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  1. Nope bout typical on a Friday night in the fall from people from Anderson co lines dropping passes
  2. only reason marevul wins is beacuse of their big time prized recruits that they stole from neighboring schools.
  3. Randall scott. heck where you been at boy? Ain’t heard from you in a while. Where you coaching at now? HVA? Go get a real job
  4. not surprised you know when that kid is home and when he isnt. your probably looking to steal him (kidnapping)
  5. ill wait until you understand the TCA or Tennessee Code Annotated that states that you cant steal kids. that is absolutely the most unethical thing I have ever heard of. all to win games. sad really
  6. listen kenny you dont know your ahole from your elbow. everything youve ever learned about football you learned on madden dodo
  7. youd like to steal a high school kid? you understand that is class I felony in the state of TN. you can not kidnap kids at high school football games. reconsider your morals and then come back to this board. you are ridiculous
  8. outdated offense. outdated defense. outdated staff. outdated players. jeff co is laughing stock of 1-6a
  9. bears win by a landslide and passive goes home and gets ready for basketball season. lets face it, ooltewah is the armpit of chattanooga. they are a basketball school always have been and always will be. they cant win the big game ex. farragut game last year
  10. alright then drop some knowlege on us then boy toughD. tell us why you think they win all these games. it couldnt have anything to do with the fact they are poaching this area like a hunter of claifornia condors. these other teams are going extinict. they should be playing in the private school league with the rest of the cheaters. them and alcoa both
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