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  1. Nainten

    Science Hill makes a mockery of our sport

    No one wins when something like this happens. Well except Tyler Seeley of course.
  2. Nainten

    Science Hill makes a mockery of our sport

    This event should have been cancelled. Once it was determined that is would go on as planned there was no way to avoid some party from feeling they were wronged given the circumstances. Looking at this from afar -- a dangerous thing to do -- it seems that the two coaches should have come to an agreement beforehand.
  3. Nainten

    Incoming Freshman and Transfers

    Trae McDaniel (Cleveland) over Brayden Ivy (Morristown-Hamblen West) (Fall 3:47
  4. Nainten

    Wrestling Updates and Tidbits...

    Forgot about Bond. Yeah, I don't think anyone in that corner of the woods is looking around with raised eyebrows. That said the separation between WC and Arlington, Beech, Brentwood... is unquestionable.
  5. Nainten

    Wrestling Updates and Tidbits...

    Baylor without Duffy at 182. No one to replace him so they lost all his would-be points.
  6. Nainten

    Bruin Duals

    Unofficially: Arlington 52 -- Blackman 24 Arlington 47 -- Brentwood 24
  7. Nainten

    Bruin Duals

    Looking forward to the Blackman-Arlington dual. These teams are very close. Noticed that Brooks Sacharczyk was out against Oakland and Tullahoma. His availability could be pivotal tonight at 182.
  8. Nainten

    TN Coach's Poll for 7 January

    It's a poll. It just tells us what the coaches as a group are thinking. It's a "wisdom of the crowd" kind of thing. Why would one put anymore stock in it than that?
  9. Nainten

    TN 8th grader wins NCAA college open

    cbg, you are the king of understatement . Winning any college tournament is a major accomplishment. Winning one as a high schooler is rare and exceptional. Winning one as a middle schooler is virtually unheard of. cbg: " Sending that rover to Mars? Yeah that's kinda cool."
  10. Nainten

    AAA 182

    I think Blackman and Arlington will both be at Brentwood. It's not hard to imagine Brooks winning a rematch given their first match was relatively close, and it was towards the beginning of the season at Blackhorse. Then what; Dylan, Brooks, Austin? I think we can all agree it will all get sorted out in short order in the coming weeks. I think my main point was that both Brooks and Austin IMO have been outperforming Dylan and the rankings did not reflect that. Clearly Hamm values the "highest returning placewinner" criteria, but I'd think at some point one has to give more weight to this year's body of work. That was my point. And for the record I agree with you on the order of Antcliffe, Sacharczyk, Jones... as of this week.
  11. Nainten

    AAA 182

    Austin was down 1-7 at end of 1st. Came back and wore Clark down over the last two periods. Down 10-12 with time winding down in the third he got a point on a stall call then got the takedown plus two backs to win it 15-12.
  12. Nainten

    AAA 182

    Okay. Antcliffe just wrestled down in Alabama today and took down the #15 ranked guy (nationally) at 182. Will be interested to see if this affects the rankings, especially in light of the fact that Jones went to Florida and took two more losses (another by pin).
  13. Nainten

    Bruin Duals

    Oustanding. I hope everyone is healthy going in and coming out.
  14. Nainten

    AAA 182

    Negative. It's one thing to call the rankings crap and disparage the work Hamm does. It's another to bring up legitimate, constructive points. For instance, Jones has one loss while wrestling up this year but it was to another 182er who was also wrestling up. In fact Samuel Smith wrestled at 182 in his next two matches against Cookeville and Tullahoma on that same day. So in my book that is a bad loss for the number one guy to -- by Hamm's own criteria -- an unranked opponent. By that reason alone he should drop. Also...to weaken the "returning medalist" consideration...aren't we far enough along this season that their body of work should outweigh last year's accomplishments. I think so and given this both Sacarczyk and Antcliffe merit a higher rank. Furthermore Antcliffe made it to the semi finals at 170 last year before medically forfeiting out to 6th place. They never wrestled one another and any claim that Jones' 5th place is a better accomplishment in light of this is suspect at best. Nevertheless if one has to be dogmatic I'll grudgingly concede this last point.
  15. Nainten

    AAA 182

    Would be interested to hear the case to have Dylan Jones as the #1 in the rankings at 182 given he as lost 3 of 7 wrestled matches this season and two of those losses were by pin. No notable wins over any ranked wrestler. Brooks Sacharczyk has only one close loss to Antcliffe (AAA #2) and two convincing wins over Cade Young (AAA #4). Antcliffe has one SV loss to McCallie’s Sell (AA #1) and wins over Sacharczyk (AAA #3), Duffy (AA #2), Johnson (AAA #5), and Hagey (AA #5). Seems at this point it should be Antcliffe and Sacharczyk at 1 and 2 then Young and possibly Jones as 3 and 4.