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  1. The Govs lose a lot of players to Maryville, Alcoa and Greenback. We have kids playing at all those schools. Makes me sick
  2. That is what happens when you turn the ball over five times against a good team. It's not a recipe for success when your defense is having to stay on the field and defend short fields against an offense that good. That Goodner is a big boy. He might put a scare in momma.
  3. Hunt is a very good player. Goodner is a beast too. Saw him driving guys into the dirt.
  4. We don't get home cooking at home. Anyone who says otherwise is living in fantasy. At one point they made efforts to get Knoxville refs to do our games because of how bad our officials were. Yes, we have bad refs. No, they don't benefit us. They are just bad
  5. We scored 17 and that was with us turning the ball over 5 times. But whatever
  6. Barney, I will ask about the stats. We actually made them punt early in the game and then we muffed the punt and gave them the ball right back. That was the moment our D got completely deflated. We had no success after that.
  7. You made a sh***y comment about us scoring on freshmen and how you had to call off the dogs yada yada. Again, not our fault you have no depth.
  8. Ask him about their lineman getting away with kicking one of our guys and how the refs missed a pass interference call that even Stevie Wonder would have seen on our first possession. I thought our coach was going to stroke out on that no call.
  9. How old are you? You sound like a 15-year-old. Your team won by 31 points and you are on here being classless and showing your arse. I'll go easy on you since you sound like a kid. I'll just say enjoy it because you guys are going to be in the basement after you lose these seniors. Y'all have no depth and it shows by the fact that you are angry that we actually scored two touchdowns in the second half on your backups. We had our starting running back and good linemen out tonight, one of which was our center and that is why we had bad snaps early on in the game. And yes, WB hasn't been getting many penalties at home or on the road. That has been one of our bright spots this season. One more thing, the Athens refs are renowned for being the worst around. So you guys have no room to talk. So enjoy your good season. We will probably beat y'all as bad or worse next year.
  10. They also had a lot of no calls that went in McMinn's favor like that missed pass interference on our opening drive.
  11. We knew going in that we needed a clean game to have a chance, and we came out and turned the ball over five times in the first half. That's not going to get it done against most teams, much less the #4 team in 6A. It was good to still see fight in our players after the game got out of hand though.
  12. Yes. We will need to get off to a better start if we want to have a chance. There's no doubt about that. Last year we took a shot downfield on the first play of the game against McMinn and the receiver caught the ball and quickly fumbled it away. We can't afford stuff like that.
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