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  1. Good. He will see or would have seen 3 Oakland guys right there to tackle they player that picked up the fumble. That play picks up 3 more yards at best
  2. But everyone said all week leading up to the game, WH has superior talent. Look at all the D1 offers. I guess CKC coached 'em up this time huh?
  3. The fact of the matter is CKC is .500 versus Maryville. The defense let Oakland down against Whitehaven and destroyed very team on the schedule with a good Oline and QB. Kiss the ring, we are the champs!
  4. My point is whatever the HIGHEST classification is, Oakland has 4. That is fact!!!
  5. I was a little disappointed that WH band stopped playing for us Oakland Patriots midway through the 3rd! We were trying to party and your band was so good! Tell them thanks, the Pats appreciated it
  6. Did you come to the Maryville game at home or see how Oakland traveled to MJ?
  8. Paper said 2000. Last time in the playoffs was 1995
  9. Again from what is circulating, Bishop wanted to stay but mom said he was living with her. IF that is the case, why should the child be punished for the actions of adults. I think TSSAA is wrong in a lot of areas. I think this is not one of them
  10. To play devils advocate here, how do you know what is going on with these players that transferred? I have heard a lot of things about Bishop leaving and that his parents divorced. The kid didn't want to leave. I have no idea if that is true or not. I do know that if the kids that elect to leave aren't happy, they can and should transfer if the family follows the rules set up by TSSAA. To say there isn't a reset button in life, give me a break! There isn't a person on coacht that hasn't left a job because they were unhappy. It happens! Sounds to me like some folks may be unhappy that little Johnny got demoted because of a transfer
  11. The thing about the 4th and 1 is the MJ RB never got back to the line of scrimmage. Perry worked that official into a favorable spot. That same guy also gave MJ a favorable spot on what should have been a safety. Oakland got the W nonetheless. Pats move on!
  12. Just saw a Mt. Juliet student was killed last night. He was a student at Oakland and on the team earlier in the year. Thoughts and prayers for the family family.
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