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  1. Congrats to Powell and Matt Lowe's hand picked team of recruits. Gotta love the cheating to win!
  2. Karns gets smoked. Defense can't stop WingT. Brad not savvy enough to get DeSean in open space.
  3. Mo East takes care of business in this one.
  4. Highly likely, I am in a variety of threads and have spoken on many topics. Good for you for knowing "coup d'etat" though!
  5. Understood, my apologies, Knox.
  6. I am only the mighty czar, my guy.
  7. @oridgecat was the one to hashtag this, man. I am just on here to follow recruiting for my job.
  8. @RealNews865 This was the first place I heard about Blackheart.
  9. Buddy, I have been on the T since I moved here and started working for a local station. I did forget my password to my old account, however.
  10. This is shaping up to be an absolutely huge deal. The team has been playing football for over 90 years and has not secured a playoff victory. I am very excited about the Karns v Walker Valley throw down.
  11. Having spoken with some people close to the Karns program and in the school administration, it is their belief that this is the first time Karns has hosted a playoff game since the school started playing football around the year 1930. They first qualified for the playoffs in 1996, according to historical data provided in the school library, when they had a contest against Dobyns Bennett from Kingsport. Prior to that, they played Bowl Games but not official post season games competing in the state playoffs. Again, all of this is provided in the school library and archives.
  12. Spoke to Brad about this a few weeks ago at the KHS v ORHS Thursday Night Game and he felt that it was important to #1 Win (obviously) and their best chance to do that was to give Bishop as many touches as possible. I think that is evident in his touch count and the way they have designed their offense. I would expect his recruitment to really sky rocket (more than it already has) at the conclusion of this season and as he prepares for his senior year. I know that through speaking with people close the UTAD and Football Ops Dept, that Heupel, Golesh and Jerry Mack are very high on him.
  13. Brad plans to give him at least 40 touches. He will get to 3000 on Friday. He was a player of the game for one of my broadcasts (not surprising) and he was special. Look forward to seeing if he can beat Jalen's record.
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