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  1. Yeah, I figured they would be talking about the other coach in West Tennessee. The one we all may can see leaving his school.
  2. I don't know who is giving out titles as his son is the #2 QB in the Class of whatever. It's not a fair expectation for anybody, especially for his son. If his son were to go to a camp and did well, and potentially was the second best QB at that camp in his graduating class, does not mean he is overall the 2nd best QB in the class of 2026. Someone gave that expectation to another QB at a "Nashville area" school and he hasn't panned out anywhere to being the "best QB in the class of 2024." But giving that QB that title has put way too much confidence into him where he is a little too cocky for himself (not referring to Jackson). With that being said, I saw his son play at the middle school level and he's good. But at this point in his career, saying he's the #2 QB in 2026 is a reach. Unless it was garbaged time, he hasn't played a snap on Friday night. He is not the second best QB in 2026. I'm more disappointed that someone gave him that title...
  3. DB swiped right on the Tinder portal, and BOOM!, the made to be! The love is real around the Holidays!
  4. Haywood needs to play Bartlett, Briarcrest, Brentwood, Ravenwood, MBA, etc. It's time for Haywood to step up their game scheduling. North Side, South Gibson, Milan just played y'all in region and didn't win a single game. Dyersburg wouldn't be much of a game, and Covington doesn't have the athletes to compare. Giving the past 3 scores between Milan and Haywood, it would be ridiculous for the Bulldogs to play Haywood knowing they're going to be in the toughest region in West Tennessee (and potentially the state). "When you're the smartest one in the room, you're in the wrong room." Haywood has ran it course scheduling local teams in West Tennessee. No benefit for either team. Sorry Haywood has scheduling issues, but this one is on the Tomcats for not scheduling teams in Middle Tennessee and the 6A schools in Memphis, and not scheduling games at an earlier date. Seems like y'all were late to the party on finding teams.
  5. In today's world, High School baseball coaches are set up to fail from the beginning. All high school football players have is their game film and camps to showcase their talent. There's not a "winter/spring travel league" for high school football players. With that, the HS football coaches have full control of their players. In addition, many college football coaches are inside the schools recruiting their players (that are seniors or younger players). That is currently happening right now. College football coaches are inside the high schools today. So the answer, I'm going to lean yes. If a high school player isn't focused on playing for the high school that he represents, and cares truly about his high school, then I'm probably not going to sit there and send information out to that player to colleges. I think kids care more about their summer league than their high school team, which is painful to say really. What's odd is high school players thinking that playing "more baseball" is going to get them to college baseball, and that's not true. What will get that kid to college baseball is lifting and working on their bodies to improve. Playing 30-35 High school baseball games, 60+ summer games, and not doing any offseason workouts on their own, is not going to get a kid to college.
  6. Absolutely agree. The offense at North Side shouldn't be run, run, run, screen/bubble pass, then let throw a ball 30 yards down field randomly, run, run, run etc.. The players got bored with Powell. It was just "meh" and he didn't treat he colleges and game officials with proper respect.
  7. True! Again, I think he’ll be fine at North Side. The switch will help as he heads to a school with some sort of expectation. I didn’t watch FW last year, but just figured that he was good enough of a coach to send his team to the playoffs, regardless of the scarcity of talent that he made had to deal with. The region that he is in now is a tough region. Playing against 3 pretty good teams, and will fight with Chester and South Side. It’ll be interesting to see!
  8. Morgan Cruce is moving again. The Brighton head coaching job is open
  9. Depends on how you view Bolivar. The guy at Bolivar who replaced Lowe resigned late into the offseason, and left Bolivar scrambling to find a coach. Bolivar has been dealing with some bad luck due to recent coaches resigning late into the offseason. Lowe resigned from that postition in April. I think Lowe will be fine, he’ll be at a school that’s a better job than the other two. Just saying if there was a list of teams that were disappointing to me, Fayette Ware would be on that list. Reason why because I would expect them to make the playoffs in 2021 and/or 2022 due to his region competition didn’t play in 2020 due to Covid. He may not have the riches of players in Somerville, but I’m certainly positive he had enough to get the job done.
