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  1. BamaBoy32

    Head Coach Openings

    Correct, but the fact is they are still "following" their previous coach which nullifies all the other possibilities. That's why the TSSAA would have to make an exception with this rule for this situation or they will not be eligible.
  2. BamaBoy32


    The elementary coach's name is Amber George. She is a former assistant at Sewanee. It wouldn't be a smart move on her part especially since I believe she was kind of screwed over with the softball spot at FC before, that's why Holt has it right now.
  3. BamaBoy32

    Head Coach Openings

    But according to the TSSAA, they would be following thier old coach and would have to sit a year. Now if the TSSAA makes an exception for this since they are redoing their zones that might be different, but as the rule is written right now, they would not be eligible to play for her at Rockvale next year.
  4. BamaBoy32


    The rumors that I have heard of are Mike Holt, the boys assistant, or the lady that is coaching the girls team at Dechard Elementary. Again, just rumors who knows.
  5. BamaBoy32

    Head Coach Openings

    Nope, because they will have followed the coach and will have to sit a year even if they move into the zone.
  6. BamaBoy32


    Was relieved of his coaching duties yesterday.
  7. Is that spot open?
  8. BamaBoy32

    Head Coach Openings

    From what I have seen, they don't really care too much about basketball anyways. The pecking order in Tullahoma seems to be baseball and football tied, and everyone else is last, especially basketball.
  9. BamaBoy32


    So is there any chance that a team(s) from this district to beat any one of the 4 Murfreesboro schools?
  10. BamaBoy32


    Did Tullahoma just go to Oakland and beat them tonight? Did Oakland play their JV or something if that score is right?
  11. BamaBoy32


    I doubt it. If Cookeville is any good at all they will beat Coffee, because all that Coffee is use to playing is home school teams and single A schools that they should beat all day everyday without much effort. Will be different actually playing a good team like Cookeville.
  12. BamaBoy32

    Coffee County Soccer

    Just curious as to why Coffee Co who finished runner up in their district didnt go play the winner of the Oakland/Stewarts Creek game last night? I thought that the top 2 teams from each district moved to regionals.
  13. BamaBoy32


    But if these girls are 8th graders, they can go to any school in the state that they please, and that is a TSSAA rule. Now he should not have been allowed to host any kind of open gym at any school with any 8th graders fro the county, and that does need to be addressed, but as long as they are 8th graders, they can go to any school that they choose,
  14. BamaBoy32

    Job Openings for Next Year

    Heard that it has already been filled. Dont know who yet, but that it has been offered and accepted.
  15. BamaBoy32

    Job Openings for Next Year

    Is that job open?