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  1. Wayne Co York Upperman Farragut I think Farragut loosing streak past 2 years 0-8 vs Bearden and basically same teams. Going with odds.
  2. Putnam County is open zone for all freshman, Monterey is the hidden gem for immediate playin time for some boys and girls. Some may move cross county lines to White and Jackson County. Upperman will probably expand in future and another high school built in Putnam.
  3. In a way I agree with this, I will say this if L.A. doesn't beat Upperman, it's on L.A. coaching. L.A. should know now what they should do defensively and substitute wise. L.A. IS = in talent and has many more soldiers. This game comes down to coaching period.
  4. I picked White County to win district and against Page, even though I questioned myself each time. I finally realized if you look good length, height in uniform doesn't mean anything. White players just aren't polished skill wise , we all put them on a pedalstal that we shouldn't have. I don't think they were underachieving. They finished about where thier talent level was. High school coaches can develop teams, they can't develop talent ,that is up to parents,players, aau,trainers etc.. Dodgen did what he could imo.
  5. repoman


    If White can keep it ugly and get to foul line they got a legit shot.
  6. repoman


    White over Page Upperman over Tullahoma Livingston over Lawrence Lincoln over Cumberland 2nd rd Livingston over Upperman White over Lincoln Championship Livingston over White.
  7. Upperman on a different level right now, thinking the state tournament was just held at Tennessee Tech.
  8. Would venture to say Cchs guards have not scored 20 pts in the 3 meetings. CCHS marquee player hasn't scored 10 pts in 3 meetings. Just think if they could produce then the gap would close and they would win, simple.
  9. Cchs guards can't produce.That's the reason,Cchs can't beat Upperman.. outmatched at guards.
  10. Thank you, May rub people wrong way at times but speak un biased truth. Lol
  11. Matchups best I can figure, Cumberland may be headcase against Upperman cause thier former coach is sitting there. Also Upperman guard speed upsets Cumberlands flow. Upperman struggles against athletic length in White.
  12. CCHS wins district. Tiebreaker is they swept White.
  13. Warrior this post didn't age well. I must admit I never would have thought Cchs would sweep White. Congrats to Cchs I predicted them 2nd in district.
  14. This new district exposes White County weaknesses, in the old district it was a half court district ,no press. A set up offense half court game. This new district with the old 8 AA is full court pressing fast paced game .it's totally different game. Way I figure if CCHS wins tomorrow night they are district Champs cause they swept #2 Sparta, then #3L.A. #4 Upperman.
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