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  1. JL103

    IMAC Conference

    Good breakdown. I hope Jeff Co can challenge Sevier for top spot
  2. Jeff Co. Just because I went there. Go Pats.
  3. JL103

    6A: Quads 1 & 2

    Why in the heck have quads when teams in the same conference play each other
  4. JL103

    6A Playoff After Week 9

    Quarels vs his alma mater. awkward.
  5. JL103

    2012 IMAC

    Should be a good game. Might get a chance to hear it.
  6. JL103

    2012 IMAC

    Atleast Jeff Co best East. Only SD remains.
  7. JL103

    2012 IMAC

    Wow, not smart.
  8. JL103

    2012 IMAC

    No please enlighten me
  9. JL103

    2012 IMAC

    Lol, so much for Jeff Co winning.
  10. JL103

    2012 IMAC

    My thoughts exactly. Go Patriots
  11. JL103

    2012 IMAC

    I hated that field when it was grass. Huge holes everywhere, I hope that was fixed.
  12. JL103

    2012 IMAC

    Well isn't that nice of them. I heard that stadium got turf.
  13. JL103

    D-B Band plays at halftime of UT football game

    They have always been large. But they use to sound like a smaller band.
  14. JL103

    2012 IMAC

    I just got back into the area. As a JCHS alum, it's awesome to see them winning again. Is next weeks game in Dandridge or is it at Morristown East, because West can't afford their own stadium.