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  1. Remember when you pass Opie's Auto on the right going out 321 your only 2 miles from Heritage on the left.
  2. That Shadowens man is on every official in Tennessee High School Footballs S### list and it might be a good thing he is in the press box instead of on the field making matters worse for the team making it 11 on 11 instead of 11 against 16.
  3. I watched the replay of the game from Friday Night to try and get a finger on what the problems are this year at GCA. I followed GCA close two and three years ago when my nephew played there and enjoyed every minute. There are still a few players left from two years ago that I remember well. GCA has some very good players but as a team aren't playing as well. Seems like they still have trouble with teams with blazing speed from what I saw. I watched the Alcoa, Webb and Notre Dame games and all three were so one sided it reminded me of watching a Heritage High game. Much as I enjoyed going to all those GCA games and not having family there anymore I came back to watch Maryville as to see a team struggle for a .500 record and this year is even worse and I can't understand why. Even living here in Maryville I've heard a few whispers about the program that caught a breeze from Knoxville and blew this way. Just hate it with all my heart the team is going through so much and do miss all the great people I met there.
  4. I'm just curious if their going to have a bowl game again this year at GCA with two teams with the worst records to have a chance at a possible win. HTV would be the only person I'm aware of that could possibly know,
  5. Someone needs to cancel the order for the new hats for the fans of WB after last nights surprising win. They won't need them anymore.
  6. Very surprised with the game last night. Also was surprised the concession stand had Chick Fil A's left when I arrived but one of my sandwiches I believe was the Rooster.
  7. Well finally WB did something I said at the first of the season. If they really want it bad enough they can win two more games than the 3-7 record I projected. That was a great comeback effort by McMinn in the end but why in the world did they not do an on side kick with 1:42 to go instead of kicking it with no timeouts left. Hopefully Bradley Central will take the Govs lightly next week and they can go 5-5. Shad for mayor of Alnwick if they do.
  8. Poacher, isn't it funny when things aren't going just right it's got something to do with Maryville. To have so much information and to do so much research on how many players and percentages of kids are juniors and seniors it sounds as if Maryville is living rent free in someone's head. WB is very fortunate to have a great Middle School program like they have had the past few years only to be wasted at the high school level. WB reminds me of Hardee's, everything is made from scratch then someone grabs the biscuits out of the oven and drops them all on the floor and we start all over and do it again.
  9. Bradley by 50 tonight. Remember there are only two more episodes of The Twilight Zone left to watch after tonight for the Heritage Fans.
  10. My personal opinion is the young man is a very tough runner and I could tell he was missed very badly in the games he has been out, Don't see WB having a chance in this one at all without him. Hope I'm wrong. After seeing LC win over Stone Memorial pretty big that may be their only hope to meet my season beginning guess they would come in at 3-7 and better things maybe for next year. From what I do see the play has gotten much worse the second half than the first of the season making me really wonder now about that last game. After this season the big heads at WB are going to need to set down and ask each other if we're going in the right direction. Is the future of WB football going to be signing up two lower class teams and their brother from another mother across town for their only possible wins each year or will they all eat another piece of BS Pie and keep going down the same road hoping for different results.
  11. I save the Shrimp for the State Championship game if we make it.
  12. Going to be much cooler this week for a change. Not sure if I'll go as Beef or the Chicken this week.
  13. Why is it when I see the word blowout I think of Taco Bell.
  14. SELFISH!!!! One thing to remember in all this is that Blount Co. has NEVER fired a coach since consolidation....all have left "on their own"... even Tommy Rewis and Farmer Fickert.... I need to go get a glass of water.... Speaking of Tommy, wonder how him and his 18 year old bride and their new baby are doing.
  15. Jake here is the real skinny. Blount County has grown leaps and bounds from people moving here due to feeling over taxed as one of the major reasons they came. In order to have the things we need it has to be paid for by taxes which in all reality we're very under taxed compared to the rest of the nation. That is a very hard thing to say around here because the people of this county would show up like a lynch mob at the courthouse if they even mentioned taxing us an extra $35 for something when in all actuality property taxes would have to be trippeled to get out of the mess we're going to meet down the road at sometime. There is no leader in Blount County under the sun going to do that and miss out on the gravy train of what they make. Blount County has a mindset that because it's new there will never be any upkeep and Maryville isn't doing to good of a job of that either as of lately. If you don't believe me take a real good look at our football stadium the next time your there. If I were building a house in Maryville I would have someone from the city with their head up my b u t t so far during the whole process they would have to part their hair on the other side for me to be able to take a crap. The houses being built isn't the city or counties venture. Those are private companies that are building these homes and have no ties to the local government. If any of those developments were turned down for any lame reason expect a major lawsuit they don't need. Q post of the day, watch what happens to Blount County over the Best Road situation and what it's fixing to cost in legal fees.
  16. I talked to someone this morning that is in the know and they told me Blount County should have a public open house and let the public take a tour of the two high schools to see the terrible shape their in. They also said there will never be a school at Carpenters because they can't even fix the other two schools they have. The only way to save Blount County School system in the end is to eventually do what they did in Knoxville and run as one school system or they will bankrupt eventually.
  17. Hope you all take it easy on Heritage and let everyone play.
  18. Due to watching CNN last week they reported WB took the whole week off but Fox News reported they did get two days in which is good. Hopefully with a week off and some good rest to any injured players the Govs will be ready for the Men from Mayfields out of McMinn County this week.
  19. A lot of people don't know this but I also made a 36 on the ACT. I took it four times and made a 9 each time giving me a 36. That should be a lesson for everyone not to judge a book by it's cover.
  20. My Parents went to Everett and sent me to Maryville because they felt I would receive a Higher Education.
  21. Football is the big drawing card that helps fund the other sports that don't make money. I really enjoy watching Alcoa replays on Diamond Clear and seeing all the kids play every week but most of the games the visitor side looks like a crowd for a pee wee game. Alcoa is no different than any other school unless they really have money coming out of the wazoo.
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