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  1. django


    Coincidence that after his top two assistants leave , everything crumbles? I think not. Ask anyone in the know who did all the work during that run they had, and I guarantee you the answer would not be the head coach. Both of those assistants that left are 5-2 right now to his 2-5. Is that a coincidence? Seems to me sometimes you should be grateful for good help, but some people clearly aren't and run the good ones off. That's a sinking ship that I strongly suggest anyone involved jump off of as soon as possible.
  2. django

    NCS @ CA

    If NCS let him go over $, then absolute shame on them. Like previous posters said, why would he leave a much lesser program at the end of the school year? Clarksville is lucky to have him, I definitely know that. Hopefully someone can give more insight on it, because so far it looks like NCS has taken a huge blow.
  3. Wow, seems like a great hire for CA. How did they ever convince him away from NCS?
  4. How is JDS as a coach? What's the new staff look like?
  5. Any closer to a hire on the new coaching search??
  6. If who I think may be getting the job actually gets the job,,, watch out. CA may dominate for some time if the correct hire is made.
  7. Anybody know who will be interviewing for or moving up on staff as the new hc at CA?
  8. django

    NCS 2017

    Would not surprise me if one of them got a head coaching job soon.
  9. django

    NCS 2017

    BTW, I think they have a couple of coaches that, if they leave this year, ncs could be hurting a little bit. Hope they don't, but hopefully they take care of the good ones.
  10. django

    NCS 2017

    Could be one of their better defenses. And they've had some really good ones. Having 9 out of 11 starters back on a d that's really solid can't hurt. I'm just teasing you boys, I know y'all love NCS and I can't blame you, they've have some great success.
  11. django

    NCS 2017

    It sounds like no need to coach them up this year. You boys already have it figured out. I have a feeling the NCS coaches think long and hard about these things, especially on the defensive side of the ball.
  12. They need to do an ESPN 30 for 30 on that family. That's incredible that that many great athletes have come out of the same family. I have tremendous respect for all of the Harpers, let alone all of the boys that have busted their butts in the weight room and on the practice field for TC. I k is because I played against them.
  13. Gotta be one of the Mr Harper's sons. Am I correct? By the way, those Harper's from the.later 90's were some of the best hs football players I've ever seen.
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