  10. True, I forgot about Bo until right after I posted that.
  11. Fayette Ware? Yes Bolivar? it's a bottom feeder program because they don't support their athletics other than basketball. I haven't seen them in a while to answer that question. His teams still should be able to beat majority of those teams in Region 8-4A to make the playoffs (Melrose, Craigmont, Ridgeway, Wooddale, and Kirby). Michael Hodum went to Fayette Ware (I think he was there only for the 2018 season) and finished 8-3. Point being: you can win at Fayette Ware.
  12. He's going to have to win my over. Spent 8 years combined at Fayette Ware and Bolivar, and has failed to win a playoff (0-4). I think he left Bolivar on "not so good" terms. He didn't do anything at Fayette Ware in a region where we could easily win because region 8-4A has been a dreadful region over the past two seasons. Again, he's going to have to win me over for this position.
  13. Woodrow Lowe is the new coach. Spent time at Bolivar and Fayette Ware.
  14. The Lady Vols are horrible. They have played some quality teams. Sadly, they don't have a quality win yet on their schedule, and they have Stanford next Sunday.
  15. And that's why I do believe having it at Jackson would be the best chance for Jackson to host something. I'm fine with football being in Chattanooga as long as each portion of the state host something type of Championship. Now, track would have to go to USJ, but each high school would at least get to host some sport, which would be a win/win for them and the city.
  16. Memphis can't have the state championship for football for two reasons: 1) if the Memphis Tigers finish first in their conference, they can host their conference championship game. That game will be on the same weekend as the TSSAA state championships. 2) locker room space. There's only two locker rooms inside the Liberty Bowl. There's not enough space to store a team that plays in the following game. I'm curious to see how MTSU handled that, I'm sure they sent teams inside the Murphy Center. For West Tennessee to host a state championship, they can host spring fling and have their baseball/softball games at the high schools in Jackson. The "championship game" will be at the Ballpark (Diamond Jaxx/Generals stadium) and softball/soccer champion games at Union University. Jackson can defiantly host the spring fling.
  17. The loopholes around this is going to be crazy. The TSSAA did this so they don't have to go to court.
  18. Does anybody have the link that can send me to the TSSAA website so I can look at schedules?
  19. Thank you for doing the list! Hope everybody have a good time at the All-Star game Friday night at USJ!
  20. I won't go that far unless there are weeks where it's strictly region games (example: the last week of the regular season). I think schools are starting to prefer to have their Thursday game against teams that are preferably the closest to their school, but I could be wrong.
  21. It maybe $400 in the hole before his/her first game. However, that money can quickly be recouped by doing developmental games. Even if that person buys $400 dollars worth of equipment to start out, he's not going to spend $400 dollars on equipment in year 2. He/she will still wear the same shirt/pants/shoes. I'm sure baseball umpires spend close to $500-$700 dollars in equipment to start their officiating career. Is that a lot of money to begin? Yes. But I'm sure he/she can wear the same shin guards, facemasks, pants, etc. for several years. If they have the luxury of umpiring 25 baseball games during the season, he/she can make close to $2,500. Not to mention the potential opportunity for baseball during the middle school season (in West Tennessee they begin that in February), and a handful of travel ball tournaments throughout the spring, summer, and, fall months. So they have the chance to rack up a lot of money if they work the games. I'm sure we have several basketball officials working both middle school and high school seasons. Middle school plays on Monday/Thursday, and High School plays on Tuesday/Friday. Not to mention holiday classics/tournaments and Saturday games. Basketball season runs 3-4 months, so they can make that money back in like 5-6 nights they work. I say let the TSSAA give each "new" official a $300 gift card to whatever store they purchased their equipment from. That's a start.
  22. I agreed, it gives fans more opportunity to watch football. It also gives the players a chance to take the following Friday off. I don't think the state will be in charge of it, it now goes to the local association.
  23. And just for a heads up, Thursday night games will be here for a while, unless there is drastic change.
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