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  1. Forest still 5th in 2A this week. Watertown 2nd and TC 3rd.
  2. Cascade stays within 2 scores til halftime. then its katy bar the door
  3. Trez are cheaters, They shouldve even have a team. Nor the two rings from 2015, 2016.
  4. Agreed. Forrest is hobbled and this would be the exact circumstance that they'd find themselves a tied or one score game late. Then anything can happen.
  5. good to know @football6 has the story. or several of them lol
  6. i think its more incompetent than outright cheating
  7. thats horrible. was TC beating him up that bad? quitting in a game? as a senior!?!?!
  8. their 9-12 enrollment is 240. just unreal
  9. everyone on here from both sides that was watching and also the waverly fan @vandyfan1 seemed to agree on that
  10. refs RARELY decide a game. give meigs credit for having some stones. they didnt quit.
  11. congrats TC. hope Portland QB is ok. hate to hear that
  12. I hope for a hard fought game. Gville hasnt done as well as I expected after seeing them in the Summer.
  13. Don't laugh. Rockets have a buttocksload of injuries. What happens here.
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