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  1. crawdad

    Marshall County @ Shelbyville

    When will the Gold kid be back for MC? Is he playing FS or SS this year?
  2. crawdad

    Sullivan South - Sullivan Co. Football

    South wins the Civil War. Coach Garvin takes no prisoners.
  3. crawdad


    Is there a kid on the Marshall County team named Gold. Is he expected to play any? I think he should be a sophomore this year and either a WR/QB? I may drive down from Kingsport for the Giles Co. game. Will it be a blow out? Relatives of mine from both Pulaski and Lewisburg.
  4. crawdad

    Mairvul goes upp two Dobbuns Bent-It

    Would love to see you guys...looking forward to seeing the Red Rebels. Football junkies have to appreciate the way that program operates season to season as well as play to play, regardless of who you cheer for. Hope yuns round up sum good vittles while up here!
  5. crawdad

    Mairvul goes upp two Dobbuns Bent-It

    I'm making the trip to J Fred tonight. Excited for several reasons: 1) to participate in the checkerboard of the stadium 2) to see the DB band 3) to help tear down the goalposts 4) to see Stars' truck and ride down Broad St. with him and Momma It should be a great night in Kingsport for this ole Southern Bell Ringer!
  6. crawdad

    Sullivan South @ Tennessee High

    But which team wins b1s?
  7. crawdad

    Sullivan South @ Tennessee High

    yes, I was referring to execution of the snap and hold. The PKer looked like he had plenty of leg.
  8. crawdad

    Sullivan South @ Tennessee High

    I like this, but Vikes will not need to go for 2. Vikes 7 Rebs 6
  9. crawdad

    Boone @ South - season opener Aug 19

    Boone's QB was very impressive. They have a chance to be balanced on offense especially if they'll mix up their formations a little more and not show run all the time from those power I sets. They can have a good season. Congrats on the win Blazers. South's defensive front played well. Secondary is young and will need to learn quickly. The offense is going to be very limited. I hope they spend more time on special teams play. Every phase was below average in execution. If you're lacking in team talent, you simply cannot give up big plays on special teams.
  10. crawdad

    Boone @ South - season opener Aug 19

    Openers don't define the season, but they sure set the tone. If either of these programs have any hope of making the playoffs this year, they'll have to win this one. It will be an uphill battle to salvage anything respectable for the loser. I've always believed scrimmaging up will prepare a team better for the season, provided there aren't a rash of injuries and the kids don't get too discouraged. If that's indeed the case, advantage to Boone for going against Greenies.
  11. crawdad

    Dobyns-Bennett Football 2016

    Very nice, but those folks in Kingsport are going to hit you with a wheel tax.
  12. crawdad

    Dobyns-Bennett Football 2016

    I'm coming to the Eastman Big House for the Red Rebels game. Hoping Stars has a cherry picker mounted on his garbage truck so we can see from the other side. I'm sure those seats up top are too expensive for me. City taxes are keeping me broke.
  13. crawdad

    Boone @ South - season opener Aug 19

    i don't believe CJJ would let you negotiate for him, blazer. No offense intended! But the Rebels would be overjoyed to take the points and start at the 20 the one time the Blazers kick off.
  14. crawdad

    Boone @ South - season opener Aug 19

    haha...I got caught behind Momma Stars at the concession stand
  15. crawdad

    Boone @ South - season opener Aug 19

    Rebels will have a tough time containing that Turner kid. He is a beast. Hopefully they will try to run away from him.