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  1. I didn't complain about anything prior to the game. Go back and read. Also, I never said the press box wasn't nice. My issues were the fact that I was stopped and held up when I was in a race against the clock to get set up. At any other stadium, they let media through without any problems. Then the crew up in the box acted like it was an inconvenience for us to set up in an area clearly marked "visitor radio." These are facts.
  2. It's all true. You sound like you're a woman on the rag and there's no reasoning with that.
  3. Not complaining, Wackoff. Just calling it like I see it. I showed up needing to get set up for a broadcast and I was held up about five minutes or so at the gate. No other school has ever done that. Ever. Also, I got up to the press box and your guys acted like it was an inconvenience to let us have a spot clearly marked "visitor radio." Your radio guys wanted to use that for their extra stuff. I heard them complaining about us setting up equipment. Uh yeah... It takes equipment to do a broadcast.
  4. Not very hospitable folks at DB. First place I've been this year that I had any issues getting in the gate with my equipment.
  5. The Govs will need to have road focus and play with great physicality. We'll need a few resilient individuals to step up. Go Govs! WGWDBA
  6. I just hope DB's press box doesn't have a chitty roof. It will be cold tomorrow
  7. In my opinion, with the way the brackets lined up, WB has a good chance to make it to the third round. That would be a new program milestone and might help keep the wolves away from the door. This is the best WB team in over a decade, and believe it or not, we are playing without half a dozen or so good players that decided to play for other local schools. Maybe some playoff success can help stop the bleeding.
  8. I think he finally has a good staff in place. The new line coach that he added a year or so ago seems to have made a big impact. We can actually block people now.
  9. It came down to record and then went to head to head because we were tied with Cleveland in region wins and overall wins. We got in because we beat Cleveland head to head.
  10. Have you considered that we have a young team (a lot of our starting skill players are sophomores) and we have gotten better as the year has gone on? "You may play hard, but that only goes so far." What a horrible take. Playing hard is everything. WB had a fairly talented and experienced team go 1-9 a few seasons ago. We also had a really talented team go 2-8 and lose to Heritage for the first time in two decades. As someone who has watched basically every WB game in the last decade, this is my favorite team by far. We don't have that one big play star we seem to always have, but we play hard and don't quit. That is why we earned a playoff spot for the first time in over a decade.
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