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  1. DLopez

    Metro Rumors

    Craig Clayton Hillsboro 2012-2016
  2. DLopez

    Metro Rumors

    JS would do a great job at Overton. Sad to see that place in the shape that it’s in now.
  3. DLopez

    Gallatin Green Wave Grumors

    Chad Watson from Clarksville NE. I believe that’s a dang good hire as he will bring some excitement to Gallatin. Congrats to him
  4. DLopez

    Gallatin Green Wave Grumors

    I appreciate the kind words. We had some good players but great young men during that time period. Gotta have some jimmy’s & joe’s. They make you look good as a coach if you have them. I enjoyed playing you guys as well, loved the stadium you guys have. That old time feel & atmosphere was great. I think Coach Williams & his staff done a really good job for what they had. Football is a funny game, the next teams do not always win. I always thought Gallatin played to their strengths & got the most out of their kids when we played them.
  5. DLopez

    Gallatin Green Wave Grumors

    The key to any job is support. When we played Gallatin during Ponchez-Mason’s senior year, they filled up the visitors side at Hillsboro & then some. They have good looking bodies, they have athletes, I think they were coached well, but something is missing, tough to pinpoint what exactly that is from the outside. If the no facial hair rule is accurate, I can maybe see a slight glimpse into what could be wrong. Now that was two years ago, haven’t seen them during live action since 2016 since I left to come back home here in Kentucky. They will get a quality coach, I think it may draw out a while to make sure they get their guy. I think in the end they will flirt with some big names but their next HC will probably be someone that already has some sort of HC experience.
  6. DLopez

    Gallatin Green Wave Grumors

    To me this is still one of the better gigs in MidTn. When we threw against them at the Riverdale Tourney I was extremely surprised by their athleticism moreso from the years when we played them at Hillsboro. I think quite a few good head coaches will apply. Gallatin football tradition is still top notch. Good luck to the Green Wave.
  7. DLopez


    I’ve been out of the Tennessee football loop for a couple of years, but what changed with Tullahoma? I know when I left MidTn they were going through a very tough time record wise including a winless season I believe.
  8. DLopez

    Metro Rankings

    I believe they need someone like you coach. Way too many coaching transitions for those young men there. I still think running off Coach Woodward was the worst decision they could have ever made there
  9. DLopez

    Metro Rankings

    Best of luck to Coach McPhail on his health after resigning from HL. Always was a great man to converse with & always kept the course despite a very challenging situation at HL.
  10. DLopez

    Metro Rankings

    Special Shout out to all the Metro Coaches. Truly challenging but rewarding place. Some really good programs & coaches who do not get the respect they deserve. Glad to see the Burros get a big victory over Beech
  11. DLopez

    Clarksville City football

    There is no Military base in Clarksville/Montgomery County. The military base is located in Christian County KY & Ft. Campbell is located in KY, not TN. Northeast is on the upswing after seeing them 2x in passing leagues this summer. Explosive athletes & a big time QB. I think they will have a very good season
  12. DLopez

    Hillsboro 2017

    Wow.. this thing has gotten out of hand. Hopefully I can clear this up. I can only speak for myself but when I was told that the next HC had to be a current certified teacher, I took my name out. (I will be certified in May of this year) I was never let go or Given any ultimatums by Dr Pelham, this was my choice & my choice only Being that new HC's like to bring in their own guys, especially coordinators, there was no reason to waste anyone's time. Hillsboro is a great job and Dr Pelham will hire a great coach. I just do not see any reason to drag people's name through the mud with potshots & accusations. Hopefully this clarifies any questions people may have.