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  1. Have better chance getting a Baptist to say hi at the liquor store than beat- in Clarkrange in that crackerbox. Different world outside those 4 walls. Macon finally done it this year. Neutral court big gym ,think Loretto and Greenfield are better. Imo.
  2. Day in day out different type of ball up here on the mountain, everyone just beats each other up.
  3. E TN is hard to gauge. but I think Grainger may be #2 in AA. If they have some length and about 3 cat quick, fearless guards they may have a shot.
  4. yes,sad but true,in training they are told to leave it outside,but they don't, sad for the kids,coaches are better off not complaining.
  5. Prolly opposite, more $ = no grudges, less $= grudges, if you think refs don't hold grudges, I got some dry land in bottom of a holler in Jackson co I will sale ya!
  6. save this same paragraph for next year and we can just remove Levy name and put Carter name in there . Upperman has good players and Macon has good players,high school sports fluctuates , Levy was surrounded by a great group of players(they gone now ) as is Carter. This is the same Macon team ,this is not the same Uhs team. Macon is more seasoned and this year they have more weapons no doubt.
  7. it's sad when the kids (players)suffer from unfair grudges (calls )refs have against coaches. and might add the assigning head ref influence who gets assigned. Refs make a difference in games and need to leave personal grudges outside the gym.
  8. What team on west side ,do you think can beat Macon in a one game matchup at the glass house. You can list multiple if you like.
  9. Think Upperman won 18 in a row. Macon may do it sweep but bout gaurantee Macon won't win 18 in a row.
  10. If Uhs can stay out of foul trouble and make high % shots,they have a chance. Uhs will have to play a great game and Macon a mediocre game to have a chance ,I say Macon pulls away late by 10 +at home.
  11. Most know defense and White County is like oil and water. Stone is a different animal. Good luck.
  12. Cavs have good fortune and beat Sparta at the end. Lady Cavs heaved up some 3 from thier belly buttons deep , if they cont to hit those low % shots will be tough to beat, will have to find inside game tonight, could get ugly unless the heave 3 pointers fall.
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