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  1. I'm not saying that is going to happen, but with the TSSAA you just never know how they handle Memphis districts and regions. I really don't see the Memphis teams having but two districts in the new cycle. It should be interesting.
  2. I think if you just swap Ripley and Liberty that could be the districts in 13 & 14. They could send Ripley to one of the Memphis districts too. Memphis could get three districts again. Two four team districts and one with 5 teams if Ripley moves in. Who knows with the TSSAA?
  3. If I read correctly off of the TSSAA website, the districts and region alignments should be out before the November 17th board of control meeting.
  4. Classification will be released tomorrow. Districts and Region alignments will be soon after that.
  5. Michael Odom did a really good job of breaking down the possible new districts. It looks like in 2A Memphis will only have two districts this upcoming cycle. Adamsville, JCM, Liberty, Madison, Riverside, and Scotts Hill could be a new district. Huntingdon, Gibson County, Peabody, Westview, and Milan could be another district. Not sure where they will put Camden and Ripley. Those two districts will likely be Region opponents, with the sectionals coming out of Memphis. That looks like a pretty good scenario.
  6. Enrollment numbers are out!! Anxious to see the cutoffs. Several schools will be moving classifications regardless where the cutoffs are. Should be interesting.
  7. At the administrators meeting this week, the TSSAA announced that all enrollment numbers are in and they are waiting for the state to verify those numbers. That should take a few days to get that done. As soon as they are verified the numbers will be released along with the classification breakdowns. District alignments will soon follow after that so all schools can look and see if the want to appeal, or move up, etc.
  8. Our (Adamsville) official enrollment that we turned in a couple of weeks ago is 445. We lost a lot of kids to Covid and they just haven't returned.
  9. Once they are in and some simple math we should know where the classification breakdowns should be. I think a lot of schools are anxious to see where the cut-off numbers will be this time.
  10. When will the enrollment numbers be added to the enrollment report? When all the schools are accounted for?
  11. Gibson County girl's basketball and Trenton football are elite programs. Of course they are going to beat teams who have larger enrollments. Why is it ok for Adamsville, Scotts Hill, and Riverside to go play across the river, but not ok for Gibson County? If Gibson County is beating schools that have 2500+ enrollments on a consistent basis, why are you worried about schools that basically have the same enrollments? Plain and simple, you don't like being in the same district with Westview and the substate with Loretto and Summertown. I wouldn't either. I guess we will see in a few months where the new enrollment numbers align us with.
  12. Geography doesn't support 3 classes either. Unless, you think it is fair from a competitive standpoint that schools with almost 500 more kids are playing in districts with smaller schools. At least with 4 classes schools are playing against other schools with the same enrollment numbers. Who knows? When the numbers come out districts and regions may be different.
  13. I understand why you don't like the the 4 classes. Gibson County has to run the gauntlet now to make it to state. When you have to go through Westview, Union City, Huntingdon in the district and then Loretto or Summertown in the Substate. That is an extremely tough route. When Adamsville, Scotts Hill, and Riverside had to play in a district with schools that had anywhere between 500-700 more students for 4 years that was brutal. At least you are getting to play against schools that basically have the same number of students. Tougher for sure. I don't think the 4 classes are going away for the near future.
  14. McNairy as of last week was around 700 kids. It's just according to where the cutoff numbers will be. I look for AA to add several teams in West Tennessee if the numbers are any where close to 2020 classification numbers.
  15. Our district could add three teams and lose one. It could look like this next year for us: Adamsville Scotts Hill Riverside Madison McNairy JCM Liberty The northern district could be: Gibson Co., Westview, Dyersburg, Milan, Huntingdon, Union City, Trenton. Should be interesting when the numbers come out.
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