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  1. I agree with all you;re comment.I know some fans in both fan bases can make other fan bases sick of them,But the fact is DB and now Greeneville has proving there 2 of the top if not the top 2 teams in NE TENN.And true football fans have to RESPECT what both have done.Yea,They both play in a weck conf,But both were winning back when they where in better ones.Like DB being in the old BIG EAST.But nethier team can contral whos in the cof now,Its up to the enrollment and what the TSSAA puts you in.For now it is what it is,But i wish DB would be put back into a stronger conf and im sure Greeneville folks would say the same.But until that happens i see NE TENN teams coming up short vs other teams though out the state.Greeneville has adjusted alot better than DB has.But the 1 and done sayin and the talk about DB not winning one on the field is burn out.Greeneville has showed they can win a gold ball but other than them theres no other fan bases that have anything to say when there not winning none ethier..Much RESPECT to GREENEVILLE and there program and what they have done..But you got A**HOLE fans in every fan base.And as far as me being a DB fan i have nothing against G-VILLE,Cause other than a scrimmage we dont play each other.The only time i will say anything about G-VILLE is when one of them A**HOLE fans start running off at the mouth.And then and only then is when ill reply,And when i do i will use nothing but FACTS.Anyway,Good luck to you're DEVILS this yr and hope they end up how you hope they do,And ill be watching from afar and hope that another NE TENN team makes the rest of the state know we can play ball on this side of the state too.And see that us folks over this way arnt abunch of hillbillies and know we like to see other NE TENN teams do well instead of talking crap back and forth.
  2. Sorry about the comment i made,Im going to take it off.Its funny to me,Some of you lil devils fans want to talk trash and cant handle it when its talked to yall.But reading some of his post im sure he aint much over 16 if that old.I just blowed my top.I aint a hater,Hope you're lil devils do what youd like to see.Im out,And ROLL TRIBE ROLL and WE R DUKE!!!!!!

    1. adamr6999


      You need to watch your darn mouth son

    2. IamDBman
    3. IamDBman


      adamr6999 you a funny little man!!..And you need to watch who you're talking like that to SON!!!

  3. There goin to do great.Just hope you're lil vols dont turn out to be all hype again.And hope coach jones is as good as yall vol fans think he will,He did come from the WEAK BIG EAST and the bearcats.I dont know how that makes him much different than dooley.And was just wondering,Did dooley go back to MAYBERRY?I think yall should have gave OTIS a try.Later BVD
  4. Have a good season lil man,And hope everything works out for you're lil devils!
  5. LOL,Theres more to a game other than passing.And you should know that just because a team does something one time dont mean they could do it again. JUST SAYIN
  7. Ill say EHS 40-7,HV 21-14,THS 35-6,DC 14-7,SEY 28-14,SS 28-14,HAMP 28-21
  8. Dont read to much into that scrimmage they had with North,UCounty and DB.I'm sure them lil rebs will have a good season this yr in 4A but letz not start talking out our heads now.Just because DB had bad scrimmages vs MARYVILLE(#1 preseason rank in 6A and Greeneville (Ranked in top 5 in 4A)..As seen in the past,Just because other schools have beaten them in a scrimmage dont mean them lil rebs could beat them.Everybody knows them lil rebs are DB'S REDHEADED STEP CHILD.LOL
  9. So let me ask you,If Greeneville dont win the state title this yr are you sayin that this team was a BUST?..Cause the way you're typing it seems like that would be the case.And if they lost in the playoffs then i guess you can use the same talk that is used about DB and the playoffs right?A great season but nothing to show for it.JUST SAYIN SLICK!
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