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  1. I find some of these commits rediculous. Saying these kids quit, gave up, didn't want it. How would you know if they quit. If they did thats on them. They have to carry that burden. The region 4 stuff come on. If someone in region 4 or any ther region is complaining. That one person doesn't speak for the entire region. I have two that wrestled this weekend and didn't make it. But they fought their #### off regardless. Two on the mat at the same time, imagine the stress, imagine the car ride home when one wins and one looses. They've both had knee surgery ,one with a broken leg and torn ligament witch knocked him out of any sports for 22 months. They've wrestled with the flu. They both look like they were in a fist fight. They took a beating and gave a beating. I'm no less proud of them than if they had won a championship. This is more than wrestling, it's more than winning. It's live lessons. But I never heard one of them say I couldn't get it done because I was hurt , had the flu or what ever. They gave 100% and just got beat. Saturday i watched them both take the mat for the last time and hang up their laces. Was very emotional fro the entire family. Good luck to everyone in the finals today. Remember " If you wrestle everyhing else in life is easy".
  2. Not arguing either point Cobra. Yes they played FB. We know the rules and know how to cut the right way with out starving. From 10th grade to 11th grade they gained 50lbs and grew 4 inches. My only point was it's not uncommo from what we've seen.
  3. They were 212, 215. Now at 181 and 192. I know about all the rules and hydration. Been doing it 13 yrs.
  4. Both my boys cut 30lbs this yr. I know of others that have cut 15-20. Ten lbs is very common.
  5. It' easy to say shoulda coulda woulda when your looking in from the outside.
  6. Ok, he metaled in 2015 and 2016.
  7. How is Boeck ranked #3rd after winning his region, a returning medalist and being undefeated?
  8. I see TJ King is back in the line up for William Blount.
  9. Very possible. I know alot of kids wrestled with the flu.
  10. Agreed: Roberts could slip on to the podium also.
  11. Others to watch: Settles (SD) and Duggan (WV)
  12. Agreed! Although Gentry could be higher up on the bracket. Others to watch: Medina.
  13. I like the dark horse predictions.
  14. I didn' realize we know each other Cobra. Wilson has battled injury all yr as with alot of others. This can make for inconsistency. I see Wilson stepping up big this weekend.
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