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  1. That's a smart move since all memphians know how to do is fight right?
  2. We beat them in Warrior classic you idiot. Go check your facts before you speak. Collierville beat them too. Now go cry about losing this year while everyone else moves on.
  3. Yea the game where we beat Farragut like a drum is still talked about. After all us West TN teams are so sorry and awful at baseball that we have to hold on to something right? I'm glad I had two younger brothers there still playing ball to give me a reason to go to the games. What's your excuse? I bet an old man with a bald spot sitting in his underwear at the computer every day pulling down kids because "HIS" Admirals are so much better is more acceptable. Everyone on here knows your toughness is an act and everyone knows that not all Farragut fans are as ignorant as you. And I bet they disown you on here too. So yea I am still reminiscing about those days, even while I was playing college ball and getting my degree. It was a brotherhood. You keep telling everyone about "your" Admirals cause I am sure thats the only thing going right in your life. Have a nice day and try to hurt yourself when you it sets in that HVA beat Farragut and there is nothing you can say to fix that.
  4. Your mistake was thinking it was an act. I don't understand why you want to point out folks talking trash behind a computer when you are doing the same thing. Farragut lost this year, HVA was better. They put a butt whooping on you and you can't handle it so you go back to the semi final game to brag about beating Houston. You lost. Learn to lose with a little humility, boy.
  5. You are a parent/coach? Maybe an ex-player? You are on here now doing it to them. They are mad that they lost, Farragut is too. And Houston wasn't 2nd best behind Farragut because Farragut wasn't the best team in the state. The best team in the state is HVA and they are the only ones that have a right to talk trash on here and get away with it. You are so high on Farragut and for good reason, year in and year out there are playing for a title but that comes with a target, that comes with hate, that comes with trash talk. Bartlett and Houston get it back in Memphis all the time. If you can't handle it, then find another team to follow. Bash their parents if you want, but the kids should be left alone cause in 4 months, this part will be forgotten by the kids. Like I said, Houston and Bartlett both work their tail off all year, just like Farragut does. They don't have the titles to show for it, but they both give Farragut a handful every time they play and Farragut has lost more than a few to West TN teams. I am just asking for a little respect and not to be stereotyped into what some parents are saying. Not every player, not every parent, not every coach are like that. And both programs have earned some respect whether you want to admit it or not. As part of Bartlett I apologize for anything that was out of line, but I don't think anyone went as far as egging cars or schools like Farragut has done.
  6. Bartlett, Houston, Collierville, and Arlington have all beaten Farragut and some of the other perennial powerhouses on the field several times. And every one of those teams put in work all year round to prepare. Why do you feel the need to talk Memphis down so much man? You act like East TN players/coaches/parents are so innocent and noble. You are just as bad as you claim memphis to be by bashing these kids that have put in the work and time to be a contender. You act like your 12 years old. Grow up, get off your high horse, and quit talking all this smack behind YOUR keyboard. Cause I can promise you Memphis folks can back their smack talk a whole better than you give them credit for. If you don't believe me just come to one of those home fields I mentioned above and see if you get out of there feeling that proud of yourself.
  7. It's sad that so many East and Middle TN fans/parents want to bash West TN every chance they get. Some of the best baseball in the country is right here in TN and it isn't just the East and Middle TN that make that possible. I understand Houston showed their butt a little bit, but they are kids. They just had their seasons end in a game that had questionable umpiring, for both teams. Are the kids just supposed to stand there and take it? Be content? That's not going to happen. As for the coaches and parents there is no excuse to act crazy but I don't blame them for being a bit vocal. It's part of baseball. I have personally witnessed teams like Farragut, Riverdale, Blackman, Oakland, and Science Hill get mouthy and show a lack of class for a game. In the heat of the moment anything can happen that shouldn't be taken to heart. To get on here on several different threads so the whole world knows Houston was a sore loser in classless in itself. And your an adult right? No excuse. Let it go. They got punishment enough by getting beat.
  8. Good game by HVA. Bartlett was up 3-0 and just couldn't keep the lead. Great season for Bartlett. And a special shoutout to my brother CJ. Awesome senior year, real proud of you. Good luck to HVA and Houston and Farragut. Hope Houston can bring the title to the West.
  9. I agree that pool A is a deeper pool than B, but to say HVA or Bartlett would be out already is reaching a bit. HVA may be a one horse pony but they are still solid. And Bartlett is 2-0 against Houston this year. Houston may be the best team in the state but sometimes one team just has another teams number. I think Bartlett will beat HVA twice and Houston eliminates Farragut in the 1st game and it will be a West TN final. I have seen Houston play quite a bit and after their win over Farragut I don't see how you can say Farragut is "way better than Houston". Houston is on a hot streak right now and will probably win it all. I'm pulling for Bartlett but they will have their hands full, as will Farragut. If Houston and Bartlett play in the final it will be a great game with A+ pitching for Bartlett against A+ hitting for Houston.
  10. I know Bartlett's lead-off hitter is one of the best pure hitters I have ever seen in high school. Been on varsity as a Freshman and is a junior now. Their catcher has a lot of power and they have several very solid pitchers, guys with a lot of movement and the ability to locate and change speeds real well. They started a relief pitcher in the District Championship game against Arlington and he gave up 2 hits, one should have been an error and the other was a swinging bunt that ended up in no-man's land. That's how deep their staff is. Houston had 2 or 3 guys with double digit HR's last year as sophomores, not sure how many they have hit this year. Very good up and down the lineup with the capability of scoring a lot of runs quickly. Their pitching is a bit shaky but if their offense is clicking it doesn't matter. Houston is in a tough pool, while Bartlett has a solid chance to go deep with their pool, not trying to put any teams down. But, let's face it, Pool A is definitely loaded.
  11. Any body from East/Middle TN have any reports on the other teams? Just curious as to how good they are. I know they are good to make it this far but just wondering based on this bracket who looks to be the favorite. I know Houston and Bartlett really well, Bartlett is 2-0 against them this year but Houston is always tough. And of course everyone knows if Farragut is there, they are the toughest team to beat in recent history. I am hoping Bartlett can make a deep run so I can come watch later in the week.
  12. I think all four of these teams are very good, too bad only two go to state. I agree that Houston and Bartlett will both win tonight, but it wouldn't surprise me a bit if they both lost. Either way, the two teams that lose tonight are very capable of winning on the road Friday night. Should be some really fun baseball to watch.
  13. Yea, really confused why several sites show Bartlett losing. The final was Bartlett 6, Munford 3. Bartlett will face Arlington at home Wednesday night. I believe Bartlett is throwing the same pitcher that won District 14 tournament MVP. Should be another good game in that rivalry
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