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  1. FightOnForWilliamBlount91

    William Blount 2019

    The middle school team plays local middle school teams with roughly the same number of players? But okay. Whatever lol
  2. FightOnForWilliamBlount91

    William Blount 2019

    Traitors. Lol
  3. FightOnForWilliamBlount91

    William Blount 2019

    I talked to the middle school coach last week, and he said they just started an offseason weight training program this year. He said over 30 players have been at all the workouts and are working hard.
  4. FightOnForWilliamBlount91

    William Blount 2019

    The boys basketball team had a winning record. They finished 16-15 and almost knocked off Knox Catholic to advance to the region tournament. Secondly, the Govs had a lot of young guys that got playing time last year. Trey Clemmer was statistically one of the better QBs in the Knoxville area and he was just a sophomore. Wyatt Rutgerson also looked really good at receiver. And I saw the kicker Job Matossian on the baseball field tonight and he looks like a good athlete. I have heard that he will be get playing time at receiver this year. They also have a few other athletes that look promising. Also, when was the last time WB put a good line on the field? They always seem to be about the same in that regard. So, I'm not concerned there. Are you still arguing that the middle school team was a bad idea? Give me a break. The two teams won 1 game combined the last year they were separate, and won a championship two years after they combined. That sounds like success to me. Maybe those middle school wins arent translating to wins at the high school level because the best players continue to jump ship.
  5. FightOnForWilliamBlount91

    Oak Ridge Football 2019

    I ❤ Stanton. Love that king.
  6. FightOnForWilliamBlount91

    William Blount 2019

    Who took shots at coaches or players?
  7. FightOnForWilliamBlount91

    William Blount 2019

    But when was that? Also, scrimmages can be hit or miss. My brother played at McMinn Central and they killed Greenback in a scrimmage one year. Central went on to have terrible year and Greenback ended up being good. WB has beaten Oak Ridge and Cleveland in scrimmages in recent years, but those scrimmage wins didn't translate to wins in the regular season.
  8. FightOnForWilliamBlount91

    William Blount 2019

    ORB, If you are talking about the recent Greenback teams going against the 2016 and 2017 WB teams, I would have to agree with you. In that scenario, you are talking about some of the worst WB teams going against historically good Greenback teams. Having said that, I dont think the typical Greenback team would fare well against a more typical WB team. Look at the 2018 team for example. The Govs had leads against Anderson County and Cleveland and whipped McMinn County for most of that game until they scored a few touchdowns at the very end to make it seem closer than it was.
  9. FightOnForWilliamBlount91

    William Blount 2019

    And yes, coaching becomes a factor when you have at least a nearly level playing field in terms of talent. Good playcalling is never going to allow WB to beat Oakland the way things currently are. Having said that, there is no excuse for WB to have a losing record against Jefferson County in recent years. That is a team WB should be able to beat on a regular basis.
  10. FightOnForWilliamBlount91

    William Blount 2019

    As far as your point about D1 athletes, WB has beaten several teams with D1 athletes in recent years. They have also been really competitive against more than a few other teams that had D1 players. Having a D1 player on the roster doesn't mean a team is any better. Football is a team sport. What matters is having more good players than the other team and 6A teams are almost always going to have more good players than 1A teams. That is just a fact.
  11. FightOnForWilliamBlount91

    William Blount 2019

    You make some good points, but you also have to take into account the competition teams face. To put it in perspective, Tennessee has been consistently one of the worst SEC teams in recent years, but most people would agree that they would beat even the best non power 5 teams. In short, there is a reason that there are divisions and classifications in sports.
  12. FightOnForWilliamBlount91

    Mairvul 2019....Get tha littull fellers on tha gravy trane

    Barney, When I went to school at Maryville a decade ago there was a lot of snobs there. I think some of you older folks on the T wouldn't even recognize it if you went there today. I knew that the first day I stepped foot in the place when the principal heard I was from the county schools and he gave me a lecture about how "you have to act like somebody if you go to Maryville City Schools." I was a straight A student and never got in trouble. Needless to say, it left a bad taste in me and my mom's mouths and I didn't stay there very long.
  13. FightOnForWilliamBlount91

    Seymour Searching for a Head Coach, Again!

    Yep. There is a Blount County School right near Seymour.
  14. FightOnForWilliamBlount91

    Seymour Searching for a Head Coach, Again!

    This really surprised me. I thought Galyon was in it for the long haul.
  15. FightOnForWilliamBlount91

    William Blount 2019

    So far I've heard that WB is scrimmaging South Doyle this spring and Oak Ridge this fall.