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Everything posted by repoman

  1. Is it humanly possible for her to shoot more than Hampton at Rhea did? Would love to know the numbers.
  2. what's his past resume? anyone know?
  3. All's good; however, it all depends on our new, now existing enemies agenda in our own country , the" American media, the homeland enemy!
  4. From the outside, this whole recruiting process was odd, most seniors committ before season starts, for a player of this caliber to wait so late is just strange to me. I sure u locals know more to the story. Did she play big time AAU exposure 's?
  5. Agree,proper response from TSSAA, and advisement from the lawyers. School will soon be cancelled or no way they go back by first of April, this pandemic has not peaked yet,until downward trend it could be months.
  6. I really think the Tssaa tried. The pressure from MTSU and chamber of commerce or city officials was probably just too overwhelming .
  7. My team is married with kids,I know we can't beat ya but go back to the 90's , my girls Jackson County team give ya a game. lol
  8. like "suspended " just say "cancelled " we are nose diving into recession won't be able to afford to get there in few weeks.
  9. Every year Westview this ,Westview that, play in a weak region and get beat out of state every year. same was coming this year whether it was Upperman or Macon sendin them home we will never know now, but they weren't takin the Gold ball.
  10. question#2 Who is the L.A. principal now?
  11. So what is the "real" story here? Who's behind this and what is thier agenda?
  12. This could be ugly,hope Maplewood has a good coach! Larry White will be walk- in out like George Jefferson after this one!
  13. York beat Maplewood? was Maplewood hurt? or easy route?
  14. 3 keys to beat Macon. 1) must be long and athletic, quickness speed.2) Solid d, stay out of foul trouble, and need to be leading going into 4th qtr or close. 3) stop the drive game and hope they off shooting from outside. .
  15. I agree York could not handle Meigs, not all around athletic enough, I am for all UC teams but I don't wear rose colored glasses either,York will get better no doubt ,but not same level as Meigs.
  16. Who is the L.A. principal? isn't Leslie the principal too?
  17. Carter wouldn't be Carter w/o Gregory. Gregory would not be Gregory w/o Carter. Guess grass is not greener on the winning side! huh..
  18. Stone vs Bradley in championship, with Bradley winnin by 5 in a very close one.
  19. Cookeville has a slight chance. Reason,they not scared to shoot. if shots fall they will be in it,but it's their down fall also they will shoot themselves out of a game. But bein the under dog you have to let it fly and hope it's your night. Bradley wins at home by 15 +.
  20. There is more to the story than just forfeiting, I would say they don't have 5 kids available to play.
  21. Nope, cause would be admitted to insane asylum by now.
  22. Only way Upperman beating Macon is if Jim Brown heads to Baxter to coach. Same ole Dana, got great potential and players but micro manages the game way to much...period.
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