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  1. I remember a football game being played at Jasper a few years back. The visiting team was whooping up on them Warriors so badly, they ran out of P.A. announcers.
  2. You get what you pay for ST. If I had your money I could throw mine away.
  3. They didn't want you to watch it. End of story.
  4. Reminiscent of Popeye and his can of spinach. Once it was opened, Popeye ruled the day. I am what I am and that's what I am. Class 1A State champion Pirates is what I am. Great job South Pittsburg!!
  5. Thank you Coach. I gave it my best shot guys. Just a wee bit short. That's what she said. Good job everyone. I enjoyed it. I'll be back. Bigger, better, stronger. Have a blessed Christmas season.
  6. I got my picks in. Regardless how this turns out, just know, I've had a ton of fun. @CoachT will you be doing an update at the end of each day? Or wait until the conclusion of all 3 days?
  7. It was nothing spectacular at all. Just a decent week. Still 1 game back. Round 4 results: W-L: 9-3 Dawgs: 2-0 (East Nash, East Rob) Games decided <8: 2-1 Rank: 4 GB: 1 Analysis: I've been riding with Houston all year. I abandon them and paid the price. I'm still in the mix being just 1 game back, but I'm once again staring at the back of 3rd and long. Dude just won't get out of my way. 9 games to go. I need an early Christmas miracle. I need to find 2 dogs no one cares to take in or even wants. 2 dogs, even if they're mutts. Let's go to the dog pound and see what's available. Good luck pickers.
  8. I had another good week. Not great by any means, but a good week. I got lucky a bit and moved up 3 spots and gained 1 game. Here's how it breaks down. Round 3 Results: W-L: 25-5 Dawgs: 3-1 (Houston, Southwind, Giles) - (Union City) Games decided <8: 6-2 Rank: 3 GB: 1 Analysis: Not bad as I have already mentioned above. I gained back the 3 spots I lost last week (23-4). Picked up 1 game. I hit on 3 of 4 dogs, and 6 of 8 games that were decided by less than 8. Those aren't bad ratios. I was lucky enough to position myself a little better and am gonna try and make a final push this week. I believe there are 12 DI games being played Friday. I need to find 3 to 4 good dogs. Let's go hunting.
  9. I've only got 4 dawgs, but 2 are of the single digit variety. If a person wanted to make a move towards the top, this was the week to do so. Next week there will only be 12 games, 2 per DI Class. Followed by the nine championship games. Good luck pickers.
  10. I'm fixing to make my picks. I believe I'll turn a couple yuge dogs loose this week. See if I can't steal this thing.
  11. My week 2 of the playoffs is as follows, if anyone cares to follow. Second Round Results: W-L: 23-4 Dawgs: 5-1 (Bearden, Centennial, Marshall, ER, UC) - (Bledsoe) Games decided <8: 4-3 Rank: 6 GB: 2 Analysis: I went 23-4 and fall 3 spots. lol. smh. Seriously though, I was tied alongside 17 others at the 3 spot last week, so, that's not really too terrible of a trade off, as there is a bit more thinning out starting to take place, but still a lot of pickers bunched right in there. The Bledsoe Co dawg pick bit me. Or should I say, pujo's bulldogs bit me? Good win for Hampton. Not a bad week. Just trying to hang tough. A bounce here or a bounce there, instead of being on one end of the spectrum, you'll find yourself on the other. All games are on the board this week. A pickers paradise. I think I'll browse the offerings.
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