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Everything posted by repoman

  1. Staring down the barrell of .500 season, hopefully a weak Christmas tourny thrown in.
  2. predict there will be some sore Dekalb County boys come Saturday morn.
  3. which side will be Baxter side?
  4. repoman

    Akira Levy

    "Mama" is Lady Vols. And I am saying ,I think they did not offer,unlike your b.s. statement.. thats all,it don't matter anyways, I could care less, best of luck.
  5. repoman

    Akira Levy

    Sorry but callin b.s. on this one,like Bear Bryant said "Mama calls, you come home ". I don't think mama called in the end. She will do great at Vandy.
  6. Should make state,big"if "can get on opposite side of bracket from Greenfield and Loretto may possibly make championship game.
  7. #1. Clarkrange #2.Clay County #3.Pickett County #4. Trousdale County #5.Monterey #6 .Red Boiling Springs. #7. Jackson County #8. Gordonsville Preseason prediction.
  8. #1 Macon #2,3,4 Upperman #2,3,4Dekalb #2,3,4Cannon #5 L.A. #6 York #7 Watertown #8 Smith #2,#3,#4 toss-up. Preseason prediction.
  9. 1.White County 2.Stone Memorial 3.Rhea County 4.Cookeville 5. Warren County Preseason prediction.
  10. Prescott is closer to Upperman.
  11. repoman

    Akira Levy

    Besides Dur,seriously go look at his point guards on Lou roster guarantee she is. Your a Typical negative Tenn fan.
  12. repoman

    Akira Levy

    Bet ya Walz would sign her tommorow at Lou!
  13. repoman

    Akira Levy

    Holly recruited Hayes Riverdale the yr before ,so timing for Levy coming out wasn't good. Howard turned out her ceiling was high(body type length) but including myself never thought she would have done what she did her freshman yr at Ky.It was a great fit for her she probably would never got those minutes at Tenn to achieve what she did.
  14. not bashing any kids but what you just said will have no bearing on Dekalb beating Macon period, end of story. no need in trying to build up something that is not there just good solid high school players for Dekalb.
  15. I think Grainger is better than South Greene and Northview and is being overlooked in Upper E Tenn. If Macon gets a transfer low chance for teams in the talent rich, competitive Middle Tenn area. West Tenn ,Westview seems like they get to glass house every year ,will be back.
  16. It has to be Macon County's year ,surely! I just can't wait for the Larry White interviews.
  17. Heard Larry White was after pre- ordering 5k worth of Josten championship rings, but heard he made a deal where Josten would change the 2019 to 2020 state champions so his job is safe for now.
  18. Thanks I knew Wv has alot of history, Very impressive ..
  19. I am just curious wanted to know is all was thinkin this is at least year 4 in a row, impressive.
  20. How many years in a row has Westview made state tournament ? And how many gold balls? how many silvers?
  21. Mw4vols is this you? done a little name changing huh? I thought your new identity was born in LaFayette and now living in Crossville and you still are a Macon County homer?
  22. I just like Cheatham and thier coach he has and shows class ,not sayin Westview coach doesn't, I just like the way they play, especially watching them today.Go Cheatham !
  23. It's always been about Larry, he was running his mouth when he was at Red Boiling, he been runnin his mouth all year on interviews etc,his head was so big at the press conference after round 1 ,he literally thought he was invincible, now he may be deemed Larry the" loser ".
  24. Since Macon and Dekalb are so close now maybe they can combine teams next yr and win one for Larry!
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