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  1. Super happy to see that Region 8 had ten placers to go along with 2 state champs. I think it was in '14 they had zero placers and in '15 that they had one. So they are trending up! Hopefully that will continue in the coming years. Certainly Collierville is on the upswing so that bodes well for the region. Would like to see Bartlett and Houston step up as well.
  2. Wow...looks like Cleveland was especially salty this weekend. Maybe we can start tracking saltiness points at future state tournaments and list it right up there with the team points standings. Hand out a Saltine cracker award when it's all over with. Like the Razzies.
  3. We assume posters are parents and adult fans but why should that be the case? Anyone with an email account can post. Still...I am sensitive to your point.
  4. Ahh...okay. I see TSSAA.org and TSSAASPORTS.com both work. I wasn't aware of the second website. Thanks.
  5. I don't think it's official. TSSAA's url is a .org, not a .com.
  6. Arlington Houston Collierville and Munford will wrestle for the R8 title tomorrow. I expect it will be Arlington and Houston advancing to states, but Collierville might give Houston a run for its money.
  7. No one wins when something like this happens. Well except Tyler Seeley of course.
  8. This event should have been cancelled. Once it was determined that is would go on as planned there was no way to avoid some party from feeling they were wronged given the circumstances. Looking at this from afar -- a dangerous thing to do -- it seems that the two coaches should have come to an agreement beforehand.
  9. Trae McDaniel (Cleveland) over Brayden Ivy (Morristown-Hamblen West) (Fall 3:47
  10. Forgot about Bond. Yeah, I don't think anyone in that corner of the woods is looking around with raised eyebrows. That said the separation between WC and Arlington, Beech, Brentwood... is unquestionable.
  11. Baylor without Duffy at 182. No one to replace him so they lost all his would-be points.
  12. Nainten

    Bruin Duals

    Unofficially: Arlington 52 -- Blackman 24 Arlington 47 -- Brentwood 24
  13. Nainten

    Bruin Duals

    Looking forward to the Blackman-Arlington dual. These teams are very close. Noticed that Brooks Sacharczyk was out against Oakland and Tullahoma. His availability could be pivotal tonight at 182.
  14. It's a poll. It just tells us what the coaches as a group are thinking. It's a "wisdom of the crowd" kind of thing. Why would one put anymore stock in it than that?
  15. cbg, you are the king of understatement . Winning any college tournament is a major accomplishment. Winning one as a high schooler is rare and exceptional. Winning one as a middle schooler is virtually unheard of. cbg: " Sending that rover to Mars? Yeah that's kinda cool."
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