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  1. When will interviews begin? Surely they want a coach in place before the Spring term begins. Must find someone to bring continuity. 5 years and 5 coaches. Unbelievable lack of leadership.
  2. Rhea County is a good running football team. That should always scare you as a defense. However, Powell has too much firepower and a great QB. Im taking Powell 42 Rhea 13
  3. West has played some good football this year. They rolled the dice versus a good Powell bunch for their only loss of the year. It'll be interesting to see how the 5A eastern part of the bracket works out this year. Lots of good teams: Central, Powell, West, South-Doyle, Oak Ridge, Gibbs. Hopefully one of them will take a Gold Ball back East. Odds are in this one that Oak Ridge will outlast West. West's RB shows up to some games and doesn't to others. Seems like he gets "injured" in every game. Also, it proves difficult to beat the same team twice in one season, as well. Nonetheless, it should be an excellent matchup.
  4. Outside of the William Blount win last week, DB seems to be on a bit of a slide. I do know they played Alcoa to round out the season, however. It seems that Bearden is peaking at the right time. McMinn was a tough team all year. What are the predicted scores for this game? Should be an interesting one. I'll be attending Powell v Rhea County to see how good the Panthers actually are. Good luck to all teams playing this week and beyond.
  5. Farragut played Maryville within 10 points in the last meeting. I hear Maryville was missing some key defensive starters, however. What are the predicted scores for this one? Farragut absolutely undressed Bradley Central last week. Bradley has athletes all over the field but never seem to put it all together. Some nights they decide to show up, others they shouldn't even get off the bus. Maryville has cruised to this point but always seem to play Farragut tight (relatively speaking).
  6. Everyone knows HTV must always have the last say.
  7. Probably didn't realize that the "multiplier" was going to take place before deciding to make the jump to 5A. But they did and they've suffered.
  8. Yeah, not sure about that one. The "travel" excuse is used too often. Lots of teams have to travel substantial distances for region games.
  9. My apologies BCB-MVP. I knew something didn't feel right in this thread!
  10. There are some very quality football coaches in that area and even on that staff that Lincoln Co administration should take a hard look at before opening it up to the entire state or region. You could win there with the correct supports in place. Obviously it has been done before.
  11. And to be honest, this is where they belong. Fulton most likely wanted to be in 5A to avoid Catholic, but Catholic ended up there anyways with the multiplier before moving to DII.
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