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  1. I agree, you have no idea (well you might) how many times I've hit rewind in my mind. Wish I could have them back in 9th grade and do it again.
  2. Hey Pride, been a while. I just wanted to let you know the kid got selected to kick/punt in the Border Bowl. Thanks for all your kind  supportive words!

  3. You're absolutely right uknoit2. That is one of classiest buncha football fans, players and coaches I've ever had the joy of being around. Not taking anything away from my Dawg buddies, I hold y'all in highest regard but we both know we from the County of Carter and we have some "them people". When Cam laying face down, before the PA gentleman even said anything about praying, the side judge walked over took his hat off and prayed for him. I hate the loss but we got beat with CLASS and by a bunch of good Christian people. If football is in Heaven, they practice at Oneida!
  4. Heard probably a double stinger, head injury or both. Having a little bit of,trouble with full dexterity and vomiting.
  5. They guy they took to the hospital was the long snapper.
  6. A few, mostly to punt. But, we'll be in prayer to see what the future holds.
  7. Was awesome to meet you Spike! What a great place to play football! Good hard football, great team ans coaches. You have some the best class act fans we've seen. God bless you all ! Gonna,go get ready for the next chapter in the kicker's book of life.
  8. We're not doing ourselves any favors. We're meeting a tough D right now
  9. I enjoy you fellers! In the trenches or out, good guys on here!
  10. Wow, this thread has gone in a direction I hadnt anticipated. Lol, I'll be there in about two hours and I'm hopin you fellers get this "soft hands and balls" thing worked out.
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