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  1. FightOnForWilliamBlount91

    William Blount 2019

    The 2016 team was pretty talented too. It is sad that they couldn't win more than 2 games with that group.
  2. FightOnForWilliamBlount91

    William Blount 2019

    WB had to vacate the Knox Central win because of an ineligible player.
  3. FightOnForWilliamBlount91

    Mairvul 2019....Get tha littull fellers on tha gravy trane

    I heard WB and Maryville might be playing each other in week 1.
  4. FightOnForWilliamBlount91

    6A Championship Oakland v. Whitehaven

    Will the Senator will be rollin in with the system bumpin?
  5. FightOnForWilliamBlount91

    6A Championship Oakland v. Whitehaven

    Who gone beat Da Haven?
  6. FightOnForWilliamBlount91

    Oak Ridge Football 2019

    As long as BD Gaddis is roaming the sideline, OR has a chance. That man has to have the most intimidating sideline presence in the whole state. I bet his presence alone counts for at least 8.5 wins.
  7. FightOnForWilliamBlount91

    blount county recruiting office

    The adults are making a decision. Just like the adults who decide to take their kids to other schools to play ball.
  8. FightOnForWilliamBlount91

    blount county recruiting office

    Again, I fail to see how one good feeder program is worse than having two really bad ones. That was the reality for Carpenters and Union Grove. The two programs won a combined 1 game the season before they folded. And how does having one feeder team discourage late bloomers? If anything, having one team increases the level of competition and makes the players better.
  9. FightOnForWilliamBlount91

    blount county recruiting office

    You and your crackpot theories. Maryville has one feeder program and they are doing okay. It is the same situation at Alcoa. It bugs you that WB tried to level the playing field. Let's see... Why isn't WB's football program doing well? Is it because the County improved WB's feeder and turned it into a winner -or- is it because the best player from the championship team jumped ship? It must be the first. Try to use logic for a moment. How is having one good feeder program that is well-coached worse than having two programs that won 1 game between the two of them?
  10. FightOnForWilliamBlount91

    Happy Thanksgiving to all....!!!

    May the jolly green giant bless you, yours, and yuns.
  11. FightOnForWilliamBlount91

    Mr. Football 6A semifinalist

    I know you know that. I just couldn't resist taking the opportunity to give you a taste of your own medicine. That is exactly the kind of thing you or Rebelwoman would say if I said the same thing you said there.
  12. FightOnForWilliamBlount91

    Mr. Football 6A semifinalist

    Karns is in 5A.
  13. FightOnForWilliamBlount91

    William Blount 2019

  14. FightOnForWilliamBlount91

    William Blount 2019

  15. FightOnForWilliamBlount91

    Beer-Den vizits 825 Lorrunce

    Right, You just join the discussion when they have been accusing me of being these other posters.