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  1. I heard there is a wave of fear spreading through the Maryville fan base.
  2. I dont remember Maryville ever having to come to WB the first game of the year. Could be a trap game.
  3. Well, that could have been the case. WB had originally scheduled Campbell County for a nonconference game, but they backed out. That is why Elizabethton ended up on the schedule. That happens all the time. Look at CoachT. It is not uncommon for coaches to advertise open dates to try and find opponents. Scheduling is difficult and things can fall apart for a variety of reasons.
  4. Again, I was told by someone very close to the situation that WB called Greenback and they didn't answer or call back. I trust my sources more than random people I dont know on message boards. But what can I do? If people want to believe WB is scared to play Greenback, let them. I think it is pretty funny.
  5. More classifications couldn't have anything to do with more schools and population growth. Let's go back to leather helmets and sweaters because that's the way it used to be.
  6. In case you havent noticed, Greenback is usually the second matchup for the other teams in the jamboree. And you guys usually get the other team's backups. WB is no exception to that. Congratulations on being a state championship team that can sometimes beat a 2-8 or 3-7 6A team in the jamboree. WB has beaten Maryville twice in the jamboree in recent years. Does that mean the Govs are better than Maryville?
  7. I use the word seems because I'm going off what was said in the article. I'm open to the fact that the information may be false or misleading. Having said that, I'm inclined to believe there is at least some truth there because nobody here has offered any sort of meaningful rebuttal to the story. I've just seen people attacking the school board members and the paper. If there is nothing there, it ought to be fairly easy to refute what the school board members said.
  8. Let's see... The information I took away concerns two players. One was a player who got kicked out of Maryville and was allowed to go right on over to Alcoa and join the team. Like the person quoted in the paper said, why wasn't he put in the alternative school program? And then there is the matter of the transfer from Sevier County and his dad. Those circumstances seem shady as well. What am I missing?
  9. Let me get this straight... It's just a petty and personal issue when the school gives special treatment to great athletes and their parents? There aren't any ethical problems with that? None at all?
  10. Well, I read the article and think they have legitimate concerns. That's assuming the information about the players is true.
  11. Did you even read the whole article? Also, who can't handle competition? Are you saying people who work for Alcoa City Schools dont want to see their teams succeed?
  12. The Govs have an experienced qb and talented (but young) skill players.
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