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  1. The stall ball strategy is exactly why a shot clock is needed in high school basketball. It was kind of ridiculous.
  2. I like Billy's as well. There is also The Other One right there in Grove Center very close to the high school. Awesome burgers!
  3. In case you're not familiar, the gym is actually around back of the school on a different street than GPS will take you. I tell people to put in Providence Road on their GPS and it will take them to the gym. I work next door and can't tell you how often we redirect lost souls. Enjoy! (and stop in at Big Ed's pizza while in Oak Ridge...it's awesome!)
  4. A fave quote of all BHS fans is "It's not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog!" I think last night the Dogs just wanted it more. Good for them!
  5. It is my understanding that a #10 FHS & a BHS player got physical after the play. Flag for FHS player. FHS player smarted off to Ref after 1st flag resulting in 2nd flag. He's a smartmouth kid who has gotten personal fouls in other games. Shame. He potentially lost his team the game.
  6. Best rivalry in Knoxville this week...Bearden v Farragut. Farragut is coming to Bearden 8-0 but with a couple of key injuries. Bearden is 6-1 coming off their bye week. Don't know about their injury status. Bearden hasn't beaten Farragut since 2012. (Best high school game I've ever seen, BHS came from behind and won in 3OT). What's the thought on this game? Who's your money on?
  7. Can't wait to see Bearden play Oak Ridge in Regional play. If I recall correctly, Oak Ridge has historically bested the Bulldogs. Thoughts on that matchup this season?
  8. A couple of their key players are under the weather but played anyway. Def not their best night but even battling flu & strep, they powered through and found a way to win.
  9. Hardin Valley is ranked 4th in state in AAA. They've been super strong all season...very consistent play. Farragut is having an off season and are currently ranked #47 in state. Heritage is ranked #21 and Oak Ridge is ranked #12. I know nothing about Heritage this year, havent seen them play. I think it'll be Hardin Valley and Oak Ridge in Regional finals match. I think Oak Ridge will play Hardin Valley hard but Hardin Valley will in all likelihood come out on top. Hardin Valley beat Oak Ridge 25-11, 25-13, 25-17 in regular season play.
  10. I posted this in another thread as well but here you go! AAA Region 2 tournament is tomorrow night at 5pm at Oak Ridge High School. Hardin Valley (#1 District 3) vs. Bearden (#2 District 4) and Oak Ridge (#1 District 4) vs. Heritage (#2 District 3) District 3 Rankings: (according to CoachT) Hardin Valley Heritage Lenoir City Farragut Maryville South Doyle William Blount District 4 Rankings: (according to CoachT) Oak Ridge Bearden West Campbell County Halls Karns Powell
  11. AAA Region 2 tournament is tomorrow night at 5pm at Oak Ridge High School. Hardin Valley (#1 District 3) vs. Bearden (#2 District 4) and Oak Ridge (#1 District 4) vs. Heritage (#2 District 3).
  12. Ruth has posted in the past as though she had absolute knowledge of a situation regarding K2 and coaching high school teams and it turned out she had no idea what she was talking about. I take everything she posts with a grain. Please stop posting rumors and innuendo and stick to topics of which you have actual fact. I have no affiliation with this high school nor with this club, I just get tired of reading all of her conspiracy theory threads.
  13. Am I hearing correctly that Maryville has had to vacate some district wins for player ineligibility? I heard that one of the two players who transferred from Bearden was deemed ineligible to play.
  14. He was discharged from hospital last night. From what I was told, he was knocked out for a bit on field. Someone who would know told me that he has a history of concussions and suffered another last night. Best wishes for a speedy recovery to that young man.
  15. Her arrogance is unreal. While I would hate it for the girls, I hope something happens to Maryville just to put Ruth in her place. I'm all for good competition but good grief...we're talking about high school volleyball.
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