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  1. BamaBoy32


    Did Tullahoma just go to Oakland and beat them tonight? Did Oakland play their JV or something if that score is right?
  2. BamaBoy32


    I doubt it. If Cookeville is any good at all they will beat Coffee, because all that Coffee is use to playing is home school teams and single A schools that they should beat all day everyday without much effort. Will be different actually playing a good team like Cookeville.
  3. BamaBoy32

    Coffee County Soccer

    Just curious as to why Coffee Co who finished runner up in their district didnt go play the winner of the Oakland/Stewarts Creek game last night? I thought that the top 2 teams from each district moved to regionals.
  4. BamaBoy32


    But if these girls are 8th graders, they can go to any school in the state that they please, and that is a TSSAA rule. Now he should not have been allowed to host any kind of open gym at any school with any 8th graders fro the county, and that does need to be addressed, but as long as they are 8th graders, they can go to any school that they choose,
  5. BamaBoy32

    Job Openings for Next Year

    Heard that it has already been filled. Dont know who yet, but that it has been offered and accepted.
  6. BamaBoy32

    Job Openings for Next Year

    Is that job open?
  7. BamaBoy32

    Job Openings for Next Year

    Well after about 2 years of Horton's lack of winning, they will be looking for another coach. He couldnt get the job done at Coffee and was losing players to other schools. This is a bad hire for MC, but great for Huntland. and the rest of their district. MC was going to be down with the drop off of losing that many seniors, but now, they will drop significantly more. Maybe the powers that be at MC will learn from this mistake.
  8. BamaBoy32


    Well, she will be if they make a physical move or gets granted a hardship by the TSSAA. I would think that if she was at Community last year, that she would have to move because that would be a long drive to make daily.
  9. BamaBoy32

    Job Openings for Next Year

    What is the name of the new coach at Shelbyville Central?
  10. BamaBoy32

    Being ineligible?

    The rules have changed. Once you begin your high school career, you have to make a physical move closer to the school you are moving to. Even if it is just across the road or to a property next door, a move has to be made unless there are certain circumstances that the TSSAA has to approve. You can go anywhere in the state as an 8th grader with or without a move, but once you start and have an athletic record, a move must be made to be eligible in a certain sport.
  11. BamaBoy32

    Being ineligible?

    That is very good advice and accurate as well. Unless there is some issue, you would have to make a physical move, even if it is just across the road, in order to change schools.
  12. I wouldn't be surprised to see a rematch of Greenfield and Summertown again next year. Of course it depends on that stupid draw, but those 2 have a ton of young talent and should only get better as they go through the AAU season, their summer camps, and fall prep.
  13. BamaBoy32

    Is Moore Co girls coach leaving?!?!

    Who would that be? And if they are in the 'Boro, even as an assistant, they would probably be taking a pay cut to go there, not knocking Moore Co, , but they probably don't pay as well as the 'Boro. I think that there would be a lot to consider for that to happen.
  14. BamaBoy32

    Is Moore Co girls coach leaving?!?!

    If she does go, amy early ideas on who the favorite will be ro replace her?
  15. BamaBoy32

    Job Openings for Next Year

    And that's all that is from what I have been told, an ugly rumor. Why would you get rid of a coach that just won 20 games and has had increased success in the program every year without watering down the schedule to do it? That would make no sense to me.