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  1. if bryan milan dosnt get 1 of thes e jobs then somebody has somethin rong with them i love him becaus he has hawkins county roots and the kids love playin for him.
  2. idont think clark will be able to get the ofense going aganst a strong bulldawg d. i dont think the defense will be able to hang tuff with a strong bullpuppy offense. dogs by 2 tds. i think prolly 30-6 or somethin like that.
  3. lookin forward to comin into town this aftenroon. ill be eatin at jakes then trying to get a good seat for the game. ill be wearing my work cloths still but will change into some teniss shoes for the drive for comfort. best food from the concession stand is what? lookin for some hard nosd football where all the boys come out safe
  4. im not sure frindship christan coudnt beat both these teams
  5. id take the sulivan central cougrs over both of these teams
  6. im from sneedville up behind hawkins county so i love east tn but i live in whitehead right next to the walmart in lewisburg
  7. fist off i aint no woman im a cold bloodied american man. but one thing is for sure clark is telling the truth and i dont lie about that stuff you know me though
  8. densley means that their are to many people in a area that their aint enough room so with that overal defenition there is no reason to have that many schools in thearea. i hope the t$$AA fixeds this but youall know how they get when it comes to money and amount of boys to play.
  9. i saw the toppers play early on. most undisiplind team i saw. with the fall of jonson city and kingsport and bristol id say crocket is taking over the tricities. thats just how i see it. you know me though.
  10. the patrits used to be tuff to handle but then all there good boys started going down 11-e to west or across the lake to bean station high.
  11. all depnds on if the topers are ridin a fancy bus or a cheese dawg. ill take the dogs by 2 scors either way.
  12. been to thornhill many a times! had a lot of friends over the years that went to Washburn and lived in bean station. beautiful country. great people
  13. i think johnson county beat brentwood academy in the mid 90s. will hve to check the numbers on that one though.
  14. i aggree Clark. ill take cornersville by 2 touchdowns.
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