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  1. Question: Has OR ever thought about combining the two middle school football programs? WB did that a few years ago and it is starting to pay off.
  2. So now I'm ORidgeCat? An Oak Ridge fan that has posted here for years. Okay then...
  3. The Govs have a chance to get a nice win streak going tonight. They just have to stay focused and keep giving the same kind of effort they gave in the first three games.
  4. The offense actually got better as the game went on. If we are talking about play-calling, I have been pleased with it so far. We took some nice shots downfield and Ooltewah's secondary made plays or we didn't make them. We also turned the ball over 3 times and missed 2 field goals. You cant blame that on the coaches. We just didn't execute at a high enough level to beat a good team like Ooltewah. However, this team is much improved. That much is obvious. Our o-line is consistently opening holes and the defense has been solid. We have a chance to be a playoff team this year. I really believe that.
  5. WB should have a good chance in the next 3 games. But McMinn County is still a bit of a mystery. They haven't played anybody yet and had their bye week this week. My guess is they had coaches at WB last night because they play Ooltewah next week and WB in two weeks.
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