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  1. because she committed as a sophomore in high school
  2. If we come on here and debate another position, this does not mean the idea is stupid. The volleyball part of this will not contain quality competitive players unless K2 and kva close. All the great players in our area play for K2 and they will not be driving to powell to practice volleyball. The are not enough great volleyball players in our area in the first place. say what you want about k2 and their business protocol, they have great coaches and great players. The new club (if it ever happens) will be another cbfo. I don't think it ever happens. Not a stupid idea just my stupid opinion.
  3. Sorry. Have a lot going on right now with travel volleyball and work. Here is the The Bearden story. There were 4 applications put in. There were a lot of others interested but too afraid to throw their name in the hat. They didn't like how the old coach left the team and thought it would be a tough job to bring back to good status. One person picked the coach. I think Zack will do a great job and the help of his assistant will be perfect. Dave had nothing what so ever to do with this pick. They didn't even ask his opinion. ScottRoss...Post #67 asks you a question. You never responded. Why not? You brought up the idea and then when someone asks you about it you go silent. Kind of funny.
  4. That is a really nice place. I'm trying to figure out why there??? So out of the way. We have so many good spots to do that here. Can't figure it out. If you want to see a nice facility go to this link. I know it is way over kill for our area but how awesome. http://www.upwardstarcenter.com/
  5. clubonly. you have talked about people mentioning names on here and how bad that is, yet you continue to state the names of J and Chris in your last 3 post. I don't understand. You either think it's ok to mention names or not ok. Which is it. Also. You think that the only team at K2 that's any good is the upcoming 16's?? You need to do some more homework. The club is full of great teams. My daughters team isn't even the best team in the club. The 12's and 13's are probably the best. So the system does work for those who are willing to let coaches do their thing. The system is NOT for everyone. That I agree on. KVA is a great club for the people that don't like the K2 system. That is also good for K2. You always want Only the people that buy into your system to be a part of it. If you don't then those that don't buy in will be "bad apples" and always try to be negative. KVA and K2 are good for each other. They give the girls in Knoxville a choice. Choice is always good.
  6. clubonly. Most of us know why KVA was created. The director of KVA knows why he did what he did. The true reason of course he would never tell you or any of the others, but he knows why he did it. I also think that he/she can do what ever they want. I'm not saying their reason for starting KVA was wrong. I and others on here just exposing why KVA was started. It's kinda like in politics. They tell you what you want to here but in the back of their minds they have their own agenda that only a very few know about. Not saying that's wrong or right just exposing it. You chose
  7. OOOOOOOO. This is very surprising to me. I thought you were part of the club. Thanks for noting this. I bet a lot of people felt like me. I like your post and your insight. It takes a whole new meaning now too. Did your daughter play there?
  8. That's what I'm hearing too. Hardangle and K2R said that the CAK job was going to open up. Anyone hear an update on this position?
  9. BBV. By getting no response out of volleysoccerdad, it looks like he gets your point. You did a good job pointing out what "talent" really means. We all (except volleydad) knew what you ment. Just like we know what Beachboy means. Most of us on here understand the game. Some times you just have to teach people what others know and understand. Good job. Also Good job trying to keep this volleyball board on task. I know you aren't a moderator but you do a great job. Thanks for caring about our sport..
  10. Volleysoccerdad. Hate to say it but BBV and hardangle are right. There's no way around the thought process. BBV has a great point when he/she talks about ApSt. No they didn't have more talent they just pulled the upset. Just like Catholic did this year. They pulled upsets. Hard nose players and good coaching will do that every once in a while.
  11. The Bearden job will be picked in the next 2 months. The old coach has NO say so in who gets it. One outsider will help them pick the right person. I have faith in that insider.
  12. VSD...If you are saying people that don't go to Catholic are outsiders then that would be me. I have talked to several parents that have children at Catholic. They all have children on the volleyball team. I am "assuming" what they are telling is true. I have no reason to think they are lying. Especially when they all say the same thing. Just as BBV states. After talking to 4 sets of parents and after them telling me the same thing (about how great it was to have Coach Garland) I would "CONCLUDE" that he did a lot for the program and for the girls. But I am an outsiders so take it for what its worth.
  13. k2r. Go back and read post #24 on this topic. If you can't figure it out by that post then (as we say here in the south) bless your heart!!
  14. Hardangle. Will you PLEASE tell k2r what the agenda is/was? I'm not going to do it again.
  15. Bearden didn't hire anyone. The rumors are terrible. Bearden has a good hold on what they are doing. Don't worry
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