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  1. Was talking with a coach from Blackman and he was certain the man calling plays and creating the offensive gameplan last year was no longer at Warren?
  2. Ohhhh we're talking about that Peabody... Interesting
  3. It gets to a point where kids are more afraid of being ridiculed for being on a "bad" football team, rather than believing they can be the difference. When the program isn't taken seriously the players that take football seriously leave and the athletes left don't want to sign up for what they feel will be a laughing stock. Hard to bounce back from.
  4. Have to defeat the Champs to become the Champ.... Fayetteville still sits at the top
  5. I heard there will be a new play caller on offense. Did the OC from 2020 take a HC job somewhere?
  6. Tarlton is a very talented up-and-coming coach. I wonder why he stepped away. Is Holt a panicked back-up. Don't know anything about him?
  7. Franklin County's hire has already resigned.
  8. Trousdale is going to be very tough to handle. If they stay healthy they may not lose a region game.
  9. Who are the top candidates for upcoming jobs? Any Coordinator's that you think should get a head coaching chance
  10. First off, I probably run a 7,8 40 yard dash, 9.5 if we are using a laser... Not sure why you say you so much. Also, I'm not from Fayetteville nor root on the Tigers. Just a football fan from upper Middle TN that likes following high school football across the mid state and beyond.
  11. Everything in me says the Pirates by 40+, but I also slept on the Tigers this post season. Not going to again here. This Tigers team is dynamic with athletes all over the field and extremely hungry. If it comes down to an X's and O's battle I think South Pitt has the edge. However, Fayetteville has the most athleticism and speed South Pitt has seen all year outside of maybe Meigs County.
  12. Coach Gaddis will have Oak ridge ready for this one! Should be a good game
  13. I haven't seen attention seeking like this since my Mom 3rd 30tth birthday party in the same year...
  14. Gets bailed out of a bad system by elite talent. Congrats to City!
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