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  1. Mike Edmondson is the new coach at Huntland. He was the boys coach at Community and Cascade previously and this summer had been working with the girls at Franklin Co. Congrats to both Huntland and Coach Edmondson! Great hire!
  2. Most of the time I would agree with you, but you have to remember that they have great athletes there, but seem to have even bigger attitudes. And its not just the kids, their parents are just as bad from what I have heard.
  3. Have heard that he is headed to Smyrna Middle to be the head boys coach, teach PE, and be the AD I think. Even if it was just to be the head coach there, the pay difference from Franklin Co. to Rutherford Co. to teach is a huge raise.
  4. No, but I heard that a coach that applied said he applied on Friday and has an interview next week. Now if they are going to name someone, as you said on Monday, then it has to be Holt who I heard said it was offered to him and he wouldn't give up softball. So unless their stance has changed on that, they wont be naming anyone Monday and probably not next week at least until all the interviews are over.
  5. That's funny, heard that they haven't even interviewed anyone yet. So unless they have changed their minds and are going to let Holt coach both softball and basketball, it will be hard to announce it Monday when they haven't even done interviews yet.
  6. I am betting his son wouldn't want to leave White Co. and I don't blame him. He is getting playing time on a team that is in the running for their district title every year. Tullahoma, won't even get a chance to play on the final day of their district tournament. Would make no sense for him to even consider moving his son to Tullahoma.
  7. He was last in that area with the girl's program at Moore Co. I don't think that he would be willing to take this spot at this time because I would be shocked if his son would be willing to leave White Co., and I had heard he is just teaching at Sparta Middle so he can go and watch his son play. Probably wouldn't be able to do that at Tullahoma.
  8. From the outside looking in, he seemed to do a good job with Rhea. Heard that it was parents or 1 set of parents that got him fired there. Hopefully if he does get it, he can turn that program around and get some revenge on Rhea Co. That would be an interesting match up next year.
  9. Like I said, if you say so. I have watched them play different times over the past 2 years. Every time I saw them it looked like they struggled to score. That doesn't mean that they did have open shots or the philosophy was bad, they couldn't hit layups. The coach has nothing to do with that. What the coach has to do with is getting kids into position to score, but the coach can't shoot the shots for the kids. As far as Helton's attitude, if telling kids the truth and not putting up with bullcrap out of kids is a bad attitude, then yeah I guess he did. Now as far as ruffling feathers, I am not a bird so that's not an issue. We agree to disagree and that's it. Move one.
  10. Like I said, an exception would have to be made and apparently has been. It's Rutherford Co. and Murfreesboro, did any one really think that they wouldn't allow anyone to go where they wanted to just like they have all these previous years when Flight would send kids to the different schools whose turn it was to get their "top" recruits?
  11. I just think it is funny that you say they have gotten worse. From what, Tom Insell? I would have thought that last year winning 20 games would be a pretty good season. Worse, if you say so.
  12. Correct, but the fact is they are still "following" their previous coach which nullifies all the other possibilities. That's why the TSSAA would have to make an exception with this rule for this situation or they will not be eligible.
  13. The elementary coach's name is Amber George. She is a former assistant at Sewanee. It wouldn't be a smart move on her part especially since I believe she was kind of screwed over with the softball spot at FC before, that's why Holt has it right now.
  14. But according to the TSSAA, they would be following thier old coach and would have to sit a year. Now if the TSSAA makes an exception for this since they are redoing their zones that might be different, but as the rule is written right now, they would not be eligible to play for her at Rockvale next year.
  15. The rumors that I have heard of are Mike Holt, the boys assistant, or the lady that is coaching the girls team at Dechard Elementary. Again, just rumors who knows.
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