’re going to say they will be down this year. That’s all relative. If the change that was made in week 8 was made earlier in the season, Brentwood would’ve took the loss at Patriot Stadium last season.
  4. Historically, Henry County is the winningest team in 5A over the last decade.
  5. Varsity won 3 scores to 0. Moved the ball up and down the field. Scores came via passes from Damron to Jayce Kendall. I think all 3, but I may be wrong. Lexington never sniffed the end zone on the first team.. scored once on a long pass against the 2nd/3rd team. Pretty good showing to end spring practice.
  6. -I know Powell returns a lot. How big are losses at coordinator for them? What new recruits will they get this season? -What will West look like this year? Central? Oak Ridge too? -Can anyone out of Memphis challenge the west side of the bracket? -Who is the cream of the crop in middle TN? -I like the nucleus that Henry Co brings back, but there’s still some question marks that have to be answered. And that schedule is rough. Anyone else… what y’all got?
  7. Must fill some holes up front, but there’s a bunch of skill guys that can really play. Figure out the defense and find some depth, and this team can be really good.
  8. The kid is going into his 4th straight year as the starting quarterback for HCHS, and I wish people (both here and everywhere else) would focus on that instead of where he lived 4 years ago and what county is on his birth certificate.
  9. Damron-QB Brown-LT And this team has the potential to be really good. They do have a ton of weapons and talent coming back, and I hope to see them use it.
  10. It’s game day, and we’re coming. GBR
  11. Page is going to score some. They’ll throw it 40+ times. We’ll have to get pressure to help out the coverage on the back end.. which I think we will. I think we’ll be the more physical team, on both sides of the ball. I’m going to say 30-14 Big Red.
  12. I said you’ve never seen him rattled. And you haven’t. You have no idea why his address was changed. It was much more than just football. But like I said, again, you only have a small bit of information about anything you’ve commented on. And, if you were paying such close attention to both him and down/distance, then you’d see that 90% of his attempts were on 3rd or 4th down in games 1-7. That may be a little advanced for you, but that’s what we call a no win situation in football. You took the bait on the decent comment, so you were looking for an in and you found it. Now go find another thread to be a hater on. Fan boy out
  13. Not saying they don’t, but you watching some early season film on Hudl doesn’t mean you know what you’re talking about. Any idea how many of those rattled throws were on 3rd and long early in the season? Doesn’t show that on film. No win situations. But that’s fixed now. No one’s feelings are hurt, I just think grown adults talking crap about kids, behind an anonymous username, is cowardly. And, he wasn’t born in Martin. He also didn’t move there until he was 5. Like I said, you only have a small amount of information, and not all of it is accurate.
  14. He’s not a Westview kid. He’s originally from Martin, but he never went to HS at Westview. He’s lived in Paris since the summer before his freshman year.
  15. He doesn’t carry a football team statistically because he doesn’t have to. That’s not how HC plays offense. They carry each other night in/night out. I can promise you, you’ve never seen that kid rattled. I guess you could look at the stats early on and say that, but if you knew a little more about it, you’d know that sometimes the stats don’t tell the whole truth. I’d expound, but I don’t want to hurt any feelings here. I’d bet my paycheck, if he played in Page’s system, his stats would be as good or better than their starter’s.
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