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  1. GeneralAmerigha

    Top 10 in 2A for 2019

    Not one person named a Top 10 lol
  2. GeneralAmerigha

    East Robertson Coaching Search 2019

    First game of the year is against Forrest. Both teams need a win to get off to a promising start.
  3. GeneralAmerigha


    I'll check it out. Now a days not only are we fighting a culture that resists God, but we are also trying to connect with kids for whom church, God, even a higher power, is a foreign concept. So how do you do it? Do you preach for 6 weeks then teach blocking schemes? To me you connect first on a human level, then they will see God in you. Then you start letting HIm do the rest. He's in charge of it anyway.
  4. GeneralAmerigha

    FORREST 2019

    THE TWO RETURNING ARE MY TWO FAVE PLAYER SON THE TEAM. Hill was all over the field last year. Took staff til Community game to realize he was an athlete. I'm only slightly exaggerating.
  5. GeneralAmerigha

    Cornersville 2019

    They wont be as good but they will still be a playoff team
  6. GeneralAmerigha

    FORREST 2019

    Forrest with THREE state champs in wrestling. Wow!
  7. GeneralAmerigha

    2019 Football Schedules

    Forrest is Forrest- pound the rock. we will have a better passing game this year. our weakness as always will be our secondary- but they should be decent.
  8. GeneralAmerigha

    FORREST 2019

    why not
  9. GeneralAmerigha

    FORREST 2019

    Who do they lose to 4th.
  10. GeneralAmerigha

    2019 Football Schedules

    Predictable for Bass to leap to respond. Maybe you forgot we beat them last time we played. We took Waverly into the 4th with a 1 score game. Not scared. Now Bass will follow up with an "I just call it like I see it" type thing.
  11. GeneralAmerigha

    FORREST 2019

    Let me be clear- I know I'm the only one who posts on here til like August. I think the coaches were atrocious and there are a zillion examples- they MUSt be better this year. However, this senior class has been coddled since the youth league. Red carpet, all that. It's time for them to produce. If they do, Forrest has an amazing year. If they worry more about their Hudl accounts, and other extra circulars, the Rockets go 5-5, 6-4, and Eli is probably scanning the Coach T boards for a new gig.
  12. GeneralAmerigha

    2019 Football Schedules

    Meigs a different story. I wouldn't be scared of them postseason if these seniors play to their capability
  13. GeneralAmerigha

    2019 Football Schedules

    After the last two seasons, Forrest is as likely to beat TC as they are the Chicago Bears. Light years difference.
  14. GeneralAmerigha

    FORREST 2019

    repost: if this team goes 7-3 Coach Eli should mail a letter of apology in hand written calligraphy to every former Rocket as well as every parent of current Rockets. The players are also responsible however. Some of those players last year cared more about social media, beer swillin and vaping than winning football games. If that's the way these Rockets wanna go out, it's their decision. We will know in the off season if they are serious about fulfilling their potential. I also hope everyone got a better understanding of just how good a Coach Brent Johns was. He was sorely missed. I wish he would come back on, even as just an advisor to the offense. We couldn't get a friggin first down against an empty field some games.
  15. GeneralAmerigha

    Cornersville 2019

    What happens this year, after a 24 month run of being almost invincible...