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  1. Will TC be full strength Friday? All injuries healed?
  2. I took off work for this one and it can't get here soon enough.
  3. Heard we didn't look too good at Smith Co 7 on 7 last week. If anybody was there, can you give me your take on it?
  4. Not gonna say yet. Just wondering if anybody else had heard that or if it's just the TC rumor mill going again.
  5. I'm hearing rumors that a staff member may be headed to Westmoreland. Anybody else heard anything?
  6. Are you sure all the TC posters that have commented on Clint's involvement are involved with the program themselves? As someone said earlier, rumors, whether true or false, generate interest.
  7. I agree that the talent is there. Got a lot of playmakers. Got to rebuild that line. Looking forward to seeing #6 be a bigger part of the offense this year.
  8. I was agreeing that they probably wouldn't stay around long. Don't believe Satt will go that route though. I think he's looking for home boys to take the helm. Jacket pride runs DEEP around here. Maybe he will ask Miss Baxie for her input.
  9. I agree that some careers could easily be jeopardized. Not fair to those who thought this was private information. Really hope none of these candidates suffer any repercussions
  10. Limited access to that list. And true that the school/media relationship could be very damaged. Oh well, drama in TC!
  11. Can't blame the journalist for printing it. I'm sure TC fans like seeing the possible choices and will begin their speculation. I, as a TC fan, just want the best hire for the boys and the program. Tradition runs deep. Want it to continue.
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