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  1. The whole game. I was at east end zone and I could tell that it was more than just a good hit. It addled him for a minute and he just didn't run off the field like he normally does. He was hurting. Tough kid though, never hear him complain. I was really impressed with #4, #16, #21 (Dawgs) never took plays off. We're kinda partial to Matty though, a nephew of mine married in. Have always loved watching him play.
  2. Hadn't heard that. He did have surgery on his neck for that hit he took at start of game on first kick-off.
  3. Pujo, I have a question and I asked uknowit2 last night. You all have the speed with a couple of your backs to pitch it and hit the edge. Unless I missed something, I saw your tailback come around the corner once or twice. With gains. The pass to the back on the 2pt conversion, didn't see that anymore. HV defense had 11 guys thinking run and it showed. As far as saying Hampton is the better team, not gonna go that far, but they are better in some areas. Your power backs game, especially with Matty and Oaks reminded me of Johnson County of the old days. Smash mouth running it up the gut.
  4. You got some fine young men uknoit. Got to talk to your oldest last night. You, mom, and God did a great job raising those boys.
  5. First, no one got tased or arrested. From what I heard and what I saw, from behind end zone. After the hand shakes were done a Hampton fan was sidelines (a good ways away from the players) and was saying something to HV players, mostly being passionate about the Dawgs. Not sure what was said cause I didnt hear. The part that should have never happened was HV players rushing over there where the man was at. They should have just let it go and went to the middle of the field. The part that i didnt see was someone saying #1 was who the guy had a problem with. He was tossed by the coach because "coach said so". I don't know if he went over there or not but when I turned around the HV players were rushing over there. After all that we had a HV fan ( former parent) standing where I was shouting at Hampton and our QB coach let him know he was part of the problem. IMO, outta hand on both sides. We got em you got em, always gonna be the story with HV and Dawgs. The gentleman that got escorted out, I don't know him, but he's got some fine kids and it appears to me that some fine people raised them. I was right beside him when they were taking him and he was just upset about being sent out and his boy was just coming off the field and also, he didnt feel like he done anything. Just MO
  6. He eats all the time, not sure where it goes! All he does is eat! Not sure where it goes!
  7. I'm with you uknoit, right here is my world and I've realized that their health and ability is more important than actually doing it!!! By the way, he says "Hey" to the Dawgs!!!
  8. There's a few in Carter County that may argue that either way! I appreciate the compliment pride, and I don't think uknoit2 is easily offended!
  9. Hampton has so many RBs, each with their own different skill set. Can't key on just one or two. HV has still yet to get the running game busted open. We have the backs to do it, just have to approach the Dawgs with respect, yet play with reckless abandon. Sometimes I think both of these teams would rather have a Dawg v. Warrior win than conference title. Love that kind of rivalry, brings out heart in some that normally don't have it. Good luck tonight, especially to those two "uknoit2 jrs".
  10. Haven't heard any talk of that from anyone at HV unkoit2....especially from the ones that matter. “It is hard to find a weakness with Hampton. So all 11 of our guys have got to be on the same page and move in the same direction. We know they bring size, physicality and speed and quickness. They were the preseason favorite to win the conference and nothing has changed in that regard.” ~Jason Jarrett~
  11. Well, here we are again. HV may be in for a long night Friday after seeing what Dawgs did to UC. IMO it is going to who has the best bigguns in the trenches and can they play four quarters. Nothing like a Dawg / Warrior scrap, Luv it!
  12. Good call Reb! HV in for a ball game come Friday night!
  13. We would have had a couple more scores in the passing game and on the reverse jet sweep if it hadn't for been CD's #3. Never seen that much closing speed as that kid had. He made a couple TD saving hits on the sideline from out of no where.
  14. CD's qb (Palazzo) is a threat to throw or run. Watched some of the Knox/CD game. He throws well rolling out right or left. Seems to hit his targets well while moving. Keeping him in the box will be a chore, I think HV front 8 can do that if they stay focused. There were times when Knox looked like they had him contained and he would find a hole, tuck it and run. Good feet. Takes more than just a good qb though. CD showed some signs of light on both sides of the ball in the game. Can't judge them by that game, they're getting ready play at a realistic level and HV might have their hands full. My pick: 20-17 HV
  15. Might be low scores tonight pujo. I haven't seen Cland scrimmage yet, have watched a good bit of HV this year. Aside from 2017 we could have the traditional Lander/Warrior D-battle. HV's defense has been something to see, surprised me since we lost Cochran, Hyatt, Naylor, and a couple more. I believe Hyder could make a D player out of a butterfly! HV pretty deep at RB and Bahn might have a breakout year, if he does what he has done in scrimmage, could get nasty. Either way, got friends in the Roan and on the Hill, so stay safe, God speed, and play nastily clean! Go HV!
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