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  1. Tues 1/22 Results in District 4-AAA (home team bold) Heritage 58, West 23 Bearden 57, Catholic 15 Farragut 48, William Blount 34 Hardin Valley 51, Lenoir City 50 District 4-AAA Standings 1) Maryville (10-1) 2) Bearden (9-2) 3) Farragut (9-3) William Blount (9-3) 5) West (6-5) 6) Heritage (5-7) 7) Hardin Valley (2-9) 8) Lenoir City (2-10) 9) Catholic (0-12) Fri 1/25 matchups in District 4-AAA West @ Bearden Catholic @ Hardin Valley Heritage @ Lenoir City William Blount @ Maryville
  2. Tues 1/22 final scores (home team bold) Bearden 80, Catholic 54 West 73, Heritage 53 Farragut 57, William Blount 55 Hardin Valley 62, Lenoir City 59 4-AAA Standings 1) Maryville (11-0) 2) Bearden (10-1) 3) West (8-3) 4) Catholic (8-4) 5) Farragut (5-7) William Blount (5-7) 7) Hardin Valley (4-7) 8) Lenoir City (1-11) 9) Heritage (0-12) Friday 1/25 matchups West @ Bearden Catholic @ Hardin Valley Heritage @ Lenoir City William Blount @ Maryville
  3. District 4 standings after tonight: 1) Maryville 8-1 2) William Blount 8-1 3) Bearden 6-2 4) Farragut 6-3 5) West 5-4 6) Heritage 3-6 7) Lenoir City 2-7 8) Hardin Valley 1-7 9) Catholic 0-8 Next week's matchups Tuesday 1/15 Lenoir City @ Farragut Hardin Valley @ Heritage Catholic @ Maryville Bearden @ William Blount Friday 1/18 Farragut @ Catholic West @ Hardin Valley Lenoir City @ Maryville Heritage @ William Blount
  4. All Knox County schools now have field turf thanks to the Haslam Family. If I didn't have somewhere else to be, which I'm grateful is the case, I think I'd be at Dan Boring next Friday. Additionally, it's a 1-sided facility at Central smack dab in the middle of a very neat Fountain City community.
  5. All I can say is WOW in regards to the locker room. Really appreciate the Ooltewah staff sending even more info than was requested to an out-of-town broadcaster. Very helpful and telling. Coach T visitors should enjoy an article from the Times Free Press by Davis Lundy (Gary's son for those in the Knoxville market) detailing the week-long preparation for Ooltewah leading up to its game with Cleveland this season: "A week inside the Ooltewah High School football program"
  6. At least the TSSAA didn't punish the basketball teams for the actions of the football teams as they did a year ago with Unaka.
  7. As it turns out Region 1 teams will redraw for their region schedule over the next 2 years. So maybe that will work out better where the Farragut-Bearden game is concerned. Thanks for the kind words and for listening. Tonight we've got a 1-hour pregame show (lots of series history stuff early in the hour) that will begin at 6 pm ahead of the 7 o'clock kickoff.
  8. I hate that this game is during fall break. And with likely no changes to Region 1's membership for the next 2 year cycle, I suspect the region schedule for all teams will remain constant.
  9. You're right, osunut. The first year for football at FHS was 1947, and it was mostly a "B" team schedule. There's an article in Clyde Floyd's Farragut Football Retrospective about kids in 1954 walking 3 miles to practice and those who couldn't attend the afternoon session during 2-a-days because they were needed to cut corn, take care of other farm chores or, in a couple of cases, worked as carpenters' helpers. Farragut remained a relatively small, country school through the middle 70s. The closest "big city" was Lenoir City. That's the background for how Farragut came to be derisively referred to as the "Farragut Farmers" by Bearden city folk. The tradition continues (though I wonder often times if either of the student bodies understand where it stems from) with farmer attire worn by the Farragut kids. Surprisingly, Bearden didn't field a football team until 1949. Speaking of Bearden, time to turn attention to the Battle of West Knoxville. It should be a dandy.
  10. I haven't heard anything yet. Like you, I'm hoping he can go this week, but if he can't, at least there's an open date that follows. While Gavin is the more pure passer and possesses the stronger arm, I have no doubt that Jake has the full confidence of his teammates and the coaching staff -- and plenty of confidence himself. He's been getting close to half the reps in practice all season long. Farragut's fortunate; who besides Maryville has such a capable backup? Technically, no. But without a win vs. the Hawks, the Tribe would need a serious upset along the lines of last year's Jefferson Co - Science Hill game in order to qualify. By the way, Blazer, I don't know if you intentionally dug that 11-year-old FHS-DB thread out of the deep, dark recesses of the CoachT archives, but it was both a pleasure to revisit some memories of a very special team and sobering to reflect on some beloved individuals in and around the Farragut program at that time that are no longer with us. Time flies. 11 years ain't what it used to be.
  11. Quite simply, we're all blessed to live in East Tennessee. As for the playoff picture, it's hardly as clear as a headwater creek. And last year's win by Jefferson County over Science Hill (completely changing the playoff positions) serves as a reminder that there are no givens. But if I had to guess where teams might finish with 3 weeks remaining, I think it's most likely that D-B takes the no. 3 seed. If so, that would have the Tribe almost certainly traveling to either the Owls' Nest or Bradley in the opening round. Hicks is a pretty special RB for D-B.
  12. I'll hopefully leave this to those more adept at making changes to final scores than me. Last night's score was incorrectly posted on CoachT as a 42-21 Farragut victory. It was instead 42-20 (TSSAA got a correct report). With other sites that have been longtime sources for folks who need to know becoming more scarce, Coach T's data base since '01 is more valuable than ever.
  13. I believe they're basing that scenario on overall record. Jefferson County would get the nod at 6-4. But a 4-way tie is a strange animal, and how the tie-breaker rules should be applied (given that Jeff Co would have lost to all the teams it's tied with) is less than clear with the TSSAA's wording in its regulations. ( http://tssaa.org/football-regulations/ ) It's an unlikely scenario I'm sure they'd (TSSAA) just as soon avoid. Depending, though, on one's interpretation of the tie-breaker regulations, I think Bearden could argue it should be the 4 seed (Jeff Co eliminated from the mix having lost to the 3 others it's tied with, and with no resulting head-to-head advantage among the remaining 3, Bearden would have the best overall record at 5-5). Jefferson County matched up much better with Science Hill. The Patriots are a "passing-challenged" offense.
  14. vs Farragut in '07 and Ooltewah in '08
  15. If the TSSAA were looking to make the event/weekend as special as possible for all involved in the state championships, the games should be at Vanderbilt. Wonder when Nashville last put in a bid (?). Cookeville folks are good hosts.
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